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   Chapter 92 NO.92

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Tock tock tock were the sounds only Lea could hear. The dropping sound of water that resounds over the walls underground.


She found Oliver's request ridiculous and hard to accept, especially after everything that was done for his nation, or what was left of everything else in Ingrid.

Stopping himself from another round of pacing, Oliver hid his hands underneath his external robe that acted as a thick coat for the cold whether. Gazing on Lea's determined eyes, he begun.

"I want to see more of the world and become an even wiser ruler than the previous generations.

"Knowing how bad it is above ground in most parts of Ingrid, I cannot afford to cope myself with my people. They need knowledge, and I shall learn more for them."

Lea pondered his worlds for three seconds. "I understand." Oliver had the best chance to survive outside thanks to his innate talent and his tame over a legendary beast. His argument was the second consideration she thought.

"Are you sure?" He sounded doubtful at Lea's easy persuasion. She simply smiled amicably in response as she stood up to leave. "We are leaving now. And, thanks for the jewelries."

Relieved, Oliver scurried after Lea. In the previous chances they met, Oliver had sneakily inserted different sorts of precious stones and jewelries into Lea's bag pockets. Since he started doing so, Lea did not have to worry about money during her travels towards Sabio.

She was the only one to notice of course. .

"Bright. Are you staying?"

"WHAT???!!! No!" He swiftly pushed away the clingy females and ran towards Lea's side, grabbing for her sleeve. "Not when you are not around."

She raised a brow as she glanced at his hand holding her sleeve, then she turned to the amazing glares of women. "Deja Vu?" Oblivious to her, a similar situation have indeed happened before, in their previous world.

"Did you say something?" Bright queried upon seeing Lea's thoughtful expression.

She glanced up his ever cheerful face and sighed. "No." Then she hauled herself up Hamsphant, offering her hand to Bright.

He was conflicted. Accepting Lea's offer would make him look like a wimp, but refusing would be too disrespectful to Lea's consideration. After a second of thought, Bright chose the former. The gull sounds of women decreased.

"Good choice." She said with a lopsided smile, only then did Bright understand her intentions.

"You could have just told me if you didn't fancy them." He offhandedly said with amusement.

"It was fun while it lasted."

"You mean, while the difference in sound made a full cycle. Well, sorry if we do not have a music console here!"

"I keep wondering. Why do you even know such high level words?" Lea thought, disregarding Bright's suspicious eyes on her.

".......The number you have—"

"Alright. I bet you don't have a voice message built-in."

"I sure do! 'Please leave a message after the beep.' Beeeeeeeeeeep! Please leave your message.

"Press 1 for regular delivery.

"Press 2 for urgent mail.


"Broken phone. I better change it."

Lea then proceeded to ignore Ingrid's bored talks, such as how one man had his underwear outside his pants due to the recent panic.


Woken up from her daze, she turned to face Oliver who was dressed in ordinary traveller clothes. His backpack appeared reasonably lightweight. "You have planned this for a while now."

Her statement was not a guess, but a matter of fact, Oliver revealed a knowing smile. His cyan eyes appeared to dance with mirth.

"Victor." Her call shook the ground, making everyone feel anxious. The next moment, a handsome man with fox ears and tail brought himself by Lea's side.

"I'm sorry...." Bowing his head as he sat, his ears dropped low, and his voice sounded disappointed.

Confused by Victor's self-blame, Lea could only ruffle his soft hair. "Don't worry. Did you get enough sleep?"

Pleased by Lea's treatment of him, he nodded with an amicable smile. "Yes... This place is abundant of essences."

"Then good." She said, leaving her lap free for the still lethargic Victor who seemed hungry for another nap. "Go ahead." She said when she saw his eyes glimmer with unusual eagerness.

Without word, Victor hugged Lea's lap and wrapped his arms around her stomach. A side of his head could feel Lea's soft growing bosom. They were healthy, and temptatious. But he abstained and hugged her more affectionately as he buried his face deeper into her stomach.

His tail energetically expressed how he was feeling, making Lea have fun at stroking it as it moved up and down.

On the side, Oliver and Bright stared at the scene longingly. One thought it might indeed be better if he had grown beastly form, while the other thought of how affectionate Lea was to those who appeared innocent in her eyes; recollecting the times when he saw her interact with preschoolers who happened to stumble upon her usual hangout spot.

She allowed them to play with her hair, and even sang for them. He remembered she was really good at singing high notes.

His thoughts was then disrupted by Hamsphant's departure. Oliver had already placed someone as his proxy, allowing him to leave without much complications.

The most excellent travel beast headed towards Solitario Isle. . . .

"Why there?"

Anxiousness in his voice, Oliver asked.

Without a glance, Lea explained. "Checking out its mysteries."

"Hmmm. Raize would have been happy if he came with us." Bright commented.

Upon hearing his name, Lea felt a prick in her chest.

"Guilty now, are we?"

She decided to ignore Ingrid.

"Yes, he would." Her voice made Bright focus his blue eyes on Lea's face.

"Anything bothering you?"

She was caught off-guard to Bright's sharp senses when it came to her moods, or emotions. For how he was able to do so, she did not know. With a shrug of her shoulders, she ruffled Bright's unusually soft hair. "You showered recently?"

Blushing, Bright play-scratch his cheek. "Well, I thought it would be good to feel fresh after coming back from south... You like them soft and clean, right?"

Her eyes widened in surprise. "....You've been quite observant..."

"Hm. Are you alright now then?"

"Yes, thank you." She glanced into his blue eyes and smiled reassuringly.

Oliver felt depressed at the sight. He was immensely happy when Lea first ruffled his hair, but seeing as she was rather close with other men as well and she would occasionally their hair up, he felt lost. His chest felt so heavy to feel or think of anything good or happy. With a sigh, he looked towards their destination, the rumored island of no return.

Phoenix was flying behind them like a dutiful bird. She seemed anxious of the island. . . .

Landing just right at the edge of the island, Lea trailed the land with her ruby eyes like hawk. "No difference as of yet. You guys may stay here." As soon as she said so, she proceeded to walk in between arch trees. Within, abundant of creepy trees that seemed to twist and smile.

"No can do. Wherever my wife is, I shall be there."

Oliver was taken aback. "W-w-wife??"

"Don't make a fuss. Bright's silly."

Understanding Lea's words, Oliver glanced at Bright's impish smile and frowned his brows. "That is not a nice joke. Please refrain from referring Lea as yours." His tone formal, he pleaded Bright.

Victor on the other hand was already following behind Lea who decided to leave the two behind as they argued.

"...I'm afraid I can't, Oliver." With a smile, Bright replied.

"Why? Is there really nothing going on?"

"Ohhh. There is alright. That's what I am learning right now."

"That is irresponsible! If you wish to court her, make sure you have enough money and a stable life first!"

"Don't argue about this. What do you even mean by courting?"

"....Are you just playing around?"

"I don't know." Bright said with honesty, his blue eyes clear of any mist.

Oliver could only sigh, swiftly glancing to where Lea once was. "Where are they?" He felt his heart drop from a high above the ground.

Bright also started looking around, "We should head inside too!"

"Wait. Are you an idiot

?! If something happens to both of us, Lea would be worried. And the least I'd want is to cause trouble for her."

Realizing his mistake, Bright scratched his head, "Right. You are right.... Can I... go around the Island though?"

Oliver pondered Bright's proposal briefly, and nodded his head in assent. "But I'll go with you." He could not afford to mess things up. Bright was wasting his chances to get close with Lea, but if he were to let him die, he didn't know how Lea would react as he could see he was already there by Lea's side from the start.

He vaguely remember when Bright asked him to be his friend.

"If you plan to touch anything, don't. If you plan to run ahead, tell me. If you plan to die, think about it for 2 full hours." In one breathe, he said. "Let's go."

Confused by Oliver's change of personality without Lea around, he couldn't help but look back to the first time they met. Feeling disappointed, Bright followed right behind Oliver. . .

"Victor, is there anything strange here?" Lea asked quietly as they walked deeper into the sea of trees. To her query, Victor heightened his senses.

"This is no longer Ingrid."

Lea stopped on her tracks and looked back. "Anything else?"

"No essence."

"Victor, why are you here with me?"

Caught by her unsuspecting query, Victor turned his head to gaze at her expressionless face. "You are different. You gave me something precious."

Pondering over his words, Lea felt there were things missing. "Just like in the library, teach me so I can understand what you are. I'll listen carefully."

A serene smile appeared on Victor's face, "I know you always do." And as he said so, he gestured to slash a tree trunk, kicking away the head but the body. He laid the cut out trunk on the dirt ground and urged Lea to sit on what was left of the tree.

Although surprised by Victor's strength and swift movements, Lea dutifully complied. Then Victor sat on the piece of trunk, facing Lea.

"My mother is human. But my brother, me and my father are all Spiritual Beasts. My mother never told me anything, but from travelling with you, I pieced some crucial details together and I think if I learn more, I'll also find out what exactly you are."

Surprised by Victor's consideration of her, Lea felt flattered. "What exactly is a Spiritual Beast? Your brother did not appear to be different from any other humans? And so did you, the first time we met." She felt her throat dry.

"When we were born, my brother and I, we appear human. Since our mother is human, and we only learn later on that we inherited our father's genes.

"My father is what most would call a legendary beast-- Yes, Lea?" He queried as soon as he noticed her looking confused.

"Ah, thank you. What beasts are considered legendary?"

Victor put his hands across his chest and pondered, "A beast that has tantamount of essences are considered legendary. A beast that is compatible with essences is unusual. But when a beast does, their strength greatly increase. Most of the time, they posses some intelligence.

"Since I was born human, I learnt some sense of being one. But in a sense, I still mostly live by my instinct after you helped me awaken to being one." He smiled, gazing at Lea's thoughtful expression.

"How is your father?"

He nodded at her expected curiosity. "He is in Sabrina, serving the orders of the Holy Knights."

"You knew of Sabrina even way back then?"

"From here and there. Mother used to say how the pope did some things using the Holy Knights Order. Travelling with you, I realized they were never in Ingrid. That leaves me to suspect the Order is in Sabrina."

"All the more reason you need to come with me. You must want to meet him too, don't you?"

He expressed a complicated expression, "Maybe."

Looking at Victor empathetically, Lea moved to give a hug. "We'll find out together." Was all she said as she stroke his slender back. She knew the heartbreak of separating from your loved ones. She was young then, a heart so tender, easily broken.

He felt warm, so warm, inside his chest. "I am glad you are the one I pledged my life to."

At his words, Lea's eyes widened. "What is this about?" She separated herself from Victor to look him in his aquamarine eyes.

He smiled amicably, "The thing you gave me when you left was precious to you. I'm sorry it was consumed to develop my Spiritual Beast form. It happened all too suddenly the moment I thought I'd lose you."

Looking back, Lea remembered handing Victor a bracelet her brother gave her when she was much younger. She vaguely remembered how she felt bad for leaving Victor behind who seemed so eager to go with her to Port Ruo.

"You've traveled so far from home."

Victor simply smiled. And once again, she felt her chest being clenched at the thought of a boy barely 13 following someone like her just on impulse. She swiftly moved to hug him once again. "I'm sorry."

Confused, Victor closed his eyes and allowed himself to feel Lea's compassionate heart. "You shouldn't. I'm glad I followed you. I saw the world as they appeared in the eyes of an outsider. I saw the downfall, and I am seeing hope. I want to keep moving with you and see more of the world."

His feelings laid bare, Lea nodded silently.

They continued to embrace one another in silence, feeling each other's presence. As well as the silence of the woods. No sounds of any kind but of their own were heard.

He then started stroking her hair. "Your hair is really soft. No wonder..." He whispered into her ears, and he could feel her move from sensitivity.

"Hm." Was all she said as she moved away in attention. "Come, let's continue deeper." Offering her hand to Victor, she smiled.

With no qualms, he accepted her hand to stand and they advanced into the woods with their hands intertwined.

Deep within Lea's soul, Ingrid was silently spectating the whole bonding. She was secretly gleeful at the heartwarming moment of the two. She was, however, feeling rather conflicted at the thought of the other men.

"I hope nothing bad happens.... Dear Lea...". .

"Oliver, why are you coming with us?"

They were walking at the shore of Solitario Isle, Phoenix was overlooking up in the sky.

"The world is huge. I cannot keep my people in Escarcha forever."

"So you mean, you are gonna build Mingzhe Dei from scratch?"

"Maybe it will no longer be Mingzhe Dei."

"Sometimes, you sound so poetic.... Teach me sometimes~!"

Oliver shrugged. "You don't need to sound poetic. You're a pretty complicated poem yourself."

"What do you mean?" His round blue eyes confused.

"Unpredictable, but you flow."

Bright seemed even more confused. Oliver continued the walk, leaving behind Bright's inquiring gaze. Nevertheless, he followed right after. .


"How are the captured citizens of Ingrid?"

Fearful, a man replied with utmost respect in his voice, "Locked in the Tower of Oblivion, M'Lord."

His eyes bloodshot, his pale skin made a striking contrast to his raven hair. "Proceed with torture."

With a deep bow, the obedient man replied, "As you wish, M'Lord.". . .

Feeling a foreboding towards north, Lea turned her head. Her ruby eyes glint of fear. Suddenly, she felt her soul anxious.

"What is wrong...? You look pale, dear Lea...."

Shaking her head, she dispersed her foreboding. "No... Nothing." She thought back.

Victor to her side couldn't shake off Lea's sudden alarm. He was in deep thought when suddenly, Lea was gone. . .

"Oliver???" Walking along the shore, Bright suddenly noticed Oliver was gone in front of him.

"Don't leave me behind...! We need to find Lea together, remember?!" Anxiousness creeping within him, he looked around him in panic only to stumble on an unsuspecting rock. Crashing on the unusually hard surface, he realized he was no longer walking on sands.

All around him, Devonian rocks laid. Red to orange hue reflected in his clear blue eyes. He could feel the scorching heat of the sun up above him, then it was from darkness to light revealing the time of day.

"................." It struck him that he might never come alive this time. .

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