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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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~Deep in the Grotto~

Within the mercenaries' hideout, Lea could be seen fixing up Bright's uncomfortable position to that of a seating position. She laid his back on the bloody cave walls, and arranged his hair so that they didn't cover his face. Then she stood up and walked towards the dark narrow path, heading towards the fiery haired youth she left behind.

Her footsteps slow and weak, she weaved her tired body to the dying youth. He remained shackled to the cave wall. With a slight movement of his head, he turned his gaze on Lea's approaching form. Although he seemed very tired, he still noticed the drastic change on Lea's appearance. She looked worn out.

"......" He tried to speak, but his throat refused.

Looking at him, Lea's deeper hue of ruby seemed lifeless. "I'll release you now. Sorry I came back with no food." She said in her tired soft voice, almost a whisper.

He could simply look on Lea as she went about breaking the shackles with as much strength she could muster. He thought she was being ridiculous for using her bare hands, but as soon as his thoughts processed the comment, the shackle on his neck broke by Lea's touch.

Bewildered but feeling better, he continued to observe Lea's undisguised nonchalance. He had never seen anyone done such a thing despite his many years in military.

"I'll carry you out. If it displeases you, I apologize in advance." She said without waiting for the youth's response. She knew the boy wouldn't be able to produce a response. Thus she simply gave him a warning of what was to come.

Lea came out of the dark narrow path with the fiery haired youth on her back. When came around the room where Bright was, she noticed a light blue fox waiting for her. Its gaze landed on her. When it noticed Lea's exhaustion, it ran very quickly to Lea's side. Climbing up to her shoulder, the fox licked her cheeks.

Mysteriously, every lick gave Lea more strength. So she simply let the fox do its thing as she moved slowly towards Bright. Before even thinking deeply of how she would carry two teenager boys with her young body, essences surged all throughout her muscles. Her strength increased, she could now manage to lift up Bright with one of her arm. She made sure Bright's arm rested on her nape.

Carrying both proved to be much more difficult despite her enhanced strength.

Giving up, she gently laid Bright to one side. While she laid the fiery haired youth beside him. Lea stood up straight, her mind at work. She then decided to simply bring Bright first and leave him with Raize.

She followed through her plan and half an hour later, she was back in the cave once again. She only needed to carry the fiery haired youth. Carrying him like a princess, they left the now ominous and deadly Grotto.

During her walk towards her companions' resting spot, Lea thought of how inconvenient it was to not have a biscuit at hand. If she had one, the youth in her arms would be feeling better by now. She wondered if essences could create objects that needed recipes to make. In conclusion, she simply took a note of the theory in her head and reminded herself to write them down on her notebook when she gets the chance.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Raize was momentarily surprised when Lea finally finished her business. She had went back into the cave after leaving the unconscious Bright in his care without a word. And once she returned, she had a young man in her arms.

"Who is that?" He simply asked, taking notice of the youth's deathly pale face.

"Tortured by the mercenaries. He was the only one I saw alive in there, beyond the room where we were." Lea replied. Her words grew softer as she spoke the last part.

With an understanding nod, Raize grabbed a bottle and wet a cloth with it. He walked towards the fiery haired youth and started cleaning his face, removing the mud and black stuffs. When the face was thoroughly cleaned, Raize and Lea stared at the young man's face with bewildered eyes.

"He is handsome." All Raize said with his deadpan expression.

The fiery haired youth didn't know how he should take Raize's comment since there was no change on his expression. He simply remained still and observant.

Lea gave a curt nod. "I'll get food and water. He needs them."

True to her statement, Lea went about one of the bags and brought out a rice ball and a water bottle. The young man's eyes seemed to drool with his eyes at the sight. He immediately devoured the rice ball with his mouth as soon as it reached his lips. The water bottle was drained from its contents.

"A healthy appetite." Raize commented, observing the young man. He was sitting beside Lea on a log.

"Simply hungry." S

he said shortly.

They stared at the handsome youth as he licked his lips. There was more life on his appearance than before. After a brief silence of staring contest, the young man finally said, "Thank you. I want to repay my saviors. Will you accompany me back to my home, in Chlad?"

Pleasantly surprised with the coincidence, Raize grabbed hold of the opportunity. "Of course. We are actually heading there ourselves. Do you mind waiting for our companions to wake?"

With a slow shake of his head, the youth replied, "Please, with all the things you've done for me, a few days is nothing."

"Good. Get some rest for now. We can learn more about one another later." Raize said as he stood up to get blankets to cover them for the night. The fiery haired youth simply assented gratefully.

When Raize and the fiery haired youth started talking, Lea was already gone.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

At a place not far away from their camp, Lea sat on a rock as she gazed her deep ruby eyes to the night sky. She could see hundreds of ghost stars, twinkling and shining ever so brightly in the vast expanse. Her eyes distant.

The fox on her shoulder simply observed Lea's appearance. It felt Lea was acting rather different than usual and it was worried. Using its soft paws, Lea's cheeks were gently massaged.

"......." Speechless by the comfort, Lea turned her unreadable gaze on the fox beside her face. "...Thanks." Was all she could mutter before closing her eyes.

The fox felt its heart tremble at the sight. Lea looked sad, it thought. Feeling sad itself, it started caressing Lea's face with its own. Desperately trying to make Lea smile.

"I'm fine." Was all Lea uttered after noticing the fox's sweet efforts. She slowly lifted her hand to stroke the fox's head, playing with its pointy ears at the same time.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The very next day, Ulla woke up with a start. As soon as her brown eyes joined the light, her memories of yesterday resurfaced. Her face suddenly ashen.

She gazed to her surroundings and noticed Raize talking to a young man with fiery red hair. "R-raize... Where is Lea?"

Glancing her way, Raize gave a nod. "She is alone somewhere. I think you should let her be for now."

"....." She bobbed her head in assent.

She had thought of Lea as a quiet, odd and intelligent classmate. She also later discovered that Lea had a kindness for others she always seemed to carry. However, Ulla couldn't help but feel scared of Lea's capabilities for murder.

What she saw that night could not simply be brushed off. And with that thought, she picked up herself to start her day. Breakfast was already prepared by Raize as usual, and Bright was still asleep, as usual.

Minutes later, she was stuffed and ready to tackle Lea.

She asked Raize for directions and finally found her way to where Lea was. Lea was laying on a patch of moss with her eyes closed. The fox was around, resting its form on Lea's stomach.

Ulla felt terrible for disturbing Lea's relaxation time. And at her approach, Lea stirred. Gazing to each other's eyes, Lea understood what Ulla wanted.

"Sorry." Was all she said.

Ulla knitted her brows. "...No... For now. Thank you."

To her words, Lea simply nodded. She had on her usual blank canvas face.

When no words would be said, Ulla walked a little closer to where Lea was and said, "They were dangerous, bad and they could have killed us. Molested me even, if it weren't for you. You were right. They were the kind of people we shouldn't go up against upfront." Her voice gentle, her face filled with a sad light.

When silence persisted, Ulla continued.

"You just did what anyone would do seeing someone they know being put through such a cruel experience. The strength you showed meant you were definitely fighting for your own cause in your own way, desperately. And that cause, I support you on that. Even if I was not captured by them and was safely beside you then, I would still say the same."

Lea stared at Ulla, her eyes showing a softer hue of red. "..I..."

Ulla was bewildered. It was a first for her to see Lea out of words in a different sense. With a little smile, she hurried to give Lea a comforting hug. Lea involuntary jerked her head. Her body shook in fright and felt her heart beat hard in her chest.

She couldn't say anything more. The hug was powerful enough to comfort her restless soul. "You are fine." Was all Ulla said as she continued to wrapped Lea in her arms rather tenderly.

To Ulla, Lea looked like a lost child when she laid her eyes on her. Once Lea gazed at her for the first time today, Ulla simply knew Lea would have done things differently if there was a choice.

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