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A week passed since Kiel Fang took over the Rebellion Group. He had taken care of unreliable members by sending them over to Raize's group for Beast Surveillance sub-group.

Fatima was sent back to Eden Kingdom to inform Kiel's father over continent Sabrina's involvement in the scheme to take over all of Ingrid, by the hands of Sabio.

This speculation was produced due to a certain individual who governed a great many interlocking connections with different underground businesses. From slavery, opium to human-beast experiments.

The individual was found to have its main headquarters somewhere in Sabrina. Any information beyond Ingrid was difficult to gather, thus he had hoped his father, General Dean, will do something about it on his end once Fatima informed him of the details.

In their royalty network, they learnt that the King had been planning to take over Chlad, then later on Mingzhe Dei. It seems he has a Spirit contractor to keep himself safe from any assassination attempts.

However, nobody knew nor did they know how to learn more about the Spirit that protects the King; thus they were left to focus on the underground organizations. Slowly, Kiel arranged for his subordinates to estimate how large the King's network was, only to find there were more than they could handle. What made the whole operation even more hopeless was the fact that they had no one who was skilled at sneaking around if they wanted to opt for assassination to reduce the leaders of corruption.

Stuck at a stand still, Kiel and co. were to remain with their surveillance operations until he would hear back from his father.


In one of the most busiest restaurant in Sabio, two lovely girls were serving customers one after another. Their glistening sweat rolled down their forehead, and there were a few who were awed by their refreshing appearance. As the two girls bustled around doing their job properly, there were men who couldn't keep their hands under their pants.

This would occasionally create a ruckus as these girls were no ordinary ones.

Before a hand could touch Ulla's healthy behind, she caught the approaching hand midair with a glare from her brown eyes. "Please, customer. Don't disgrace me in a crowd." After a pause, she continued. "Keep your hands to yourself." She then proceeded to laying out some food from her tray without glancing to the group's faces at the table.

Meanwhile, Imhe was busy chatting up an old man about different sorts of dumplings for some reason. The talk seemed so fun that she was giggling and snorting, which only added to the noises in the busy restaurant. Of course she was reprimanded for not doing her job after a few exchanges with the customer.

Ulla continued to do her job excellently with knowledge from her previous world. Keeping tract of every orders accurately with her notepad, handing them to the cook then giving occasional business smiles to entice certain customers to provide her with tips. She rose to become their most valuable waitress in the weeks since she worked in the restaurant earning her a name in some corners of the city.

As her name was becoming more well-known, people from prestigious society classes would briefly visit the restaurant to check up the talk of the town. Thanks to Ulla's popularity, Kiel's covert operations were well-hidden from most prying eyes and ears. She was then even more motivated to do her utmost job in catching attention even when she didn't fancy men drooling over her. She was the Vice President, an excellent and dutiful role model.

Then, silence suddenly took over everyone's breathe. At the entrance of the restaurant, a person in lavish appearance appeared to call for a request. "A table for two, please." He said with his husky but smooth voice. His excellent features unmasked, the girls could only gulp their surging drool.

When Ulla noticed the man, she immediately finished her previous task to come forward and respectfully provide the man a seat in a corner where it was not dim nor lonesome. "Here, please." Her curt bow perfect, some could only watch in admiration by her work. This did not exclude the handsome man and his companion. They looked at Ulla amusely, but did not say a word, only a word of gratitude.

"When you have decided from this menu, please call for one of us. In the meanwhile, please have these

glasses of water to drink." With a dutiful retreat, Ulla moved on to another task. Not even once did she glanced at the men's faces. And the men noticed her indifference.

"Excuse me..." Called the handsome man in his enchanting voice. Right away, Ulla turned about. "Yes, dear customer?" She asked amiably.

The handsome man could only express a small smile. "If I were to order every item in this menu, could I have a bit of your time?"

Surprised to his query, Ulla could only express a frown on her lovely face. She finally took the chance to glance at the handsome man who had said an incredulous line. "May I know for what business should my time be allotted with your company, dear customer?" She replied respectfully, releasing her expression from the frown.

"Ha ha... You are interesting. What do you say about leaving this place and work for me?"

"I respectfully refuse." Ulla replied immediately. Working at the restaurant was very convenient for her job in her cahoots with the Rebellion. It would be meaningless otherwise.

Not expecting Ulla's immediate refusal, the handsome man could only express an increase in his interest for her. With an amiable smile, he said kindly, "Then I shall have to visit this diner for whenever I want to see you. Such a pity."

Another frown appeared on Ulla's forehead, but removed it immediately. "Thank you, kind customer. I hope you enjoy your time here. The food our chef cooks deserve more recognition." She said with an amicable smile playing on her lips. "Would you still consider paying for everything in the menu, Sir? Although it would certainly create a ruckus in out kitchen, your generosity will be most welcomed!"

Flabbergasted, the handsome youth could only feel more affectionate to the business-minded Ulla. "I really do want to hire you as my right hand. I come from Sabrina. If you were to choose a profession after your time here, please look for me. My name is Ulyssis Tigres of Felicity Domain."

Gasps could be heard in the background, but Ulla could only put the words in her head as she had no clue what position a family of Tigres held. "Very well. If I were to look for you in the next few weeks, where shall I find you, kind Sir?"

Her efficiency performed with excellence, Ulyssis could only feel even more excitement within him if he succeeded in hiring Ulla to his governance. "I currently study in Sabio-U as part of my training. If you call for my name, as I will inform them as soon as I go back, they will allow you entrance as my visitor."

"Very well. I thank your kind consideration." She replied with a 90° degree bow. "Shall I fetch your orders now?"

Taken aback by Ulla's query, Ulyssis laughed out loud without restrain. "Hahahahahaha... Haha... Khu.. Ha.." He tried to suppress his outburst with his free hand, but everyone could see his shoulders shaking. After a minute or two, he finally calmed himself down and faced Ulla who had an unreadable expression on her face. "My apologies. A lovely lady such as you should aim higher. I hope you can give me a desirable news within a month's time. And yes, we will be taking every item on the menu."

Without further ado, Ulla straightened her back and received the menus. "Thank you for your generosity. Shall it be dine in or out?"

"That's convenient. Then we shall have most of them packed, while leave a couple of your recommended dishes for us to eat in."

"Understood, dear customer. I shall be right back." And with that, Ulla turned about to head into the kitchen to inform their cook of a massive order.

Back at Ulyssis' table, a smile was playing on his face that he had yet to know he had. "You seem very happy, Your Highness." His companion said.

Ulyssis turned his head to the man. "Who wouldn't? I've never seen such an excellent woman before. She will be most efficient at documentations and commanding with many under her. If she should refuse, I will just have to opt for another option to take her into our Country." His smile widened with mirth in his emerald eyes.

"...Sir.... You cannot force people into doing whatever you want." Advised the man.

"Don't worry. I just have to make her agree." And with that, their discussion ended with the man looking worried for his master. But he knew better than to sway a man of such standing. He never would be able to.

Ullysis Tigres

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