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   Chapter 89 NO.89

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The dark underground grew even darker.

Within, several shadow strings hang from one surface of the room to another.

Disgusting vile creatures oozing out of every crevices.

A lone whimper of a dog could be heard, but not for long.



"Brother, Stop your nonsense."

"....Are you disobeying me? I'm just doing what is good for you, sister..."

"I understand now, brother. I know you love me, but trapping me alone is never gonna change anything. I want Sabio gone. Ingrid is too late."

"What do you mean by too late???!! Are you aware I'm listening to all your nonsense?"

Ignoring Ingrid's comment, Lea continued. "You know who caused this destruction. With the King gone---"

"What? Did you say the King of Sabio is dead?"

"Yes, and it won't be long now before Drakon makes their claim. You need to search for your father soon, or..."


"I'm sorry, brother."

"It's okay, sister. Thank you for reminding me. To eradicate Sabio means everyone will have to evacuate. With no other safer place than Sabrina, huge ships will be required."

"Please arrange them, brother. For your sake, and everyone's."

"My sake?"

"Your reputation here hangs in balance. If you care for your current family, you should think of their reputation. You being here means a lot to the people who knows."

Kiel's grey eyes widened to the realization. "You've grown smarter."

"Thanks to you, brother." A small smile revealed, the siblings looked into each other's eyes fondly. "I'll be with you shortly. I need to take care of some things before Ingrid gets too much to handle."

"If I don't see you. I'll find you. I promise that."

"Oh, brother. I wonder why I've started feeling anxious everytime I hear those words. But thank you."

And with their quick farewell, Lea departed.

Just outside Kiel's stronghold, Raize and Seth welcomed her return. Their indifferent expression ever so alike. "What's the news?"

"What happened to your clothes...?" Asked Lea, looking at the bloody mess of their getup.

Seth and Raize looked into each other's eyes and shrugged. "Just a little something."

"Okay. I will leave post haste. Brother has agreed to do what he can to ship everyone to Sabrina."

"What about Mingzhe Dei?" Concerned, Seth asked.

"That's where I am heading right now. I want you two-- Wait, where's Nia?" Looking behind their back, there was no sign of Nia whom she left behind underground. She would have thought the pair brought him above.

With another shrug, Raize replied. "He is just somewhere. Don't worry."

Although she feared about their lies, she did not say anything more. "Alright. I want you two to protect the people. If you can do something about the beast within the city, there will be less things to worry about. I'm sorry for leaving it all on you."

With her kind words, Seth and Raize had no choice. "I wish you can be a little bit more selfish than that." Raize muttered under his breathe, to which Seth wholeheartedly agreed.

"....I am. I'll see you later.."

Lea turned to a direction, only to be held up at her wrist. With a frown on her forehead, she looked back to the pair. ".....I need to go."

Ignoring her words, Raize and Seth's determined gaze made Lea shiver to the bones.

"Girl. They are dangerous. I suggest you never come back."

""You will come back, won't you?""


She felt nervous all of the sudden. With a gulp, she replied with her steady voice. "Of course. I'll come back."

Rest assured by her words, the pair let go of her wrists. "Lea, remember, we'll always be here for you."

Confused and anxious, Lea could only feel her sweat gently slide down her smooth skin. "....Yes."

"Don't... come back... I bet my small soul in it...."

Ignoring Ingrid once again, Lea turned around and was then greeted by Hamsphant. Her chest immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Without turning back, she dashed and hauled herself up on the beast. "So you still keep the soldier, good work." With a few tap on the furry body, Hamsphant honked and disappeared. Left behind, Raize and Seth made a silent pledge within their respective hearts.

And with that, they dutifully separated and worked on how to slow down the unusual beast. They did not know it was their little companion all along.



"Victor!" She called, and just as immediately, he turned his head above to catch a glimpse of her.

With a nod, he made a great leap and was then aboard Hamsphant.

"Ashe, are you coming? Or will you wait?"

"I'll wait."

"Okay." She said and urged Hamsphant to leave, only, something else was waiting for her on one of the rooftops.

"Not this time, you don't!! Not without me!!" Screamed Bright as he used his steel pool to extend his jump. And in seconds, he was hanging for his dear life by Hamsphant's tail.

With a sigh, Lea helped him up. "What were you doing there?"

Calming his nervous heart for the stunt he performed, Bright smiled amicably. "Someone has got to be a lookout after all."

"Right. Well, doesn't matter."

And with that, Lea escaped from Sabio.



[General Recollection]

When Imhe transformed into a demonic beast, it made the other beasts outside the city grow wary. With her presence within, it kept the rest at bay. But it did not make a difference to the people. They were mercilessly squashed in the hopes Imhe's heart will be satisfied. But she never will, with Lea gone out of her reach.

Locking Lea away was Kiel's instinct, and she was protected from Imhe's senses for a while. But with Lea's scent out in the open once again, Imhe would eventually caught on.

Duran and Nia's Palace map was used greatly by Seth as he assassinated the King and everyone else Lea ordered him to eradicate. Those who had connections with Leron Godwind were not left alive, not after torture after torture to extract information.

Before Lea left, she was aware of what was going on in the shadows. Leaving her with no choice but to give up on savin

g another nation. With Mingzhe Dei left to salvage, Lea couldn't afford to wait for everything else to calm down. Something could still be done, she hoped.


Ulyssis has taken it upon himself to save the University, learning in the process that the Headmaster was a very capable individual who could practically transport most students to a far away land. For what his true identity was, Ulyssis and Ulla would eventually find out.

With them gone from Sabio thanks to the headmaster, Kiel, the capture targets and Raize were the only ones left to protect the citizens as much as they could.

The citizens, despite their guns, couldn't fight off. Imhe was invulnerable.

Her other potential awakened, she was one foot away from one of her endings.

If only Ulla knew.


With Duran's revenge unsatisfied, he felt there was something else he could do. Sabio was constantly in commotion. Nobody was paying attention to anybody else.

He sneaked into the Palace by himself, a sword in hand.

"H-hey, Duran. You can't do that!" Izaya was closely following him behind.

"How can I not? These people did not care when our nation crumbled to dust!" He hissed.

"But it was not their decision. It was their King's."

"His King and his people, are all but the same to me."

"Is this really the justice you want to uphold when you govern our new nation? If so, I cannot let you, Duran."

"......Why do you care so much? This city is hopeless. Its people poisoned. Have you been looking properly at how corrupted the people have become? Almost half of the citizens are into drugs! Everyone carries guns! Children and seniors put to slavery, and for what? To be soldiers! Rich leech whatever they can from the middle class. Economy is doomed. This place is gone. As well as its people. Killing them is salvaging what is left of their humanity."

Izaya was silent for only the briefest moment. "I know. I have seen them myself. But it is not your right to kill them just because you deem them a lost cause. You have no right to that, Duran. Let them decide. Let the fate dictate how they will turn about. Let the beasts choose their prey. This is no longer our business. The King is gone. And we should be gone. Away from here."

"...............Where would we go? I'm still angry, Izaya. They did not care about our people..."

"I know very well how much you loved Chlad. And so do I. What do you say we find another suitable place to build our new nation?"

"With Ingrid infested with beasts? You trying to kill everyone?"

"No, Duran. Which do you pick from these......"

With the two's reconciliation concerning Sabio, their new goal arose. "Why don't we bring in Lea?" Duran suggested in the middle of their arrangements.

"That's a good idea. She's excellent when she puts her mind to it. But I'm afraid she is too independent."

"True. Even as we speak, she might be somewhere, doing whatever she wants. But it'll be nice if she agrees."

"Don't tell me...."

"I'm seriously just fascinated by how she works.."

"Yea, right. Well, just try not to get killed."






"Hey, Lea? I've been wondering for a while now, but...."

Glancing towards Bright's blue eyes, Lea raised a brow.

"Well... Is this your husband??" Anxiousness expressed in his blue eyes, he tried to sound nonchalant.


Victor shrugged and moved to lay his head on Lea's vacant lap, wrapping his arms around her waist as usual. Then a long while after, he fell asleep.

"....Bright. Are you hungry?"

With his blue eyes blinking innocently, he then felt his stomach, "Uhh... I guess?"

Lea sighed and grabbed for the only bag they brought. "Here. Don't ask anymore silly questions."

As soon as he heard her words, a relieved sigh escaped his mouth. "Hm?" He wondered what was that all about.

Seeing his relieved expression, Lea muttered, "So he was hungry..."

During their ride, Lea made sure Hamsphant was flying as fast it could using her essences. It was not a problem for her as her control was excellent. In a matter of 3 days, they arrived around Chlad, then another 4 days, they were at Mingzhe Dei.

So fast were they that their food supply lasted during the whole of their travel without stopping anywhere. Hamsphant had no complaints as it was a beast that was suitable for travelling. The soldier that was left alone throughout their journey remained quiet, trying his best not to be noticed. But he had no courage to escape either, especially after everything he had seen under Hamsphant's misadventures in Sabio.

------------------Mingzhe Dei

There were less dangerous monsters in the regions governed by Mingzhe Dei. Lea could see a huge majestic bird screeching as it went about burning beast after beast. It must have been working very hard to make sure none came close to the city.

It was not long now, Ingrid was slowly losing its ground. A pseudo war at its play.



A wind blew past a youth's soft purple hair, his magenta eyes gazed all around him. "You have got to be kidding me...." His voice soft, his mind flabbergasted.

Before him, a land with no beast appeared. None.


"Liam. Head to Sabrina and check the nation Drakon, and if possible investigate the other nations as well. I'll come find you, trust me on this."


"She loves sending me on dangerous errands. A land with no beast is too unusual." With a sigh, he continued to walk on the foreign ground that had yellow and red grasses, from time to time, there would be traps caused by nature's evolution. "Troublesome. I'm not sure she ever thought of my safety at all."

He continued to grumble as he walked, chewing his supply of meat.

Ω α δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ξ π ρ ? σ τ υ φ ω ? ?

With the heroine choosing an end, a new stage opens.

End to everything is near. Has war ended? What is it? For what?

Important characters moving by their will, changing their course of life by themselves; everything was already destined to a certain end.

Passion and dreams intensify.

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