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I turned 19 years old a month back.

Ever since I was saved from slavery and impending death from hunger, I have been training and learning rigorously for the past 4 years. General Dean and Duchess Florence were very strict at first, but after seeing my remarkable efforts and results, they eventually warmed up.

They were the type of people who easily won't trust people just with words. They want results and the resolution to achieve greater things.

The couple has four sons. All of which have superior capabilities, and might become one of the pillars of Sabrina, if not all.

Eden Fang — named after the first King of Eden Kingdom was accepted into Holy Sabrina knighthood. I've only seen him once, never again. Such a rigid and narrow-minded man who only has one strong belief: the will of the Goddess Sabrina. He'd be considered a religious fanatic, really.

Fredrick Fang — the second son working as the Right Advisor of the current King. Nothing much is to be said except he is currently engaged with one of the tribal Princess in Yatsohara.

George Fang — The youngest of us all and 3 years younger than I. He is quite charming, especially to the girls. I don't think inspiration was ever ingrained in his bones as he prefers to remain idle. There's no harm as he is still in school though.

I'm the third son of the household. I'd like to call myself the "Jack of all trades", but I cannot use magic at all. So instead, I became even more proficient in other areas. I recently graduated from Sabio University of Ingrid.

Since I didn't want to join the Holy Sabrina Knighthood, my foster parents advised I could work as a teacher in my Alma Matter. It didn't sound so bad, so I might as well do so.

Unlike Eden Kingdom, Sabio is more advanced in technology that I was flabbergasted first I stumbled upon the country. Since I have been preoccupied with Sabio all this time, I have yet to pay attention to other larger nations that exist in the same continent of Ingrid.

Magic exist in this world, but not all can call forth the will of nature to obey one's will, like me.

I was very disappointed, especially since I'm still young at heart. I had hoped I could visit my previous world to see her at least once. Or conjure an illusion of her to relieve my heart. But alas, I am simply unlucky.

Another thing that nailed the fact I'm an unfortunate lad is that despite my not so bad looks, girls seem to avoid me at sight except for one. And she has been my friend since I was 15. She is Fang household's family friend, Fatima Patterson from the Patterson household.

Their rank in society is lower than Fang's, but since it's Marquis, they're not in any way mediocre compared to other nobles.

And for some reason, Fatima really loved visiting me since she was first introduced to me.

There was also a certain incident during my time in Sabio-U wherein a beautiful girl kept flirting with me. But of course I refused her advances because for one, Fatima seemed to always get in trouble whenever that lady tried to flirt with me.

Two, she was not my type.

Three, she was four-timing.

Four, I am not over her yet. I probably never will. And I don't mind that at all.

With the fourth reason alone, I would most likely end up a monk.

It's really peaceful in Sabrina, but maybe it was just due to there being too many skilled men a

nd women in the society that even if revolution was to come about, the royalty would still remain. The influence of the royalty would not be easily vanquished by an instance of revolution.

Although there's no sex discrimination, there's beast discrimination. While Spirits were usually made into magic jewels themselves. I'm not quite sure what to think of it as I have yet to see any Spirits myself, let alone conjure magic.

There were apparently four commonly found types of Spirits: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. And there were others as well, but rarely could they be captured as their manifestation or evolution was rarely seen in Eden Kingdom.

Aside from studying all sorts of topics, I also made it a habit to go adventuring, visiting all the dungeons and dangerous fields while completing guild requests. It was another way to improve one's fighting capability in Sabrina. There were many wild animals than the discriminated beasts, because you know, discrimination. When a beast can be oppressed, they could be sent to battle in the Arena.

During my adventures, Fatima would make a fuss so that I'd be forced to bring her with me. Although it's not all that bad as she's adept at using magic.

She is a great help, really. Because of her constant pestering that I can't seem to escape from, we'd probably still remain friends even after retirement.

My departure for Ingrid was drawing closer.

I have read that Sabrina and Ingrid were the twin goddesses in the legends, but I have yet to clarify the facts. Clarifying facts of the happenings thousands of years ago would be an almost impossible task, but if I were to live in Ingrid soon henceforth, it'll certainly be worth my while to visit the Solitario Isle that I have heard much about. Rumors has it that the remnants of the Great War reside at the heart of the island.

"Stop day dreaming, Kiel!!" A female voice called out to me.

Turning my head to the side, I was met with the usual energetic but bright grin of my friend, Fatima. "Hey, sorry. What are you doing here with me again?"

"You agreed that I could accompany you during your last day of shopping before you leave for your work to Ingrid, dummy."

"That last word was completely unnecessary."

"You'll always be my dummy wummy."

"I was never yours. Don't flatter yourself."

To my words, I could see her usual pout. Although she looked rather cute, I simply felt anxious of what she might do next to catch my attention.

"Okay, fine. Say what you will." I said in surrender when I saw her summoning her Greatsword. What a barbaric woman, seriously.

I sometimes wonder if I should feel worried about her future or my perilous life with her around.

"Expect a surprise once you settle in Sabio." She said with a grin, a glint of mischief could be seen in her emerald eyes.

"No thanks."

Was all I said before leaving Fatima who resorted to wasting her energy on catching my attention, once again.

Ignoring her or not is a waste of energy. But I have a feeling she has plans under her sleeves even after I leave Eden Kingdom. I sincerely pray to the goddess Sabrina to remove the Fatima curse away from me before my life ends.

To my prayer's response, a sudden thunder struck the earth not so far from the city.

"Ominous." I said to myself deciding it was time to go back home and finish my preparation.

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