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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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When morning came, Lea involuntary woke by reflex. And when she did, she was met with 3 pairs of curious gazes.

The four of them were currently huddled around Hamspath just outside of Port Ruo, within the nearby forest where Lea hunted Radeers.

"'Morning, Lea. Thanks for saving us last night, although I don't really remember anything. Much like the others." Raize superficially gave his thanks while continuously analyzing their current situation. Lea saved them smoothly this time, which would usually be hard for some people to achieve.

Not thinking much of what Raize meant, Bright nodded his head in agreement, "That's right! We were all feeling so hopeless until your majestic shadow arose from the darkness and saved us princes and princess from the evil clutches of----" He could not possibly finish his words when he saw an amazing sight all of the sudden.

Lea was smiling, although a little, while affectionately rubbing Hamsphant's side, taking delight from the softness of its hamster fur. She did not say anything over their thanks, but through her rare smile, they instantly understood they were welcome. Nevertheless, none of the three ever saw her smile before due to how rare she mingled with other people.

"So what is that?" Raize slowly asked, recovering from shock faster than the other two.

"Its name is Hamspant." Shortly, she said. Although her tone was indifferent, it sounded a little less colder. It could be that the strange animal and Lea were happy together, or it might be the case of Lea warming up to her few classmates.

"Now that I look closer at you, Lea... You look rather different...!" Ulla said softy with a surprise tone. She has been observing Lea for the longest time, and could not stop herself from speaking her thoughts aloud.

Hearing this, Lea had no idea. She pondered for a moment then attempted to respond when the fox upon her chest wiggled about. Looking down on the cute little thing, Lea did not let the fox escape, instead, she looked up to continue their conversation. "I am not aware of my appearance's change, but while we were separated, I have found some information concerning our current predicament. To cross the Land Bridges, we need a Citizen Pass."

"A -what- pass?" Bright dumbly asked.

"A Citizen Pass." Lea promptly replied.

"Wrong question, Bright. How did you find out, Lea? And do you where we are now? Did we get stranded so far away from our homeland?" Raize threw a barrage of questions into the air, landing on top of Lea's head without a change of his expression.

Lea let out a soft sigh, and she felt the fox's paw on her cheek in comfort. With that, she broke another small smile on her rosy lips. She tightened her embrace around the fox, while thinking of a proper response. Seeing her smile, the three still could not help but appreciate a beauty's smile even more. Truly, when someone smiles, time seemingly stops.

Then she slowly said, "This land is called Ingrid. This is not Earth at all."

At this, Ulla perked up, but Lea ignored her unusual reaction and continued with what she found out. "Three competitive nations exist, but each one of them wants to be in power. Due to their competitive nature, each of these nations developed their own war potential. One particular nation that's closest to Port Ruo practices a fascinating supernatural called Essence Manipulation. Anybody can figure out if they posses the capability to manipulate the essences that's the naturally in the air, so if you guys are curious, feel free to look into your mind's eye and accept the fact that these essences exist, while taking advantage of their nature for you to control.

"Grasping essences have their own limits too. One as such is that a person can only absorb a number of essences, but the limit seems to be up to the person himself. I'm not quite sure what the condition of the threshold is, but I believe the more you understand about essences, the less limitation you will have.

"The names of the three nations are Mingzhe Dei, Chlad and Sabio. The closes nation to us is Mingzhe Dei, and based on their culture, they appear similar to China with a ruling Emperor and style of clothing. While Chlad is a military country with its strict law of having young children at the age of 6 join the barracks. Lastly, Sabio is the biggest nation of all and it monopolizes the market on its own.

"Considering this land of Ingrid is huge and unknown to us, we will most likely have a lot of usage of a Citizen Pass since they work as identification cards."

Once Lea finished her explanation, there was a brief silence. But it was obvious to see that only Raize was able to fully grasp all the significant points of whatever Lea said. With his mind working ever so quickly, he already made his own goals.

Bright was already out of the world when Lea mentioned about essences.

Ulla was lost in her thoughts. Then she looked up at Lea to ask, "Where did you get so much information?"

Lea simply shrugged and replied, "Books."

Silence took over. Lea decided to do some stretching, then she got her things ready for another busy day. She had planned to find work while waiting for her classmates to organize their thoughts over everything.

Bright snapped out of his dazed state with a sudden thought. "How do we get a Citizen Pass again?"

"Oh. I haven't mentioned it yet. Inside Port Ruo, a community building for officials should be around to take care of the necessary processes. I had heard you need to have a job and some money to successfully get your Citizen Pass." Explained Lea carefully.

"That all seems troublesome... Have you received yours?" He lazily asked putting his hands at the back of his head, looking ever so easygoing.

Lea nodded in agreement. "I got someone else's Citizen Pass. The details... are not important." She said unfazed, but Bright's eyes couldn't help but grew larger by hearing Lea's answer.

"You mean, you stole it?!" He asked rhetorically and continued, "Let's go inside then and get this over with!"

"Uhm.. We need money anyway. So Bright, let's just find work for now." Suggested Ulla gently.

He looked at Ulla pitifully and replied with his head down, "..Okay... '^' "

Just when they finished their exchange, Raize had finished his meditation with a small smile. "This is quite nice. Although it took me quite a bit, I can feel my essence absorption is fast and so I've pretty much absorbed hundreds since I started."

"Have you filled up?" Lea simply asked.

"Yea, I guess. Thanks for the tip." He said and stood up with his things as well. "I'll teach you two how to go about it later on. I heard we are going to find work first, so let's go."

When the four of them decided that they'd find work first, they immediately went about inquiring for any labor jobs in Port Ruo. The three later discovered they couldn't read anything, thus asked Lea once again to guide them. There were no libraries in Port Ruo, but a bookstore was available.

Lea felt really tired every day. Hamspant's previous owners did not recognize it due to the change of appearance, but since Lea wanted to make sure there would be no problems that could possibly occur, she had asked Hamspant to patrol at the nearby forest to Port Ruo, which it delightedly accepted.

After Raize carefully explained to Ulla how to absorb and manipulate essences, she went about it and learnt that she could fill up her well in 20 minutes with 800 essences. On the other hand, Raize could gather 966 in 10 minutes. If these figures can be translated into another measuring system, then both Ulla and Raize would be at level 1. Being able to absorb more than a thousand, however, would make them level 2. For ever

y thousand of essences that can be absorbed, the level increases in proportion.

Bright tried to meditate every once in a while, so he had yet to make any breakthrough. His mind was always busy at work. Although the others were not quite sure how to interpret his overactive mind and body, they could only shrug at his expense. Maybe he was not that interested in essence manipulation.

In another 2 days, Lea heard from certain people that a Carlitus Royce Slade was badly injured at the Land Bridges, something to do with his merchandises missing and got punished by his boss. They said, apparently he was not very keen on his injuries but appearing rather forlorn. Some even argued it was just because he was disappointed over his recently received scars.

There was no news of Carlitus going back to Port Ruo. On the contrary, since there were still a few of the captured humans left, he continued to journey towards Mingzhe Dei. At this, Lea feared they would eventually meet once again.

They have earned a total of 95 gold in a week, Lea did not reveal she had secret stash of jewelries to leave them for emergencies. They've worked very hard, especially the boys. The girls received plenty of tips at the pub they were working at. When they decided to finally get a Citizen Pass and quit their job, the townspeople were rather disappointed.

Once they finished everything they intended to do, they had also changed their clothes to that of Lao Yuo's culture. [As reference, please see Sinh traditional garments in Lao.]

Lea cut her's short since she found it very hard to move. Ulla, on the other hand, looked perfectly stunning like a lady in her golden Sinh garb. The boys looked more manly.

"So where's our first stop?" Asked Raize while they were eating their share of food outside of Port Ruo, camping out.

"We have got plenty of options since this is Port Ruo:

#1. Sail to Sabio

#2. Cross Land Bridges to reach Mingzhe Dei

#3. We could also go along with the cargo caravans instead of by ourselves" Lea stated in between her chewing, which to Ulla's dismay happened all the time.

"Let's go for the third? Anybody have any other suggestions?"

Raize had acted their leader over the days they spent with each other. He kept the others organized by asking questions as many times as possible. It greatly helped Bright's indifference to their situation.

"I think that's our best course of action, considering there are dangerous beasts around here and possibly even more so on the other side..." Ulla chided. She went silent for a brief moment before she decided to share what she had been thinking through since they came in the new strange world.

"...Guys... I have something I want to share. I had a clue when we arrived at the shore that the scenery looked familiar with the horned fishes and glowing tools used for catching them especially... Then everything seemed to fall into place when Lea enlightened me with her understanding from the books she had read."

"Come out of it. What exactly is it, Ulla?" Raize urged.

"Well, you guys know Crystal is an avid fan of all kinds of games, right?"

"Sure." Bright and Raize said.

"She actually recommended me to play this......" She seemed too embarrassed to continue but everyone remained respectfully silent. "...girls game where you capture male characters and make them fall for you......"

Raize rolled his eyes. "Okay. Go on."

"Oh come on, Raize. Look at how delicate Ulla is! She is as red as a tomato!! Give her a breather, man." Bright said lightly as he unsuccessfully patted Raize's shoulder. Raize deflected Bright's hand just in time.

"No, it's okay, Bright. Thank you anyway. Sorry, Raize." At this, Raize simply nodded in response, while Bright smiled in understanding. "Yea, so. The world is much like what has been told by Lea. In that game, the relationship between the three nations have already gone from bad to worse. The captured targets have different roles in each nation, a couple for each.

"From there, since the heroine will have to court every man to make them fall in love with her so that she could save the world, she had to journey all around Ingrid."

Before Ulla could continue, Raize raised his hand. "Wait, so what exactly is the heroine? How can possibly choosing one of the guys save the whole butt of all people in Ingrid?"

Ulla seemed to take Raize's question seriously and decided she had found the right connection, she replied, "If I remember right, she posses boundless powers. So she could easily tip each nation's war potential depending on her choices.

"She was found when she turned 15, and was then feared by most people. Each nation's leaders and sub-leaders sent envoys to appeal to her, so she was able to have the chance to live quite extravagantly. And since the rule was simply to choose a nation to her liking, she was forced in a situation where in 6 superior boys were constantly shoved her way.

"Being a teen, she couldn't help but think of the possibility of actually ending with one of the guys. There are other endings too aside from the bad and good endings. There is the harem route and the Heroine route."

Raize pondered over the information and treated the story at face value. "If that's the case, where can we find the heroine? As you said, she has boundless powers. Maybe she can return us home?"

Ulla shook her head. "I believe we have already died, but as to why we are here with our appearance, I do not know. My twin, Crystal, can communicate with me through telepathy, but since coming here, there has been nothing."

"You've got a point, but at the same time, there's a possibility it's just due to distance, right?" Suggested Raize.

Ulla looked forlorn before replying with, "......Maybe..." She knew within her that she had died, and that meeting her sister once more was no longer a possibility.

"Have you guys noticed? Only Lea here looks different from the start. Any clue?" Bright pitched in.

Ulla carefully observed Lea's appearance, "I'm not sure. Her hair color was changing, but it has stopped a third of the way from the bottom. She has always been a beauty, but it's simply more prominent now."

"Come on guys! I should know better. I've been seating beside her for almost a year! Trust me when I say she's changed quite a lot."

Both Raize and Ulla dismissed Bright's claim while shaking their head and shrugging.

"Urrg... Meanies..."

"Another question. If we are treating this place as the same as that otome game, when and where exactly was the heroine found?" Being the usual quick-witted, Raize asked.

"She lived with her poor Aunt and Uncle. There was a chance for her to sneak outside and see the world, so she left her village and headed to the nearby capital Mingzhe Dei. She got dragged into having herself examined for measurement of power. I remember there was quite an unusual incident there."

"The problem is when though... It could likely affect us when we have to leave for Mingzhe Dei ourselves."

"Not really. We are leaving now, aren't we?" To others' surprise, Lea stated matter-of-factly.

The others nodded at this. They then decided to ride on Hamsphant to go back to Land of Bridges.

"Hey guys... Nobody cares about the capture targets?" Bright softly said.

"Why do we have to? Are we the heroine?" Raize said, a smirk escaping his usual blank face.

As if realizing that fact now, Bright said "Ah!"

The rest of the band simply shrugged.

[Capture Targets Info:

Note: Except for the names and appearance, all capture targets are not similar to their original otome game counterparts. (Ref: Thanatos Night)

#1 Izaya

#2 Nia

#3 Oliver

#4 Seth

#5 Liam

#6 Duran

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