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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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~Mingzhe Dei: South Gate~

"To enter or not to enter.

"To enter or not to enter.

"To enter or not to-- --"

"Stop killing the flowers, Bright... They look so pitiful. So innocent and beautiful... And you are simply plucking them and slowly inflicting torture on them by pulling out their petals one BY one!"

As Ulla said so quite dramatically, Bright laughed and threw the exhausted and pitiful flowers away. Patting himself off some dirt, he raised his hand to shield his eyes from the bright sunshine and looked on the horizon for any sign of Lea and Raize.

"We have been waiting for over 4 hours, you know."

"Yes, yes. But we can't just leave. Otherwise, they will never know where we'd gone." Said Ulla, trying to restrain her stomach from growling too many times.

"Shall I go hunt for food....?"

"You know you'll die if you do."

"But I thought you believed in my strength~!!!"

"Only against certain beasts... But do you see that one over there?" She said pointing at a direction.

Bright turned his head towards the end of the point only to see a gathering of Hawk-Lizard flying beasts. A gulp escaped in his throat. "R-r-right... Forget I mentioned anything heroic."

"You never did! Well, almost." Ulla chuckled. "Do you want to go back home?"

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I suppose so. I don't really know."

"What?! Why?"

"It's just that there are too many unknown things you can learn here. Like those beasts for example... They look quite unique and maybe some day, I can conquer them all."

"Not gonna catch them all huh."

"That too."

"You are right though. There are too many things to see here, but don't you have a family and friends you miss? A lover too, maybe?"

Bright shook his head. "They'll live. Tee-hee?!"

Ulla was speechless at Bright's optimism, rather, "Maybe you are not really taking this seriously yet..."

"Maybe." Replied Bright blankly. "I'm hungry now...."

"Don't start whining now... I am too!"

"Your bag?"

"You wanna try paper?"

"No thank you." He replied with his tongue sticking out. Ulla gave a chuckle in response.

"Hey, so there are 2 capture targets in this capital, right?"

"Oh! Right."

".....Don't just forget about it..."

"Sorry, sorry. I sort of decided to separate the whole thing together. I mean, we are not really gonna get involved, right?"

"Suppose so... I'm kinda interested to find out about the heroine who posses infinite possibilities... I mean, how do you think she looks like? Her personality? Who do you think she is gonna choose between the SIX superior guys?"

"In the game-"

"Okay. I know. You can end up with just about anyone in the game, but we are not in the game now are we?"

Ulla was surprised at this. "Your mind is actually working....?"

He let out a pout, but shrugged it off. "Yea, yea. So, what do you think?"

"For starters, the heroine in the game had a bland personality, very bendable designed to allow for choices to not differ from one another very much. So the heroine here could be very different."

"What does she look like?"

"Very long purple hair and red eyes. Beautiful I must say."

"Wooooo~ I can't wait!"

She simply stared at Bright's pitiful self. "Sometimes, I wonder if you are simply amazing or amazingly foolish..."

"Of course it's gotta be..... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

"Did you just catch what you just said?"


She simply gave up on Bright at this point, shrugging her shoulders. "Maybe I have a very sticky tape in my bag..."

"Oh come on!"

"Alright, alright."

"That's more I like it."

As the two of them continued to banter about, they didn't realize they had been catching so much attention from the nearby onlookers. Some curious, some with bad intentions and some who simply thought it was pleasant to see kids getting along.

But none dared to approach due to Hamspanth majestic might. It had been glaring at the onlookers since it landed by the gate, making sure it protected its precious master's friends. A dutiful beast indeed.

"Which reminds me. Ulla, how many boys did you exactly reject?"

"What is this so suddenly? Do I have to answer properly?"

"Hmmm. Maybe. Just curious all of the sudden."

"Suppose it won't hurt, especially not now." She replied and sigh downheartedly. "Since the first semester, there's been a total of 78."

"Ohhh. I thought there'd be 200."

"Fortunately no. Some resorted to stalking. Gladly Raize's and my sister's presence helped."

"Oh? I can understand with your sister's, but Raize too?"

"You didn't hear?"

"What is? Did he kill some of them?!" Asked Bright feeling excited all of the sudden.

"No, silly. Someone spread that we are dating, me and Raize."

"Meh, boring~"

"How rude— You asked!"

"Yea, yea."

She shrugged and went back to feeling the wind, trying to ignore whatever activities Bright might thought up of at any moment.


Her brows frowned but ignored the poking, and the person poking.


She let out a sigh.

*PokePokePokePokePokePokePokePoke-- --

She caught his finger and attempted to break it. "Stop! Stop! Okay, I'm gonna stop! Just don't break my precious finger." Whined Bright vigorously.

"Glad we are clear on that." She let go of his finger and went back to ignoring him.



"4 hours and 30 minutes gone.... By the time they arrive, we'll just be skin and bones."

At this, Ulla couldn't help but let a chuckle escape. "Seriously... Why not try closing your mouth for a measly 5 minutes?"

"You have a watch?"

"No. Why?"

"Then your suggestion is impossible to do!"

She shrugged.

"I give up...." As he said so, he move to jog about.


"I heard you..."

She gave a mocking shrug.

Bright decided to ignore Ulla's temperament. Both of them have been waiting at the gate for far too long. It would be strange if they were not getting irritated nor impatient.

"I'm going to sleep. Wake me up when they arrive, okay?"

Closing her eyes as she laid on the ground without care, she did not wait for a response. But Bright could care less as he doesn't understand why he should have to.

He continued to jog the time away.

~Lea and Raize~

"You know... *Huff Puff* Is there another way of reaching the capital?" Raize asked in between his laborious breathing.

They had been walking for over 3 hours under the blazing sun, not being able to meet anyone on the path at all. They were left with simply walking all the way.

Looking at Lea who did not seem to be sweating as much, Raize anticipated a solution.

She pondered for a minute while slowly walking beside the very exhausted Raize then replied, "I could capture a beast. Do you mind?"

Turning his head too fast, Raize felt himself dizzy. A minut

e of pause, he then replied, "If you can... please do!"

Raize seemingly desperate, Lea felt encouraged to dash away and hunt for a vehicle in the nearby forest in a jiffy. "Be right back then."

"Wa-" Lea was already gone before he could finish his word. "How are you supposed to find me again....?" He said more to himself than to a non-existent Lea. Deciding to give it a rest, he slumped on the ground quite abruptly.

~A forest 35km away from Mingzhe Dei~

Once Lea reached the forest, she slowed down her pace, listening to every sound and observing every movement.

I could practice my Scan around here...

And as she thought so, she immediately poured thousands of essences to analyze her surroundings. She gathered there were over hundreds of plants, which included trees, shrubs, flowers, orchids and beast-plants. In addition to that, she had also selected the information she needed for hunting a vehicle beast.

Just 400 meters from where she stood, a beast of appropriate size for a couple of people was in sight. However, before reaching halfway to her target, she detected another entity in the vicinity emitting a strong force.

The strong force seemed to be generated from absorbing every essence in its surroundings. Unlike how Lea absorbed essences undetected, the new entity was the opposite. Absorption too fast and obvious that it was releasing a dangerous pressure, which would simultaneously attract unwanted attention.

Unable to determine what the entity was due to all the pressure, Lea gathered her wits and to follow the impeccable force. Slowly hiding her presence, Lea worked her way away from her initial target and towards the questionable entity.

When she was at a close enough range, she was surprised to see a human simply communicating with so many beasts. Quite literally, beasts of all sorts surrounded the lone being. Lea thought that whatever the person was doing to the beasts was what's causing all the pressure to be released, alluring them and applying another number of essences to make them communicable. She was fascinated by the sight.

'I might want to try that out too... Interesting!' Thought Lea as she continued to silently spy. She didn't dare climb on any tree to expose herself, but rather, she crawled on the ground and used the thick shrubberies and tree roots to cover herself away from prying eyes.

For a moment, she thought of testing out if she could use the essence to make herself invisible, but she couldn't risk being found with the current crowd if the result was undesirable.

She felt conflicted whether to feel excited or fearful because there seriously were too many ferocious beasts within the crowd and more coming. While the lone figure communicating with the beasts seemed calm and unafraid.

His eyes were closed, but his thin lips mouthed enchantments alluring the surrounding beasts towards him. The scenery was so serene that most would think the beasts were members of his orchestra, while he played the conductor.

As if being lulled to paradise, Lea was also feeling whatever effect it was being inflicted on the beasts. It was soothing and fascinating, and for a moment, Lea thought she was feeling incredible towards the unique youth.

'So this is what it feels like to be... captivated....' She let out a soft sigh, slowly being enchanted herself.

Suddenly, something bit her cheeks that caused her to wake. She then looked on her side to see the light blue fox staring at her ruby eyes. "You...? You saved me..." She whispered to the fox, and gently used her cheek to softly stroke the fox's face. The fox licked her face in return, its pair of beautiful aquamarine eyes gazed upon her with warning.

With a flitting smile on her face, Lea turned her attention back on the crowd only to discover that the person was staring straight at where she was hiding. Her breathing stopped short, her heart beating nervously, her ruby eyes quivering for many consequences that could occur.

Lea felt the pressure increasing, as if the person himself was trying to lure her even stronger. Using hundreds of essences, she steeled her mind from the blast of pheromones.

'It's trying to lure me into its crowd once again.' Concluded Lea.

When it suddenly stopped, Lea found the person collapsed.

Released from their soothing imprisonment, the beasts had gone back to their instinct and were about to attack the person at the center. Thinking it was too foolish and pitiable, Lea jumped out of her hiding as fast as she could, applying essences unto her legs and arms to quickly grab the person.

With the fox hanging on her shoulder and the man held in her arms, Lea dashed away very far away from the wakening beasts with steadfast movements. She was like a dashing prince saving a damsel in distress, but in reverse!

One, two and all of them of the beasts glared at Lea. A few seconds of recovery from entrancement, every beast gave chase!

There were too many beasts to allow herself to be careless. So she decided to keep running until she thought nothing could ever reach her anymore.

Once she thought she had ran enough, she stopped abruptly and laid the baggage on the grassy floor. At which, she immediately tried to recover some more essences due to fatigue, but to her dismay, the absorption had slowed down considerably.

She looked down on what may appear as a boy. 'Is this because of him? If not...'

Lea could now clearly see the person's appearance, and it turned out to be what may others consider a very handsome boy, seemingly 15~16 years old. She noticed he had started sweating profusely and looking pained.

"I'm slumped." She said to herself before crouching beside the unconscious individual. Her recovery was much too slow to risk moving about. A minute or two, she waited. And within that time frame, the condition of the person beside her suddenly worsened.

The boy looked much too pale and he was sweating profusely, which caused his thin shirt to stick to his physically fit body. Most girls would have gulped or squealed at the sight, but Lea was not like most girls. Aside from noticing his unusual condition, she only worried about her classmate Raize, whom she left behind somewhere.

'This is getting more and more troublesome... Hey. I just met you, and I want to leave you to die already.' Glaring at the unconscious boy, she thought to herself.

Ruffling her lustrous ravenous hair, she decided to pour whatever essences she had just gathered in an attempt to regulate his worsening condition.

The boy stirred. But it ended there.

[A/N: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - extraordinarily good, otherwise, wonderful]

(((A word that should've never existed in Bright's head, but maybe it is too unique that he actually tried to remember it.... Now I feel more pity on Bright.)))

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