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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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~A certain forest to Mingzhe Dei North Cape~

"Need I remind you that it is uber dangerous to go off on your own, Bright?" Ulla sternly reminded, while pointing her finger in the air.

On one of the bigger trees, a monke--- a certain Bright was hanging for his dear life. "....I'm too fascinating for the beasts here... Help me down?" He asked nervously.

To his dismay, Ulla simply made a face and went away before saying, "Monkeys can remain on their most comfortable habitat. I'm glad you found yours." With a wave of her hand, she headed North-West.

"W-w-w-wait!! Nooooooo...." Whined Bright as he very shakily tried to place one of his foot on a lower branch, only for it to break on his weight. With a loud fall, Bright massaged his already black and blue back hips. "Old age is terrible..." Was all he said as he followed behind.

Their group have been travelling for days mostly by foot towards the edge of the island. During their time in the forest, beasts have strangely been chasing Bright nonstop. His charm must indeed be so beast-like that he emits a certain pheromone wherein a beast couldn't possibly resist.

Lea and Raize always walked several feet away from Bright ever since that fact was discovered. Ulla kindly offered to assist Bright in his quest to reject every beast that came their way.

For some reason, ever since Raize asked Ulla if she had other clues concerning Lea's strange affinity to their current world, she found herself awkward with him. Dissuading the notion that Raize was suspecting her more than she let on, she had tried her best to stay away.

Her actions, however, made Raize's suspicions increasingly severe. And he intended to find out everything when the time came.

During their days of travelling, Lea's skills in reading the whether have become a great help to avoid bad conditions. The other three had more questions concerning Lea's upbringing up to this point. However, they held back thinking they'll figure out things eventually as there was no hurry in doing so.

To their amusement, Bright proved to be more than just an idiotic companion, but someone who could make merry out of the individualistic bunch.

Having been saved twice by Lea, but only knew of the second time, Bright felt respectful of her. Thus he unconsciously reduced his teasing when it came to her, which to her was a very good change.

Raize all the while continued to practice imagining more horrendous stuffs much to Ulla's dismay. Thusly, she couldn't help but ask.

"...Uhm... Raize?" Ulla reluctantly called as she walked towards Raize's determined form.

Giving a glance to Ulla, Raize simply queried, "Yea?"

"Uhm.. Why do you stick with such horrible looking and disgusting stuffs?"

"You just stated the reasons why." He said sarcastically before catching himself for sounding rather mean. "Sorry. What I meant was, they are excellent human repellent when the time comes. I don't like seeing gore and blood. So I'll stick with psychological attacks."

Understanding his thoughts, Ulla nodded in assent. "I understand. Sorry for bothering you..." She then went away looking slightly forlorn.

Observing the whole scenario was Lea as she was coming back from her usual scouting. She became the core fighter and support of the group due to her existent tight relationship with essences. It could be said that Lea and essences are of the same word at this point.

As she looked on Raize and Ulla's separation, she felt confused and worried but whatever she was feeling did not show on her usually blank canvas face. She walked closer to Raize's side as he continued to focus on his practice. His current targets were the trees, simply amplifying his imagination by making them substitute dummies but without psychological results.

He noticed Lea approaching and stopped his practice. He then glanced at her with a questioning frown. "What's up ahead?"

"Same. Beasts, but we are 2 days closer to the Cape." Informed Lea in her placid tone.

"Good to know." Replied Raize with a nod as he continued to observe Lea. "Anything else?"

"You had a frown."

"Ah... I just don't like not knowing some things that I should be made known of. Nothing too serious."

"I hope so. You are aware this is a dangerous world wherein the four of us have to rely on one another continuously, right?" Reminded Lea in a softer tone.

"Hm. You are right. I'll talk to her. Sorry about this."


And with that, Raize left Lea and walked several feet towards Ulla and Bright. Eyeing as the two bantered with each other as usual.

"Ulla, I need to talk to you." To his words, Ulla simply turned to look at him and nodded her consent.

Left alone, Bright decided to go ahead and stay beside Lea. At least he'll remain safe. "Watch over me, my knight!"

"....." Lea simply rolled her eyes as she continued to study their surroundings. "Just don't go anywhere from my sight."

Bright dramatically squealed like a teenage girl, "Eyahh~ How noble!!"

Lea involuntarily hid a smile by turning her face away.

---------? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?

"Are you really not keeping anything else from us, Ulla? Have you remembered anything about the game? I'll believe you if you can tell me what your thoughts are right now." Demanded Raize, rather arrogantly and impatient.

Surprised by his strong force, Ulla started to think deeply. Then she slowly and softly said, "The game has an end..."

With that, Raize's eyes grew wide in realization. "That is true... I missed that point with all these things going on. What happens after the war?"

"The pattern in the game was simplistic enough in that good endings meant the war was won by either side. While bad endings meant several characters could die. A harem route could devastate Ingrid, while the heroine route leads to more formidable c

onsequences such as that another battle would ensue but it'll be one against the many."

"Sounds tragic. Your sister has a strange taste." Commented Raize as he continued to ponder.

"That, I agree... The game world was huge in itself considering the theme was World War. It was simplified because it was a game of romance. It wouldn't have to bother about the aftermath."

"Understood. So once war is over, what happens to us..." He asked more to himself than to Ulla.

"But that's not all you were gonna ask, right? I know you've been rather mean to me since last we talked at Mingzhe Dei."

"Yea. Glad you noticed." Said Raize, which made Ulla show a frown. "I want to understand about the game's essence system. Was it ever explained elaborately? How about other contents?"

"Since I was not really into the game, I didn't try to understand anything aside from that the game was focused on the capture targets. And even with that, I only know the surface of things." She paused before continuing her words. "Essences, in the game, was explained to be the will of Ingrid. She bestowed blessing all over the land to quench war. She was generous."

"But irresponsible." With his words, Ulla gave a slow understanding nod.

"I was never a religious believer, so I understand Ingrid as a rather powerful being than a goddess. And she might have actually existed in this world at some point. But the game only mentioned her a few times." Clarified Ulla. "Exactly why when Lea first mentioned the word, I was thrown into confusion and that was the biggest clue yet on how I figured where exactly we currently are."

"Good job. Now, unto to main subject. How were we transported into the game world?"

"Ever since seeing unbelievable stuffs with essences, I can imagine plenty of illogical root cause.... I'm in jumbles!" Ulla said in frustration, holding her head with both hands.

Raize simply nodded. "If our world was the reality, what is this world? Its relationship to the game and us. Why this particular familiar scenario with the perfect timing of us being sent here...."

Ulla gasped before saying, "Don't you remember at the lake in the National Salmonier Park? We were not supposed to be sent over if we weren't within those ominous bubble in the lake!"

"It was Lea who was there until Bright came who found her...." Continued Raize to Ulla's train of thought.

"Suggesting Lea's the connection and we were simply dragged in all this..."

"Even so, the questions remain. The connection between two worlds? With our reality treating this world as a scenario in a game..."

"That's right..."

"Maybe asking Lea about herself would make a useful endeavor." Proposed Raize with a frown.

"And you know she won't simply answer...." Concluded Ulla in her usual soft tone, sounding rather disappointed.

To her words, Raize gave a nod.

---------? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?

Meanwhile, Bright tried to pry information out of Lea.

"How old are you, Lea?"


"WOW. So young. I did NOT know that. Who were you living with?"


"WHOA. You are so young! How could our government allow this?!" Bright exclaimed.

".....They don't know. Stop asking questions about me. I feel awkward.." She said rather sternly, her ears a little flush.

Bright, however, was feeling too spontaneous to stop.

"When did you start fighting?"

To his question, Lea stared at nowhere in particular. Her eyes looked back into her far away memories. "Long enough..." She replied softly.

"Oh come on!" He stood up abruptly and closed his distance to Lea's. "How did you grow up?" He asked, his blue eyes sparkled with sincerity.

Observing Bright's face in close proximity, Lea pondered whether to share or not. Thinking back on what has happened, she decided it was appropriate to let her comrades know a little more about her. "I'll let you know soon. Let's wait for others."

Bright smiled at his achievement. Excitement surging through him. "Yes!! I better fetch them then. I can't wait!" He said energetically, throwing off Lea's composure.

She shrugged her shoulders as she followed behind Bright to where Raize and Ulla were.

---------? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?

That evening, Bright excitedly informed Raize and Ulla of his achievement. He then pretended to be the announcer for Lea.

"Welcome gent and lady~ I present to you, Lea. Introduce yourself now, dear." He said brightly, offering his hand to a place where Lea should stand.

Finding herself in an awkward center of attention, Lea felt like running to a tree and hide there until morning came. However, she had given her word. For that, she decided to endure Bright's preposterous dramatization.

".............." A long pause was given before Lea felt like it was long enough and finally said a word. "Ah... Could you guys look away for a bit?"

The others felt lost to Lea's unusual behavior. "Could you possibly be a very shy person...?" Asked Raize appearing flabbergasted on his usually deadpan face.

"Not really." Coughed Lea in an attempt to steel herself. "Just... just don't stare too intently."

Raize looked bemused, while Bright and Ulla were speechless.

"We were married for such a long time, and I only learn you are a very shy wife...." Said Bright softly, which earned him a deadly glare from Lea.

Due to Bright's joke, Lea found herself feeling more comfortable. "Sorry. I'll start now." As she said this with a final beat, others' head nodded in assent.

Letting a cough escape from her small mouth, Lea softly started while looking away, staring at a stone in particular. When others noticed this, they dubiously stared at the stone as well. Except for Raize who found it rather silly to give importance to a stone when telling a story.

"I started living alone since my 9th year." Revealed Lea as starter.

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