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   Chapter 80 NO.80

Reincarnated As The Heroine?! I refuse! By aquaseries Characters: 5187

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"Hey, guys. I heard from several of my coworkers that there is apparently a very beautiful girl who just arrived in the city." Imhe begun. Her appearance looked rather dizzying to the eyes.

She was wearing heavy paint on her face, and her hair was styled to curls. She did her best to look like a fashionista.

"And?" Raize inquired, a slight frown on his forehead. He would usually ignore Imhe's news as they were mostly about boys, fashion and idle talks.

"Well~~ This girl is rumoured to have very handsome bodyguards."

"So you want to check them out, is that it?"

"I didn't say that~"

"You just admitted it. But do as you wish. Bright shall accompany you."

To Raize's words, Bright spun his head so suddenly that he felt himself dizzy. "WHAT?!"

Bright was mostly the one who was strongly against at chaperoning Imhe as she would tire his soul out with her window shopping and long talk with certain people. An outing with just Imhe around was an arduous task even for Bright who sees the good side of people even on bad times.

"No complaints. You finally get to have a job." Raize said with finality.

It was only the three of them in the room as Ulla was still at work due to overtime. While Kiel was busy with a matter concerning his father.

It seemed General Dean had gone missing. Fatima remained in Sabrina to help the search. Although everyone could see what she really was after.

In response to Raize, Bright could only whimper. "So unfair..." He had thought of running from his situation more than a dozen of times due to how the others seem to overlook his worth every so often.

But he stuck as he did not want to be put through a much harder time without their help. With a heavy heart, he started preparing himself for a most tiring outing.

Raize looked on Bright silently. His dark obsidian eyes unreadable. "Bright. Be careful."

His words unexpected, Bright widened his blue eyes. However, he did not bother to question more. He thought maybe Raize simply did not trust him enough.

All the while, Imhe was off to her own world as she imagined thousands of scenarios of meeting the rumoured handsome young men troupe.

Despite the gossips of how beautiful their only female companion was, Imhe believed there was no way she couldn't snatch one or two of the girl's bodyguards.

Her mind was truly far from concern over the oncoming war. She had become obsessed over meeting male companions. And as she have efficient companions, she mostly did not have to lift her fingers on anything at all.

It seems her growth has been imp

eded greatly by the events leading up to this point. However, she did not seem to care as long as she achieved whatever she wanted, shallow they might appear.


The next day, Imhe immediately grabbed Bright outside and led him to where a dilapidated house complex could be seen. Most of its windows were vandalized. The entrance no longer had a door to close nor open. The building appeared to be engulfed in darkness.

Due to Imhe's encouragement, he was forced to test the first room as they entered, revealing horrific bloody marks on most surface area. But none Bright could not handle.

On the other hand, Imhe let out a loud cry. "Noooooooo!!" And to her shriek, some doors banged by force. And within seconds, handsome men appeared one by one to take a look at the source of the sound. Imhe was completely shaken at the sight of a men with long silver hair. His golden eyes were so mesmerizing that even Bright was stunned for a second.

"Ah..... h-hey..." He greeted awkwardly, then suddenly, a louder sound was heard. Looking up at the third floor, a railing broke, causing a young man with fiery hair to fall straight onto the first floor's ground. Only, he did not hurt himself and instead, perfectly landed on his feet.

His golden eyes expressed mirth that Bright and Imhe immediately recognized. "IZAYA?!"

"You know them?" The silver haired man asked quietly. His golden eyes expressed indifference.

To his query, Izaya replied with a nod, revealing his amicable smile. "Definitely!"

"Why are you here???? What about Chlad??" Confused, Bright couldn't stop himself from uttering his questions.

"Slow down. Let us have a seat first? This room is not exactly a good place to discuss anything at all." Still smiling, Izaya urge Bright and Imhe to follow behind.

Only, when Bright nonchalantly looked up, a most beautiful girl with a familiar pair of ruby eyes met his blue hues. Suddenly, he could hear his heartbeat as it banged hard in his chest.

Thump... thump.. thump. Thump..thump.

The striking familiar sense he felt as he continued to gaze on the girl seemed too strange to be merely a coincidence.

Then he heard her talk. All of the sudden, he couldn't breathe. His eyes turned moist, and he felt a big lump in his throat. His chest felt funny.

"Bright..?" Her voice steady but uncertain, she gazed at him with a placid expression only he knew so well.

Then he could feel his cheek wet as a tear slid down from his beautiful ocean blue eyes. "........."

No words could express what he was feeling at the moment.

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