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Traveling further north, Lea and her companions were led to a location where tall ranges of mountains surrounded a huge spot of area.

Lea was then surprised to see the Elder use her essence manipulation. In one breathe, a huge grave was then revealed. As they approached, the engravings on the tombstone glowed. A smirk was revealed on the Elder's wrinkled face. "As expected. The King has been waiting for you, Priestess. It's been such a long time...."

And at her words, the path underground was revealed as the tombstone slid to the side. Long series of stairs were laid out by unknown mechanism, or it was likely the skilled essence manipulation of the Elder.

They descended with care as there were no railings to reassure their weight. Lea made sure she had essences ready for when something unexpected occurred, especially with Bright behind her. Contrary to her expectations, Bright proved to be more vigilant than she had ever seen him behave. Slightly pleased, she revealed a smile that no one noticed.

An hour later, the group marveled at the sight. With the Elder's ball of essence to light their way, a huge city was revealed. Buildings were made of stone. Much like the city of Gondor that Lea had read in her previous world.

"Similar to what city? Gondor? What is it about? But never mind that, oh... how I longed to see this wonderful city once again.

"It survived the attacks of thousands of legions. Its structure meant to protect its people from invasions. My King was the best man of that time....

"You are drooling." Thought Lea as soon as Ingrid stopped talking at the mention of the dead King.

"*Wipes* Oh wait, I can't."

Lea then focused her attention to her surroundings, and to the majestic city itself.

"There is river flowing underground...." Her tone had a tinge of bewilderment that made the Elder smile even wider. "Yes, it is connected from above. We had made sure to prevent it from destroying the city further by melting whatever flows underground. It became part of our essence training."

"Yes, I can now see how you have such skillful and meticulous control over your essence manipulation."

The Elder smiled a knowing smile. "Let's just call it magic, haha." Then she laughed a cute elderly laugh.

Relief awash Lea and Oliver. Now they can migrate the others to safety. ""Thank you."" They both simultaneously uttered, earning each other's amused gaze.

"Are you finally getting along with the Emperor?!! NO WAY.

"It is indeed true what they say; time heals all relationships. Oh wait, it was never broken."

Ignoring Ingrid's constant pester, Lea refocused.

"Haha... This is nothing to what the Goddess have done for us..." As she said so, her old eyes moist upon the history of how Ingrid came about. Her ancestors knew every detail of what the Great War did to the rest of the land. Others may refer to it as the Goddess War or Spirit War, but no one could deny how great it was. Nothing like it ever occurred again, and hopefully never.

"Elder. We owe a lot to you. I am sorry I cannot stay for long." Informed Lea, gently.

"You are just ungrateful, that's why!"

"Don't worry, Priestess. With your presence, we have hope once again... I just know you are going to do just the right thing for the good of Ingrid...."

Although feeling rather conflicted, Lea gave a nod. "Well then. Please expect an estimate of 5000 people to join your little village. Please welcome them with kind consideration. They are all what's left of Ingrid."

"This is abuse! Abuse! Abuse of authority!! You need to be kicked out of being a Priestess. Wake up kind elderly! This is not the girl you NEED or WANT."

"You know, if only she could hear you, I would wholeheartedly agree."

"Wicked girl."

The Elder gave her reassuring smile as she nodded her head in assent. "Expect they will be treated with as much respect as our own people, Priestess."

"Oh... How I pity my people...."

Ever since meeting the Elder, Lea expressed a most genuine smile, causing the Elder to feel happy at the bottom of her heart. When a wish one have always been wishing since young, one would feel satisfaction of living for so long just for the day it could be granted. And her's was one of those. Meeting the genuine proxy of Goddess Ingrid, she felt most bliss. A part of her felt regretful that the previous generations were not as lucky.

With a brief farewell, Lea and her companions left Escarcha with haste. With a new hope in sight, Oliver felt overjoy. "Lea... A great many thanks to you."

"The Elder was very nice." Was all she said as she continued to look ahead where Hamsphant was flying them towards. Her mind busy with the next course of action.

"Even still... Thank you. Ever since I met you, my life have changed for something greater."

"Well, she did push you to a bigger responsibility. If only he knew..... *Sigh*"

Stopping her thoughts, she considered Oliver for a moment. Her ruby eyes gazed upon his affectionate cyan eyes. Then she smiled awkwardly. "It was all your choice. You could've always refused my suggestions." Ingrid's words made her falter from genuinely showing Oliver a kind smile.

But within Oliver, the thought no one could deny Lea's commands resonated. With a smile on his face, he shrugged. "If you say so, dear Lea."

His endearment for her back once again, she could feel a shiver on her back. "Just Lea." Then she turned her gaze to the front once again, hearing Oliver's soft chuckles in the back.

Bright had his brow raised. ".....Oliver. When will you make a family?"

"This kid works fast."

As if a cold bucket of water suddenly splashed on Oliver's head, his face paled. His cyan eyes revealed his anxious nerves. "I... don't.. really...."

From his words, Bright replied, "Lea is off limits."

"He does work fast, indeed....."

His words caught everyone's attention. "...Why do you say that yourself?" Although she was not against his words as it spoke what she wanted herself, she couldn't help but question Bright's intentions.

Bright appeared lost as to what response to give, his ears red and his blue eyes darting everywhere, he was silent for only a moment. "I.... Well... You are still very young... and, well... I think you should enjoy your youth first...."

".....Such an excuse... This man is truly honest to his heart, but too preoccupied to realize.... Dear Lea, be more considerate to him!"

Her gaze increasingly suspicious, she replied. "I see."

On the other hand, Oliver felt even more sad. His thoughts on the throne and the future of his nation. He did not want to force Lea into a life of seclusion. But he couldn't bear to be separated from her. Never. Within a number of his resolve, a decision was made. . . .

With swift decision-making, Oliver used Phoenix as a transport beast temporarily. The legendary beast was huge enough to carry roughly 50 civilians, if they did not care about space. Pumping essences into her, Phoenix soared the sky. Despite her fiery form, the cold weather did not seem to bother her.

Hamsphant helped too. Pleased to be of service to its dear Lea.

Then weeks past until everything and everyone were hauled out of Mingzhe Dei.

"How about Port Ruo?" Bright innocently asked, and at this, Lea was thoughtful. "Yes, unlike the other regions of Ingrid, it's a location just below Mingzhe Dei, where the beasts could likely reach."

Another moment, Lea decided to visit the port town. "Please come see me in Escarcha before your departure Lea. Please." Oliver's voice desperate, Lea couldn't afford to refuse. With her assent, Oliver then hastily made arrangements for his people that everyone was surprised to witness. He was truly a capable ruler, and even the Elder was pleased to see such a kind and considerate Emperor. .

At Port Ruo, nothing has changed. The people with their slave beasts continued to work their day in and out like normal. Unbeknownst to them, it would not be long before their whole town would perish under the might of all sorts of beasts.

At a glance above, Lea could immediately see that she did not want to bother. But glancing at Bright's expression, she heaved a sigh. It seemed she would have to work on persuading an ignorant town into evacuating. "Lower." She commanded.

With time, Lea have developed a rather peculiar way of informing the others her intentions. She was used to voicing out her desires in abrupt and cold manner to which she found effective in the first few times she interacted with the capture targets. She became quite fond of all of them, even with Oliver and Liam; the first capture targets she interacted with.

When Hamsphant landed at the center of the town, the townspeople were surprised, but immediately expressed their awe at Lea's beauty and aura that seemed to shine around her frame. Unbeknownst to Lea, her hair have grown brighter and had a sheen of glow on it. But that's a story for another time.

Whispers erupted like usual whenever Lea would present herself in a crowd. She was rather used to the treatment that neither showed inconvenience nor annoyance to her. She had avoided catching people's attention before, but it would turn about troublesome as her disguises would appear suspicious to those around, and the fact remained she caught others attention.

With a breathe of the sea air, Lea smiled ever so slightly, but that was enough to catch a few men's heart.

"....Who is the lady?"

"......I don't know.. but...."

"...Yea... She is so beautiful.... Am I seeing something right here....?"

"If you are hallucinating, I'd like to be in your place."

The man beside him slapped him on his face. "Does it hurt?"


".....Should we... introduce ourselves?"

"...I'm nervous... and I have a wife already..."

"Get out here, man..."

Bright could hear the men gossip to themselves, and within him something snapped. With swift movements, he grabbed for Lea's hand, holding it with his free hand. Lea was surprised, but seeing Bright's determine blue eyes, she could only raise a brow. Bright chose not to say anything, but he intimately laced his fingers with her's.

"...........Oh my god..... I can't watch this..."

Taken aback by the intimacy, Lea tried to pry her hand cautiously from Bright, but he held her hand even tighter. "Don't let them think you are that easy to approach to... You should remain unapproachable... Lea...." His voice quiet, he couldn't help but wish that Lea remained as she was before. When he was the only one who recognized her being and her appearance. From her amusing behaviors to likes and dislikes.

Confused by Bright's words, Lea then looked around her and she could see many of the men had lust in their eyes. With a sigh of realization, she ruffled Bright's hair affectionately. "Thanks."

At the side, Victor felt threatened. But only briefly.

"I did say you should be more considerate to him, but..... I have a feeling you'll have quite a life Lea.... You better start learning where to hide for life."

Although confused by Ingrid's thoughts, Lea did not stop from observing the town. She was on the lookout for the mayor's house.

Although surprised by her actions, Bright replied with his amicable smile that revealed his superior looks. His blue eyes shimmered with tender affection. Even if he could not name his feelings for her just yet, he was sure he wanted to keep her by his side. And by his side alone. .

By the side of the narrow road, a familiar face was seen and in that instant, Lea glanced at the figure's direction. Her actions startled everyone around, following her line of sight. The receiver of such attention felt herself nervous and anxious, thinking what she could have done to deserve such an intimidating stare from a lovely girl.

"Dai Wouxie." Lea called, and at the call of her name, the woman narrowed her

eyes. "W... What? Do I know you?"

"Lea Rain Farechild. Sorry for losing your Citizen Pass."

Her words stunned the woman in an instant. A name she would have never forgotten for the rest of her life. "You're.... alive?!"

Lea shrugged at her rhetorical query. "I cannot return your pass any longer." Waking Dai Qouxie from her daze, she displayed a weird face. She had thought Lea would never return her Citizen Pass ever again, and she had even kept the promise from since then. "Lea Rain, what does that lady want from you?" Dai Wouxie's friend inquired.

Bright's eyes widened in surprise. "L-Lea?"

"Hush, Bright. It was my doing." Lea said, and continued in a mutter. "Funny how innocent some people here are." Her thoughts unmasked, Bright gaped at her speech that was meant to be a whisper. But she did not seem to care.

Victor's eyes clouded with reminisce at the memorable battle he had ever seen in his life as soon as he followed Lea into the forest. He winced at every sound of breaking bones, but now, he was used to such violence. [A/N: That is just so wrong...]

"Ah... I seem to remember you mention about how you stole---"

"Yes, Bright. Yes." Lea interrupted. Bright took a while to remember that one measly information, and she was even slightly surprised he did.

"So uh, this is the person who willingly gave you a Citizen Pass...." Bright then looked over Dai Wouxie, which prompted Dai Wouxie's friend to obstruct his observant blue eyes.

With a raised brow, Lea then observed the guy beside Dai Wouxie. He appeared to posses a well-toned body, and she could clearly see how much the guy did his regular workout as a fisherman. "My apologies, Dai Wouxie. I am not here to harm you, but to repay the lose of your Citizen Pass."

Dai Wouxie's eyes were clouded, but her pair of eyes could not ignore how she still felt fearful under Lea's gaze. She appeared too cold and merciless much like the first time she met her, and that would never change her view. "N-No... need..."

"What do you mean by Dai Wouxie? Her name is Lea Rain Farechild. Get it right."

Surprised by the guy's attitude towards Lea, Lea and her companions focused their gaze on the guy. "I forced your friend to switch names with me. I apologies for my abrupt decisions then. I hope your leg is alright now."

And at the mention of her injury, Dai Wouxie felt her knees grow weak. She almost collapsed where she stood. Fortunately, her friend managed to support her before she gave out. "Careful. I thought your leg was alright since long ago... Did it come back, Lea?"

Hearing the guy mention Lea's name so affectionately made Bright feel disgusted that he couldn't stop his mouth, "Don't call her that!"

His voice angry, his blue eyes fierce, they felt unusually anxious. But the guy was not someone who would back down easily for what he believed was right. "Her name is Lea, so I shall call her that. Get off our case."

"Lea already mentioned she is Dai Wouxie, so get it!" He snarled.

Irritated, the guy looked at Bright squarely and spat at him, "I don't care. If Lea told me her name was Lea, I shall call her that. But if it is Dai Wouxie, then I shall call her just that."

To his words, Lea sighed, feeling regretful for her hasty decisions long ago. "Dai Wouxie." To her call, Dai Wouxie jolted and glanced at Lea's ruby eyes. She escaped an involuntary gulp, "Y-Y-yes...?"

"Tell your friend the truth. Stop being dazed." She was starting to lose patience with the dawdle. "Once you are done, I have business with your people. Do you know of anyone who have great influence here?"

Her words rang bells in Dai Wouxie's mind, relieving how she was interrogated. Without wasting anymore time, she immediately answered, "Jared, my real name is Dai Wouxie. So call me that from now on." Although the expression on her friend's face told her she shouldn't back down so easily, she knew persistence wouldn't work against someone like Lea.

"Jared is the son of the mayor..." And at her words, Lea turned her piercing gaze on the guy beside Dai Wouxie whose name is Jared.

"Greetings. This is a token of my apology. Persuade your father to evacuate all the people of Port Ruo. Beasts are on their way to trample your land." Her words unseasoned, Lea informed briefly. She then reached out to grab an expensive looking jewelry from her bag and offered it to Dai Wouxie and Jared.

"This... Mingzhe Dei?? Did you steal this from the Emperor?! Not only did you steal Le-- Dai Wouxie's name, but also the Emperor's treasury??? GUARDS!---"


Surprised by her alarmed call, Jared stopped in the middle of his actions. He then looked at Dai Wouxie with worried eyes. "...I'll help you out if these people are threatening you, Dai..."

His voice seemed so soft that it could melt a woman's heart, but aside from Dai Wouxie, nobody was in Jared's eyes. And she could see how much Jared wanted to protect her pride and name. With a smile, she reassured him it was fine. But he refused.

Fed up by the unnecessary drama, Lea glanced at Bright. "Do we still need to save these people?"

"Let's just go grab the mayor? These two can just go and get married by themselves."

"I told you---"

"Ah ah. Of course there is. There should be!"

".........You figured it out...."

"It doesn't make sense if there is none!"

"Based on what, Bright?"

"Uh.... Well... If I was... in love with someone.... I would like it if we have a mutual promise... to... to stay together... fo-forever... *Cough*"

"........Why are you being shy?"

"....You have no tact, darling...!"

"When did----"

"Ah huh!" He exclaimed and pushed his point finger on Lea's soft lips. It backfired greatly on him as soon as he felt her tender lips that seemed so kissable when he looked closer. Blood immediately rushed to his head, causing his ears and cheeks to flush. Within him, his hormones boiled many times over.

Sensing there was danger, Victor lifted Lea up in his arms and immediately hopped on a rooftop. "................." Lea was perfectly bored of what was going on around her, and with dead eyes, she immediately let herself land on the dirt ground once again.

"An active knight and a lethargic knight... But the princess is a knight herself. Oh I know! The Three Musk--- Knights of the.... the... Ingrid brigade!"

"Do not touch me." Reminding herself that she has been constantly taken advantage of as of late due to lax in her vigilance. Greatest offence by Nia still not forgotten.

"Dai Wouxie, persuade your friend. Hurry. Or you all will die."

At her words, the passersby couldn't keep their silence anymore.

"What is the lady talking about? Are the beasts really going to kill us?"

"That's not true isn't it? I mean, I just came from the Land of Bridges, and there was nothing unusual."

"Maybe you weren't doing a good job as a lookout?"

"Come on man. I may be old but I am pretty proud of my skills."

"Skills mah ass. Do you remember one time when I asked you to look out for my wife as I do my thing?"

"Well yea.. I didn't know your wife was a ninja."

"She isn't! You incompetent fool!".

Chatters grew louder and louder until it was too noisy for Lea to stay.

"I don't care anymore. Leave if you want to live. Escarcha is safe."

She then turned around to leave towards the entrance of the town, leaving behind people who pointed their fingers behind her and whispering to themselves. Bright anxiously followed behind. He was not sure it was a wise decision to leave the people by themselves.


"Bright. If you have a way to persuade even one person there, then I will consider not moving just yet." She proposed, giving Bright the chance to prove himself.

"Pick me! ME!"

Taking her words as a challenge, Bright clenched his fist determinedly. "Okay!" And with a smile on his face, he turned around to walk back inside the town.

Lea was left with a frown, and immediately moved to sit unto a patch of grass, picking at them as she waited patiently for Bright.

Several minutes later, Bright was back.... with tons of women after him.

"Lea... H-Help!!"

Her ruby eyes widened in fright. "............" He was coming towards her, but she did not move to evade. She stood up, patted the dirt on her clothes and observed everyone behind Bright. They were all sweaty and excited, for what reason, she did not know.

As soon as Bright got closer to her, he immediately hid behind Lea's back, barring the approaches of the many women chasing after him. Lea's icy gaze stopped some of them and their actions, and nudged the others to attention. "What is the meaning of this?" Her voice cold and sharp, it pierced everyone's ears.

Bright was still catching his breathe, and leaned his firm hands on Lea's shoulders. "L-Lea... *Huff*... When I asked some of them if they wanted to... leave with me... They immediately agreed... Can you take them?"

With another glance to the crowd, Lea heaved a sigh. "Okay. Come." She nodded her head for the women to ride on Hamsphant who was waiting for its passengers. When the women looked at the beast, they were awestruck. They never saw anything like it, but they were immediately urged by Lea's voice to move on.

"Pay me some attention, Handsome~!" One of the voices said, but Bright turned around, out of the sight of the women. He was feeling fearful for what they were capable of.

"Awww... Such a cutie..."

"Are we gonna live with him?? That will be so great!! Kyaa~"

"I'm fine sharing such a gorgeous man with you guys. Just make sure I get some time alone with him....."

"Someone, steal his underwear. Isn't that his bag?" Pointing at a lone bag, all gazes fell on it. With a flash of movements, Bright was hugging the bag so tenderly, like his life depended on it.

"Did you see him move?! Amazing... I keep falling over and over again..."

"Ha.... I want to kiss those lips right now... His beautiful blue eyes are so dreamy..."

"Did you notice how soft his hair is...? It looked unusually silky!"

"Well duh... He wants to impress a certain someone.............. I'm talking about you, yea, YOU. Stop ignoring meee!!"

"He takes care so well of himself... He must be a wonderful husband as well... Marry me~!"

The women continued to chatter away, leaving Lea feeling conflicted with the idea of their whole journey. She was determined not to stay in the women's presence for much longer, and she could see so did Bright and Victor. Ah, as well as Hamsphant.

Leaving most of their things behind, it was not long before Hamsphant disappeared from Port Ruo. With most of the women missing, the men would surely travel far and wide. But it would proud to be dangerous a journey for each of them. Some, however, would have a shorter journey for one reason, they took Lea's words to heart and headed for Escarcha. Along the way, they would feel so much regret for doubting an offered hand by chance. . . .

Upon Lea's return to to Wern, she was suddenly snatched by Oliver, leaving Bright surrounded by women and Victor deep in his slumber.

"The Knights have been.... well... You should definitely fire them. Not like you hired them in the first place though."

In one of the empty houses in the underground city, Oliver sat Lea down on a chair he wiped beforehand. The place seemed presentable. Lea dutifully waited for Oliver's reason of abduction.

He was sweating despite the cold climate.

He was pacing back and forth from one end of the room to the other.

"......" But Lea remained patient. She decided to close her eyes to rest as Oliver gathered his courage.

"Lea." He suddenly said, his voice stern and gentle. She could sense how much control Oliver was putting his throat into saying her name.

She looked up at him and gazed into his nervous cyan eyes.

"I'm nervous."

"Please take me with you."

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