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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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~Land Bridges: Way Point~


An uppercut to Bright's jaw flew swiftly. "I told you to never ever poke me like this again. What do you want?!" Lea asked, feeling aggrieved at the annoying Bright.

"Oucha-- What happened to that boy you were carrying the last time?"


"WHAT? Yours and his? WEW-- --"

A side punch to Bright's face flew in a second. "Obviously... not."

"Oh come on. How could that be possible when you two were hugging each other~? Just let me in on your secret and I'll get of yer case. Tee-hee!"

Lea simply rolled her eyes. She then proceeded to ignore Bright to look up at the sky. "Good days for travel ahead...." She mumbled to herself.


Suddenly, a series of jabs to the gut flew towards Bright. He took all of the hits bravely.

"...Foolish......." Raize rolled his eyes.

Ulla gave a chuckle. "Haha... I feel like it's been a while since it was this lively!"

"Not for me...." Deadpanned Raize, narrowing his eyes to the horizon.

"Ahhhhh!! How could you, Handsome... We had so much time together... You're just gonna forget all my hugs and kisses?!!!"

Raize shrugged. "There was never any..."

Bright hugged himself while his body was shaking. "*Sob* H-h-h-h-ow.... could you?! You even held my beautiful hands..." As he said this, he lifted one of his hand and kissing the back of it.

"Oh look, it's our turn." Announced Lea promptly, elegantly ignoring Bright's drama.

Ulla giggled, giving Bright a pat on his shoulder. He turned to Ulla with his pitiful eyes, then beamed a playful smile.

"Citizen Pass at ready. Gold check." Raize reminded, pulling out just the right items out of his backpack.

? ? ?

Lea's group decided to go with another group of merchants from Port Ruo to cross the Land Bridges. They waited three days straight waiting for the line to reach their point; there was just that many people arriving from other places that docked at Port Ruo.

Bright hummed his way along with others passing through the checkpoint, having their Citizen Pass stamped as they crossed.

"Bright Harrow"

"Ulla Fernandez"

"Raize Lee Gue"

"Dai Wouxie"


Wide eyes, Bright drew himself closer to Lea's ears to whisper, "When did you get baptized here again?"

At this, Lea cracked a small smile, but it quickly disappeared before she turned to look at Bright's comical face. "I stole someone else's, remember?" She whispered back.

"Must be me and my senile brain, but cool. I should've changed my name too!!" Whined Bright while wiggling his hips.

"Pfft..!" A suppressed laugh escaped Raize's usually blank expression. And Ulla did not miss this, she looked on Raize with an impress expression.

He simply shrugged to recover. And the group continued to merrily follow the merchants towards Mingzhe Dei.

They saw fragile looking bridges connecting one island to another, and felt their throat dry. "A-are we really gonna go through with this...? Can't I call it quits?"

""Sure"" Lea and Raize said at the same time without batting an eye.

"Cruel~!" All he said before running to chase after his classmates. Apparently, he was being left behind for being slow.

After a while, they finally reached halfway through the shaky and fearsome paths and bridges. Ulla could feel her stomach turning upside down every time she carelessly looked down. The strong current made the journey deadly in the Land Bridges. It was rumored that nobody had come up alive by falling off.

She gulped once again, praying to herself she wouldn't show her usual carelessness. When Raize noticed her shaking, he slowed his pace for her to catch up. He then offered his hand for comfort. Although surprised by the gesture, she accepted it in a heartbeat.

"eeer.... Guys? Why can't we just fly on Hamsphant's back..? It has wings, right???" Asked Bright in between his breathes.

All of them looked at Lea for a response. "You are right..." She replied with her eyes narrowed. "Me first."

As she said so, she quickly hurled herself up on top of Hamspath, but before she could urge it to fly away, the others were not far behind in jumping aboard.

"Haha~ Awesome! Ready, Captain!!" Exclaimed Bright pointing his finger to nowhere in particular.

Lea rolled her eyes and transferred enough essences into Hamsphant to carry everyone's weight. The merchants looked at the spectacle in awe.

"Ah... I remember now... We were supposed to follow the merchants, but oh well. It's not a problem now. We can just go ahead." Said Raize while trying not to fall off Hamsphant.

At his words, everyone simply nodded. They did not want to remain in such a dangerous place for long.

"Woooooooo~!! Love love love the wind~~~" Cheered Bright with both his hands in the air [A/N: Imagine Titanic]. Due to his usual foolish actions, he was almost blown away by the wind if not for Lea's quick reflexes at grabbing his clothes' scruff. "Weeeeeee~"

Lea rolled her eyes, while Ulla felt herself puking from too much nervousness. Seeing Bright so careless did not help with her dizzying pair of light brown eyes.

Bright was riding Hamspath in that form until they landed to the other side of the Land Bridges.

Everyone gave a relieved sigh as they all landed. "One of these days, we'll truly lose Bright..." Raize commented as if predicting a definite future.

"Why do I not hear any remorse in that voice of yours.......?" Bright asked rhetorically as he arranged his hair to see properly. "Yus. Up next is what? We'll be walking again~~~?!" He suddenly felt dreadful at the thought.

Everyone nodded at this. "We need exercise too, you know. Besides, your essence absorption is not going well, right?"

"More like there's nothing to absorb! I've been trying really, really, hard! '^' "

"Wouldn't that mean you have no talent for it...?" Uttered Ulla before she caught her mouth. "Sorry!" Apologizing for her rudeness.

Bright shrugged, "Naww. It's fine. Since you all can, I think I find it more awesome when I can't!!"

"You do know most people here can't even absorb essence from their surroundings, right?"

"Uhh.... Right... '^' "Bright was once again disheartened.

"But you know, it's okay. You are strong physically. I'm sure you'll do just fine just like everyone else here." Encouraged Ulla with her tender voice, with a sweet smile.

Bright touched his chest and said, "Oh sweet Macaroni! I hope so. But don't worry, if you guys need a shield, I'm here!" He patted his chest to prove the point.

""Got it."" Lea and Raize said at the same time. Then they looked at one another and simply shrugged.

Ulla started giggling at the sight. She felt very joyful despite being separated from her twin sister, but at least she knows that

instead of her sister, she is the one in this dangerous world. And just as she was thinking that, a huge beast came running passed in front of them.

3 seconds later, another huge beast appeared chasing after the other. Both beasts noticed Lea's group and stopped their playing.

"Huge sabertooths... Look at those fangs guys..." Bright said with a gulped, pointing out the obvious as his shaky finger pointed at the two savage sabertooths.

Lea gazed at both beasts, trying to read their eyes for any signs of action. "Bright, protect Ulla. When you get the chance, run away on Hamspath." She quietly said, getting a nod from Raize in agreement.

Ulla was about to refuse when Bright hugged her away from Lea and Raize. "It's okay. They'll be alright." Said Bright unusually serious all of the sudden.

At a count of 2, both giant Sabertooths rushed towards them, and at the same time, Bright grabbed Ulla's hand to drag her aboard Hamsphant.

"Pump it some of your essences Ulla!" Commanded Lea, and as her words left her mouth, Ulla did as she was told. Hamsphant left the scene speeding away.

Both Lea and Raize evaded just in time, but they moved at opposite directions. This formation made it easier for Lea to plan her several next actions. However, for Raize, it meant difficulty to fine opportune for counter attacks. He concentrated on evading as he discreetly manipulated the essences to increase his legs' speed and apply a layer of defense around his fists for dealing damage.

Lea's sabertooth made a wide arc of claw attack. With timing, Lea jumped on the paw and jumped a second time to land a concentrated essence kick to the sabertooth's jaw. This stunned the sabertooth for 2 seconds, which allowed for Lea to perform an air dash kick to one of its eyes after a flip in the air to align her attack. Her movements had no sign of hesitation, as if she was seeing images a few seconds forward.

Bloody but safe, Lea landed on the ground. The sabertooth whined due to the pain of losing its eye. Enraged, and even with one eye left, it charged towards Lea barring its huge razor canine teeth.

Lea dashed to the side only to shift her steps for a curve run, which caught the sabertooth off guard. After a quick curve dash to the side, Lea made another side kick to the sabertooth's face as its face was closer to the ground this time in attempt to bite her.

The kick proved to be ineffective as the sabertooth roared and almost bit a chunk off Lea, but just before its mouth closed in, Lea applied hundreds of essences to her hands to deflect its upper canines, one for each hand. Then with much effort, she cracked the said teeth and remove them from the sabertooth's gum.

Two canine teeth were immediately gone from its mouth. Feeling more pain, it started thinking of running away, thus letting its guard down from hesitation. While the sabertooth looked away to look for escape, Lea took the chance to execute a strong counter.

Speeding her dash with essences, she reached the sabertooth in one breath only to perform a side to side consecutive kicks. Losing its consciousness slowly, the sabertooth swayed from side to side. Before Lea could land the finishing blow, she took notice of the other side's eerie silence for quite some time since she remembered.

Her ruby eyes landed on a bloody boy about to be eaten by the other sabertooth. She felt a sudden rush of blood and essences went up her brain, causing the sabertooth to explode, splashing all its innards everywhere.

Surprised at what she caused, Lea stood blankly at the scene. Along with her reaction, Raize in turn, looked at her. His words not forming from his mouth as it opened and closed like a goldfish.

After some time, both of them recovered their wits. Raize took the chance to say something first to lighten the atmosphere. "So the usage of essences can be performed in that way too... How much essences did you used up to cause this, Lea? And by the way, thanks." As he was talking, he closed his eyes to concentrate on spreading his essences all over his body to speed up the healing process. He thought of this method due to essences' versatility in usage.

"2300. I did not know it could be so powerful. I'm sorry. I panicked." Lea said simply, showing a slight concern on her face for Raize's mess up appearance.

He shook his head in response. "You had to do that because of me. I'm far too weak. Never mind that. I'm surprised you can use up 2300 essences in an instant. How are you doing with your recovery?"

Lea hesitated for a moment before responding, "I can store as many essences, and I can easily absorb as many in a few seconds."

Speechless at this new information, Raize was lost in his thoughts pausing his healing process at the same time. Lea moved closer and poured her essences into Raize's core outwards to speed up his recovery.

"Lea, do you remember what Ulla told us?"

"Otome game?"

"Yea. It mentioned of someone who have boundless magic powers. Wouldn't that mean the heroine is not the only one who can influence the oncoming war...?"

Lea simply stared at Raize's features and replied, "So what?"

"Yea. You are right. Never mind what I just said." He fell into silence, then opened his mouth once again. "Have you tried thinking of going back home?"

Lea pondered for a second and closed her eyes. When she gathered every essence she has within into her mind, she amplified her vision of going home. However, there was no reaction.

She slowly opened her eyes and said, "Nothing."

He slumped down on the ground and sighed. "I don't know what we are supposed to do here...." He said, sounding very disappointed, which was unusual for someone like Raize who was usually composed and witty.

She sat down beside him and looked towards the sky. "Exploration?"

He chuckled upon hearing Lea's suggestion. "I didn't know you had a side of you that is actually curious."

"You knew nothing of me, and you haven't tried." Lea said as she looked at Raize with a small smile.

With the sunshine behind Lea's form, she looked even more majestic that even Raize appeared quite captured for a second. In response, he simply shrugged. "Right."

While they were resting, a light blue fox trotted around Lea out of nowhere. It licked the blood on Lea's skin clean. She felt ticklish and couldn't hold back from hugging the fox. "You were suddenly gone, but I'm glad you are safe." She said to the fox with a relieved expression, letting out a cute smile.

The fox wiggled its forelegs, wanting to hug Lea closer. She giggled at this.

Staring at the amusing scene, Raize allowed himself to feel at ease. "This doesn't feel so bad."

With its continuous licking, Lea's neck was almost free from the sabertooth's blood.

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