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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ulla dragged Lea back to their camp. When they finally settled with Bright still in his dreamland, Ulla finally took notice of the person who was beside Raize. "Who is this?"

"Izaya, introduce yourself." Raize simply said nonchalantly with his deadpan expression.

With a nod, Izaya released his throat with a cough. "First, I must give my thanks to you too as you are one of my savior's companions. Second, my name is Izaya. Simply Izaya. I have no last name since I was a slave prior to joining the army. I recently got promoted to General rank" With that, he received a congratulations from Ulla before he continued.

"Thanks. I am here right now. And I was in that detestable Grotto, thanks to the mercenaries you encountered and annihilated. They captured us weeks ago during one of my patrols with a few of my men. Only I survived for this long...."

He closed his eyes with a frown. Everyone understood how regretful he must feel for his and his fallen comrades' fate. After a while, a deep frown crept its way on Ulla's lovely face.

"...You said your name is Izaya. You were a slave, now a General. Don't tell me, you are under capital Chlad's legions?" Informed and inquired by Ulla with bated breathe.

Unconsciously, Raize widened his dark obsidian eyes.

He knew Ulla was unconscious when Izaya asked him if they could accompany them to Chlad so that he could express his gratitude. There was only one conclusion he could have ended up with of why Ulla knew of that fact. With a gulp, he once again realized they never seem far away from the game's plot.

A nod answered Ulla's inquiry. Her eyes widened in surprise. She looked on Raize only to be met with unreadable eyes. Then she turned her gaze on Lea who seemed lost in her thoughts. She returned her gaze on Izaya who seemed confused by her reaction.

"How will you repay us in Chlad?" Was all she could ask.

At her words, Izaya looked confused. However, a moment spent, he replied. "I hope to have you stay in my home if you have nowhere to go. From there, I could provide you and assist you with whatever your purpose was. You are my saviors, I want to do what I can to repay my debt with my life at stake."

To his reply, Ulla understood. Izaya saw them as special individuals in his life at this point. And even if she wanted him to forget everything that had happened, Izaya would never be able to do so.

The character Izaya in the game was a serious youth with an unapproachable presence. However, he treated those he respect, admire and love with utmost care. He would be a loving son to his parents, a doting father to his children and an over protective lover to his wife or girlfriend. Ulla escaped an involuntary gulp. She might not know where their position stood in Izaya's life, but she concluded they coincidentally changed the course of the story once again.

"And if we refuse to have you repay us?" Raize uttered, looking intently at Izaya.

Izaya was surprised with Raize's changed atmosphere, but he replied in kind. "I will have to do it my way."

With his words, the hearts of three became one. They felt hollow inside and out.

"The End." Was all Lea said to herself.

And as if on cue, Bright suddenly sat right up with a scream. "Ahhhhh!!! LEA LEA LEA!! HALP!! HA---- mmmbfpptt-!!"

His mouth was immediately covered by a soft hand. His blue eyes slowly calmed down and turned his gaze to the owner of the hand. His eyes meeting deep ruby eyes of contempt. He involuntary gulped.

"Y-you've come to save us!! Ha....ha....." Looking around, his laugh trailed off. "...or already did....."

"Good day to you, Bright. You must have slept very well." Ulla said.

Scratching his head, Bright simply replied, "I had nightmares, man.... And who is this?! His head is bleeding?"

"Wipe your eyes clean. Look carefully. He is Izaya." Raize said. His experience at stating orders in simple statements at its play.

Bright rubbed his eyes as ordered. He then looked closer at Izaya. "Ohhh. He looks handsome isn't he? I'm Bright Harrow!" He said, lending his hand for a handshake as soon as he walked closer to Izaya.

Izaya was pleasantly surprised that someone so friendly was part of the group. He was starting to feel he was actually being disliked as soon as he introduced himself. Thus with a smile, he took Bright's outstretched hand. "Izaya. Pleasure to meet you, Bright Harrow."

"Bright's fine." He said with a grin.

Raize and Ulla shrugged their shoulders. "What do we do now?" Raize heard Ulla asked him in whisper.

Before Raize could give Ulla a response, Lea had come forward to where Izaya sat. His gaze immediately caught Lea's form and was rather bewildered to her actions. He understood Lea rarely approached people in general. Only when it couldn't be helped.

Izaya glanced at Lea's approaching form. His muscles suddenly tensed. "Hi.. You haven't said anything to me since you brought me here..." Izaya said with a small shy smile, reluctant to act too friendly. He noticed how Lea seemed detached most of the time from the others, and he wondered if it was due to Lea's nature of wanting to be left alone.

To his words, Lea replied. "Yea. Can you inform me of Chlad's situation? Any sign of unrest?"

Her words startled everyone in the vicinity, more so on Izaya. With a frown, he observed Lea keenly and replied. "Does my saviors hope to take advantage of Chlad?"

"No. I want to be informed because I would like to avoid anything to do with conflict." Her real reasons disguised, she replied.

Understanding Lea's intention, Izaya felt there was something more. However, he also understood how Lea didn't seem the type to involve herself with worldly affairs. He thought so due to how others have treated her. They respected her, but they knew better

how to behave in front of her. At the same time, he thought, she might have bigger agendas by her inquiry.

Izaya was not around when Lea fought the mercenaries, but he noticed how gruesome the next room he was brought out into. He later found out it was all Lea's work. Considering Lea's battle potential, he couldn't carelessly put his nation at risk. Although he put his saviors in high regard, his nation's safety was his duty.

"There has been no signs. But if you wish to learn more, you may do so by coming with me." He proposed after thinking he needed to observe and understand Lea's purpose more so than before.

With a nod, Lea assented. "Got it. Whenever you guys are ready, we leave." Her tone commanding, everyone simply knew they wouldn't have to avoid Chlad after all.

"Understood, Lea. Before that though, can we at least take a bath? Bright smells like a dead rat." Replied Raize as he pinched his nose with his deadpan expression.

Bright who heard this made inaudible protest to the claim.

"Right. Right. Although I don't smell as bad as Bright, I do want to feel refreshed. And so do you, Lea." Ulla added.

Glancing at Ulla kindly, Lea simply resigned herself with a soft sigh.

"Oh. Then me too. I know where to go. It's not very far away from here. Actually, there's one beside the mercenaries' grotto." Izaya said.

"You are on it. Lead the way, General." Bright said playfully while giving a salute to Izaya.

Izaya chuckled at Bright's imitation of military salute, revealing brilliant white teeth.

"You have got nice set of teeth." Ulla offhandedly commented. Izaya simply gave her a wry smile. And nothing was said anymore until they headed to change their location.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

They decided fairly that the girls should clean themselves first, while the boys guard around. During such a time, Bright proposed a ridiculous, the most ridiculous, idea of all he had ever thought of.

"Anyone want to sneak a peek with me?" Shining blue eyes appearing brilliant, he whispered to the other two boys.

To his words, Raize punched the day light out of him. "What nonsense are you spouting about?" He said, but his mind involuntary thought of Lea's wonderful back form.

A teenager's angst at play.

Izaya, however, simply burst into laughter. "Coolio. I'm in." He said.

"Try if you must." Muttered Raize as he focused his illusions on the other two boys. With black and blue hands out of nowhere, Bright and Izaya's legs were suddenly rooted on the ground where they stood.

Izaya's eyes widened in surprise. "I've never seen tricks like this!"

Feeling slightly offended at his remark, Raize increased his essence application that produced more disgusting apparition.

Bright's screams could be heard wide and clear from a distance.

Using his illusions, Raize summoned bloody hands to cover Bright's mouth. This gave Bright even more fright. Looking at him, Izaya felt a slight pity.

"Are these real?" He simply asked.

"See for yourself." Raize replied, and he then convoked the scenery of the night before. The scene engraved in his soul, the scene was most deliberately imitated. Izaya observed the scene and a question was raised.

"How did she even do these?"

"Essences. We have been testing its possibilities and it seems to obey closely on the user's imagination. What do they teach you about essences in Chlad?" A question thrown by Raize to Izaya in return.

"Nothing. We are a militant nation. We dissuade the notion of illogical fighting prowess." He said simply. "But I had heard of essence manipulation from travelers who pass by, teaching some of our people how to wield it."

Nodding in understanding, Raize turned to look at Bright. He had collapsed out of fright. "......Silly."

Looking at what Raize was talking about, Izaya burst out laughing once again.

"What are you guys doing?" Asked Ulla who had come out from the direction of the small lake, her hair dripping wet and tied into a bun.

To her inquiry, Raize pointed at Bright's appearance with a few creepy illusions touching his body, unconscious. Raize had already removed the scenery when he noticed Ulla coming.

With a puzzled expression, Ulla shrugged her shoulders.

"Your turn now." Said Lea quietly. She was standing behind Ulla with her wet black hair loosed.

Gazing at her, Raize appeared momentarily shaken. He then replied with a curt nod, "Understood." He left the scene while dragging Bright by the hands.

Izaya followed right after, lifting Bright's feet off the ground.

Marching towards their bathing area, they arrived a few moments later. Raize signaled Izaya to throw Bright into the water at a count of 3, an unusual smile playing on his lips.

"1..... 2...." He counted as they swayed Bright's body from side to side. Reaching to the count of 3, Bright suddenly awoke.


"Ahhhhhh!!! Youaregonnapayfor-----" Was all Bright could say before joining into the water, causing a huge splash.

"You are treating him like a toy...." Izaya said, gazing at Raize curiously.

"He is fun." Raize said simply before taking off his clothes to join Bright in the water.

With a wry smile on his face while shaking his head, Izaya also joined right after.

The boys could be seen playing around with water at a distance.

Ulla was hidden behind a shrubbery, peeking at the boys quietly.

"You know that's not like you..." Lea said quietly her back to the lake. She was guarding the area when Ulla forcefully dragged her with her.

"Shh... I just thought I would never get the chance to see this kind of spectacle in my life ever again. We no longer have videos, movies and other things!!" Ulla replied without lifting her head from the spectacle before her.

"............." Lea decided to keep her thoughts to herself.

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