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"Lea, come with me?"



"I want to explore."

".....Will you come meet me again?"


"........." Oliver looked sad, very sad. "I want to always be able to see you..."

"........." She looked into his cyan eyes, silently.

"Once the conflict has calmed down, I'm going to chase after you.

"I'll follow you wherever you go.

"I promise you."

"You don't have to."

He felt a powerful prick in his chest. His heart trembled slightly in pain. Looking at Lea's rarely changed expression, Oliver knew her heart was a little harder to melt than others, but within him, he felt a strong resolution to chase after her. It was not a matter of how hard nor how long can a person's heart change, but whether if he'll be the man in the end to make her smile brilliantly. Whatever consequences, he's very willing to go through lengths to make her looks his way.

"I'll look for you, so accept this and never let it go."

As he said so, he grabbed Lea by the hand and pulled her towards him. She couldn't avoid what she couldn't predict and before she knew it, there was a brilliant fiery pendant laced around her neck.

"Don't ever put it away, please." He said as his head inches away from Lea's.

She sensed his nervously with how fragile he looked. He really seemed he badly wanted her to wear the necklace. Thinking up to this point, Lea thought it was just one necklace and it looked beautiful.

"Okay." She finally said.

Then Oliver smiled in satisfaction before landing a kiss on Lea's cheek. She immediately stiffened at the contact. Recovering herself, she pushed Oliver away.

"Don't ever do that again." She simply said, her ruby eyes serious.

Oliver shrugged, his smile remained. "We'll see, Lea." His words unpromising, he went back to sitting comfortably.

".........." Her eyes narrowed on Oliver. "How will you persuade your father?"

With a tired sigh, Oliver looked on Lea, his thoughts somewhere else. "Rally my supporters, which I know are more than my father's. It will take time, but I intend to have my people consider me for the next throne. Although he is my father, his decisions concerning the whole of our nation have been risky. I'm sure there is a hole I can exploit.

"I'll talk to him afterwards once I have confidence I would win. It won't be long."

"What if it all fails. Have you thought of Plan B?"

"As expected of my Lea. I actually do." He smirked as soon as he saw a frown on Lea's face.

"You don't want to reveal it to me now?"

"Surprise will remain a mystery until executed. But don't worry, you can rest assured Mingzhe Dei will not join the war. I've long prepared my camp, and I just didn't have enough reason to go against him yet."

"Thank you."

"Same goal. And you are fighting for the same thing I want."

"If that's what you say." She said with a slight smile.

In return, Oliver looked on her with a playful smile. "Should I still meet the Chlad Lord?"

"It's too early to meet him. Settle your end first." She explained briefly.

"Okay. I'll see you once I'm done." He said, thinking of spending more time with Lea once he'd done his tasks.

She simply gazed at him with curiosity in her ruby eyes.

"Finally being charmed?" Inquired Oliver in an amuse tone while holding a hand to his chin.

"Charmed? I suppose you are a charming friend." She said simply with a reassuring smile, totally not in-sync with Oliver's thoughts. Against Lea, his flirtations seem to go for naught.

Oliver shrugged. "I don't understand why my advances are not going through..."

"....? You've begun your attacks already?"

"........Oh Lea..." Oliver muttered to himself with a wry smile.

With his head hanging in the air, Lea ruffled his hair once again. She intended to comfort him with it. Seemingly succeeding as Oliver eventually chuckled, his cyan eyes showed delight.


"So... what you are saying is that I have the chance to meet a total of six superior guys that would fall in love with me? And Oliver is one of them, but he has already taken a liking to someone?

"And you are telling me my powers will greatly influence the great war that should not happen?

"And if I head to Chlad now, I can help a certain capture target and that will earn me his favor, which in turn will be beneficial for me?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. Don't you want to fall in love too?"

"I do. I surely do, but knowing I will with certain people don't make it feel exciting anymore...."

Ulla rolled her eyes. "So what are you trying to say?"

"I want to meet each one of them then decide."

"I suppose you can do that too, but do we have a deal that you won't make a choice that will lead to war?"

"It's hard to be sure about that. I don't have your powers. I'm just able to conjure elements I read in books. Can you help me with the guys then?"

"That's what I am here for. You'll be helping my companions if you do too. So do your job as a powerful essence manipulator and set Ingrid free from turmoil!" Declared Ulla aloud.

"So how do I seduce them?"

"....That's.... According to the future I saw, your charm should progressively make them like you. So just keep in mind that you are interested with each one of them." Replied Ulla shakily. Considering she did not play the game herself, she was quite unsure what advise to give.

"That's.... Not reassuring at all....


"Sorry. I can assure you though that if given chance, you can make them fall for you. So just stay true to yourself and.... desires." She said quite wickedly.

"...So sudden. You'll be heading to Chlad too, right? How many capture targets will I meet there?"

"Two. One is a high official, while the other is a General."

"Wow. You really know your stuffs. So how do I reach either of them?"

"I thought you wanted to keep the element of surprise?" Asked Ulla with her brows furrowed.

"Yea, but... Knowing a little bit about them beforehand should help, right?"

"What I have told you about them is enough." She replied, remembering the short introductions about the capture targets in the game. That was all the player was to know before starting the story itself.

"If Oliver has someone he likes already, wouldn't it be possible for the other guys too?"

"You have too many questions..." She sighed.

"....You are the one who have been talking about this strange stuffs to me! Just answer me. I want to save Ingrid too, you know."

"There's just a slight irregular. Don't worry about it. Just do your destined role from now on, with me as your guide."

"You are so strict and mean..." Imhe whined, but Ulla simply spared her a glance.

"You will have more success if you know little about it. I'm just providing you with a shallow guide." She simply replied with a snort. "Speaking of which, what kind of guy are you looking for?"

"Someone who I will love, and he too would do the same for me."

"So vague! But I suppose that's expected."

"...Expected?" Asked Imhe with a frown.

"Yea---no. Nothing."

Imhe simply looked on Ulla's docile expression that she now knew was different to how she was. "You act so elegant and lady-like, but you have a fire in you..."

Hearing Imhe's words, Ulla was flattered. "Thanks. As a tip, you should look for the General first in Chlad."

Although confused, Imhe complied. "I understand."

Their conversation may have gone well, but unbeknownst to both of them, the ideal heroine have crumbled. It was now questionable if the war could still possibly be stopped.


Nearing the capital Chlad, two handsome youths could be seen dashing closer. One was carrying their third companion. Their breathe well-circulated by essences to maintain their speed and physical condition, it did not take long for them to stand by the capital's entrance.

Soldiers on-guard, they brought their spears forward.

Raize had decided to hide Izaya's face until they had confirmed if he was still accepted and known in the capital as one of their generals. Thus, with the hooded Izaya and Bright at his back, he moved forward to greet the soldiers guarding the entrance.

"Good day, soldiers! I'm a traveler, and these are my brothers." As he introduced, he also waved his hand to present Hooded-Izaya and Bright. Then he turned to the soldiers once again. "Can I stay in Chlad for a few days? We are all terribly tired, and it's not safe to camp outside around here."

To his inquiry, the three soldiers guarding the gate put away their spears and looked on to one another. One of them nodded his head and turned to Raize.

"Chlad is closed for civilians. Only soldiers can enter in and out."

"Pardon me, but why? I had heard Chlad was not a sort of city to refuse tourists before?"

"The Lord suddenly received news that the prince from Mingzhe Dei is coming. So we are on high alert if the foreign prince would mean us harm."

"Ah... But surely, you can allow just three of us to stay for a night or two, good soldiers?"

"Sorry, boy. Orders are orders."

"I understand. Then, do you know anyone whose name is Izaya among your ranks? Maybe among the generals?"

Surprised by Raize's inquiry, the soldiers stiffened their muscles.

"Easy. I'm not looking for a fight. I simply wanted to know if my savior was still alive. He was patrolling nearby Grotto where rumors of mercenaries reside. Fortunately, he was in time to save me and my brothers from harm when the mercenaries decided to harass us."

(Bright) "................" His expression unreadable, but his opinion on Raize's craftiness increased. He reminded himself to not easily believe whatever Raize would tell him in the future.

"Good to hear General Izaya was there then. Where is he now?"

"That's what I want to ask. I thought he was back in Chlad since I missed the chance to repay him. Is he still one of your generals?"

Seemingly amused by Raize's question, the soldiers chuckled with one another. A brief moment of chatter on the soldiers' side before they turned to Raize.

"What funny thing are you asking, boy? Of course he is! He is one of the hero in the battle against the Jugguar tribe!" Said one of the soldiers.

"Yea, yea. We were actually wondering why we haven't seen him for several weeks! Weeks!! I tell you. His men have been very restless. It would be good to see him back." Another soldier said.

Relieved, Raize smiled amiably. "That's good to hear. Then I shall wait until you open your doors for travelers once again if you truly cannot permit us to stay at least for the night today..." His tone masked with disappointment, Raize turned around while urging his -brothers- to depart with him.

Feeling pity for Raize and his -brothers-, the soldiers still said nothing but only look on the three youths' back.

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