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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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~Land Bridges: Mingzhe Dei - Port Ruo~

A smile so brilliant was brought on Lea's face upon meeting the frivolous man at the Land Bridges' toll shelter. Not only was the man captured by Lea's smile, but everyone else's as well.

Ruby eyes, glinting of wicked intelligence beyond her years, the surrounding men felt their testosterone levels skyrocket [A/N: Sorry for the choice of words. It is quite literal]. Lea was aware of their reactions, but even if she did notice, she chose to ignore.

"Greetings to you, fair lady, could I be of help to you?" Inquired the man rather over excitedly, his heart thumping in anticipation for Lea's response. He smiled even more when Lea stopped walking just in front of him. This man must have been struck by what would cupid call Love At First Sigh.

With her smile still plastered on her exotic face, Lea softly replied, "Oh yes, kind Sir. Would you happen to be passing through this side of the Land Bridges? And if so, could I bother you to take me up with you?

"I promise you, I shall try not to meddle with your business."

Her voice pleasing to the ears, the man's admiration for Lea increased some more. He could not possibly leave Lea alone for any other matters. Right away, he answered in a fluster: "No problem! No problem! Come, come!"

Although she appeared genteel and alluring, she was becoming restless. Feeling hopelessly distress internally, Lea could only keep cheering herself. If she had other safer and reliable means, she would have opt for it instead of appealing to an old man twice her age.

She was slightly feeling relieved when the man agreed to her request. Hence, she gave him her most elegant bow, making the man all smiles for being of help to a beauty. "I thank you kindly, good sir..."

Waking up from his dazed state, the man immediately urged four of his men to accompany Lea deep in the corner where most of the carriages were kept. She saw others resting under the shade of the trees as well as in their own blanketed shelters. Most eyes were on here as if she was an exotic animal in display.

Just as they arrived at the carriage the man had chosen for her, Lea was surprised at how heavy the decorations on the carriage were. Jewels at every line and corners. Unfortunately, she did not know about precious stones very well. Ignoring how the carriage's appearance, Lea proceeded to open the carriage door herself, receiving another shock.

Inside of the carriage, light colored pillows layered the floor, providing extreme comfort for whoever occupies inside. There weren't any big jewels that could hurt one's eyes, and neither were there any luxurious statues. Lea was secretly delighted.

Lea generously thanked the man, while he introduced himself in return. "I'm a highly capable merchant from Sabio, and everyone calls me Carlitus Royce Slade. It's been a great pleasure to meet you, m'lady!"

"My... You certainly came from far away, kind Sir." She briefly remembered the replicated map from the books in Victor's basement library, trying to continue the conversation for a little while.

"Oh please, call me Carlitus, M'lady. And, may I have the honor to get to know you better, lady fair?" Carlitus asked in his most gentlemanly tone, but failed to appear charming. "For example... your name..."

There was doubt he'd ever appear lovely in most people's eyes. Lea closed her eyes, trying not to make it appear abrupt as she couldn't handle the lecherous expression he has been giving her. Resigning her fate to mingle with the man for a bit, just until she finds out more information, she slowly gave a nod.

"Do forgive me for my late introduction despite my bold request for accommodation, Carlitus. I have been bestowed the name Dai Wouxie. A pleasure to meet you." Replied Lea smoothly, her elegant smile not faltering with her lie.

The smile was more than enough to set Carlitus' aging heart aflutter. In anyone's eyes, it could clearly be seen that Carlitus has fallen hard on Lea's charms.

After a brief silence, Lea decided to be bold, and asked, "If I may be so bold, Carlitus. What is the trouble with your delay upon his road?"

Carlitus took Lea's inquiry as a sign of interest towards him, so he very eagerly shared whatever came into his mind. "Do not mind at all, dear sweet Dai. Although the journey is indeed troublesome and taxing, it's a journey that will earn me thousands of gold."

After he had said his share, he looked on Lea for a sign of reaction. And to his satisfaction, Lea's eyes seemed to glitter upon hearing the prospect. Of course, Lea masked her expression, making it so that she appeared pleasantly surprised over the money but what made her slightly happy was the source of Carlitus' great income, which she deduced to have something to do with slavery.

"Such a surprise... You must indeed be an excellent merchant, Carlitus. Your business is prosperous in your hands! However..." As she said this, her eyebrows scrounged up while appearing thoughtful for a moment, then once again opened her mouth to speak: "This delay on the road.. Could this be related to your marketing secret?"

"Oh m'lady Dai! You are so smart, and yes it is. I can tell you more about my secrets tonight, if you wish..." As he said so, he gave Lea a most seductive gaze he could give.

Poor Lea has to pretend to be most affected and forced herself to blush. "How could I ever refuse, Carlitus. Under the beauty of the night, I shall answer upon your call."

And with that, their first meeting ended.


Finally having been released from acting coquettish, Lea sprawled on the floor without reservations. She heard some shuffling sounds at the side, and when she turned over to see, she met eyes with a beautiful pair of aquamarine eyes.

She remembered how to fox rushed inside the carriage upon their entrance earlier and did not bother her performance of attempted seduction. Now left alone without the need to act, Lea felt the urge to release some of her stress.

With its feline cuteness, Lea carefully grabbed the fox into her embrace. It tried to lick Lea's chin, causing her to feel ticklish as well as an involuntary series of giggles. "So comforting... Ha ha..." She muttered while feeling the softness of the beautiful fox's body.

She closed her eyes for a nap with the fox still in her arms.

Not minding her intentions, the fox gave in to slumber as well. Resting by Lea's chest as cusion, the fox unexpectedly had a very good nap.


When evening came, a series of knocking fell upon Lea's carriage door. Just as she opened the door to welcome the guest, she caught a whiff of Carlitus' expensive perfume. Looking at him from top to bottom, Lea could not help but sigh at his efforts. Carlitus was garbed with elegant silken garbs.

Although Lea had an adequate nap, seeing how eager Carlitus look because of their date tonight, she suddenly felt extremely tired. Her body even knows she doesn't like to be with the man. But she had to proceed with the honey trap.

Hence, she smiled prettily and followed after Carlitus as he led her to a certain path.

After a few turns under the moonlight, they arrived at a scenic night view. Even if Lea did not like her date, she couldn't help but appreciate the beauty under the starry night sky with a beautiful moon at the side.

Waiting until a few minutes have passed for the both of them to feel comfortable, Lea softly spoke, her voice sounding alluring for its raspiness: "Carlitus gentleman, would you mind sharing me your marketing skills now~?"

Carlitus was standing in front of Lea, his back facing towards her. It took him a minute or two to turn around, looking flushed and nervous. Seeing him in this unusual condition, Lea could not hide a little panic from her face, "Carlitus gentleman! Are you not feeling well??"

He shook his head and gestured his hand to stop Lea from moving from where she was standing. "Dear Dai... I am most aware we have only met today, but...."

Hearing his unusually serious and mellow tone, Lea was suddenly struck frightened. She realized what Carlitus was about to do!

"...but I feel you are the only one for me... I want you to spend the rest of your life under my care and protection. If you could only give me the honor and I would be most delighted...." Confessed Carlitus in one or two breathes. Still flushed all over his face, he gazed expectantly on Lea.

Lea looked away and said, "... If you want to hear my sincere response, Carlitus gentleman... Could you give me another day to think over?" Brows furrowed, Lea involuntary released a sigh.

Feeling a little discouraged, but as well as hopeful, Carlitus gave a vigorous nod to Lea. "Of course, dear... I understand. I'm truly sorry to have bothered you with such preposterous ideas today..."

She inwardly agreed.

"Thank you for your patience, Carlitus gentleman. How about we spend a little bit more of our time together tonight to increase my favorability of you." Lea boldly asked, especially after the other person has already confessed. She felt she was more likely to succeed this time.

"Of course, of course." As he said so, he walked closer to Lea and led her to the other side of the cape where many of his men were stationed and so were the many strangely covered large cargo. Reaching this corner was

not easy due to the many winding paths that seemed useless but effective.

Acting clueless, Lea had to ask, "Carlitus gentleman? Would you mind teaching this humble me what unimaginable things could be under those covers, please?"

Using the power of the word please, Lea activated Carlitus' doting side and he immediately opened his fat mouth to explain. "My... You certainly are a dear. These here, are my merchandise. My precious trade that I have been protecting for a few years. And you'll bask from this trade's profit if you stay with me, dear Dai." He finished with a broad smile.

Lea felt herself shivered. But didn't faze, instead, a brittle laugh escaped.

Carlitus did not miss Lea's exhausted expression, and immediately jumped to propose a rest. She elegantly accepted.


Now separated from Carlitus once again, Lea heaved another sigh of relief. She secretly sympathized with those women and men who work in the night industry. After today, she was sure she would never pick a job that included a task for her to get close to people.

Vaguely remembering the affectionate and courageous face of Carlitus tonight, Lea was suddenly feeling guilty. Shaking her head, she gripped for a jeweled knife at the side and wrapped it around her leg. She also changed into a more comfortable clothes as there were spare female's clothing inside the carriage.

Lea looked around the carriage once more and abruptly put some jewelries in her pockets. As well as picking up golden trinkets. It was better to be prepared against adversities!

Stepping down the carriage slowly and soundlessly on the ground sprawled with green and brown leaves, she found the fox's first track. The aquamarine bushy tail can be seen waving side to side at the far distance, behind a rather extravagant carriage.

When she got even more closer, she could hear faint voices. The voices sounded serious, and Lea couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"...So what you are saying is that you've totally dropped your heart somewhere and now you want to back out of our deals?"

Asked the man who sounded exasperated. When silence came as a response, Lea imagined the other person responding in a different way because the former spoke once again.

"When you agreed to do this years ago, you should've known you can never wash off your hands. You live and die in this line of business. You've been in this for far too long. Don't entertain yourself with other things that could most likely destroy you and the people around you." He said and paused to catch his breath. "Do you understand?"

"I won't repeat this. This is gonna be my last business with you. I'll give you every gold I have earned, just let me get away." Lea was not surprised that the other man was Carlitus.

"Never! If you go along with this, you will die and so will that young woman you've fallen in love with!!" And at this, Carlitus loudly stood up.

"Do not touch a strand of her hair!"

As she continued to listen, Lea realized Carlitus must not be so bad after all.

The other man laughed a wicked laugh. "You must be crazy. You killed your family because of this. You did not feel this strongly then. You've even sexually harassed some merchandises before, and you clearly enjoyed that privilege. Even now, before you encountered your lady, you were eyeing a girl more than twice your age!! If this business fails, you are off your head." Then the man left mysteriously.

'Guess I spoke too soon.' She thought to herself as she bit her lower lip.

She had enough eavesdropping for the night, and decided to escape from the place quickly, grabbing the fox with her.

As she was retreating into the veil of the night, Carlitus noticed her silhouette. But he dismissed the suspicion immediately. How regretful for you, Carlitus.


Lea remained within the carriage to ponder over her plans. She initially thought of using Carlitus for crossing the Land Bridges along with the captured people, so that her classmates could enter Mingzhe Dei without needing a civilian pass.

She could still go on with the plan if she wished to, but once Carlitus reaches Mingzhe Dei, he'd also have more support if he wills it.

Simply put, she was currently powerless to go against Carlitus' might. With too much risk at stake, she opt for another Sneaking Plan.

In the dead of the night, Lea's shadow amongst the trees could hardly be noticed. Her footsteps slowly gaining experience in nightly soundless marathons. This has just been her third day of continuous sneaking around.

Upon reaching the camp where roughly 2 dozens of armed mercenaries were resting, Lea immediately took note of how many of them were on guard duty.

There were currently 6 mercenaries on patrol, while the rest were most likely sleeping in their designated tent.

She knew nothing of assassinations, but she has no other choice. Her speculations of the upcoming ambush results to her and the others' death. So she decided to make use of mind manipulation.

Assuring she has enough essence to waste, she found her first target.

Carrying a musket with a blade at the tip, Lea forced her mind to push the man before her to obey her thoughts.

((Go inside your tent and sleep.))

Working like a charm, the man seemingly normal worked his way inside his assigned tent.

Lea's first human mind control experience was as smooth as a fish's scales. She then proceeded to test out mind controlling 3 people all at the same time. Letting out a soft sigh, she commanded:

(((Talk to each other normally and get inside your own tent!)))

Finding herself more playful, her mind manipulation this time was another success.

But sounds from within and outside the tents rang out.

"Da hell?! Why are you here?"

"You shouldn't be sleeping, dude..."

"Go away!! There is still another half of the hour before the next shift..."

"Where are the others?"

"Oi.... Don't leave us out here---"

With most of the mercenaries awoken by the ruckus, Lea could feel her ears ringing hot. "Foolish me..." She softly mumbled to herself, waiting for the commotion to die down a little.

But the chance she was waiting on disappeared on her watch as the captured people stirred from their sleep. They too have started to make some noises.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, Lea wished she could increase her range of consciousness. And that indeed occurred. Just as she strongly willed it, she felt new information processing into her mind. Information such as the exact number of mercenaries and captured people that were currently around, as well as each of their exact location.

Along with the wide scan, she was also made aware of the many things the people in front of her owned; number of gold, clothing, food, etc.

Since there were too many information coming all at once as if she had many eyes but one brain, she had to deliberately select which ones to keep. She determined she cannot always use the skill all the time due to inexperience, so it was enough to briefly memorize the significant details in a few seconds.

She could feel her brain thumping with excited blood flowing through it. With another pull within her consciousness, she imagined every individual in the vicinity she could remember and pulled them within her mind, and with her one word, the night reigned once again.


Lifeless bodies collapsed on the ground one after another.

Even after such a feat, Lea found herself in doubt of her ever surging essences. The sensation of using up thousands of essences normalized in mere seconds, and with it, Lea's complexion returned from pale to rosy cheeks.

Moving on towards her search, she uncovered and inspected every cage. She found Ulla in the first cage, while Bright and Raize inside the third cage.

She fastidiously grabbed the keys from one of the mercenaries she remembered to posses it. Having unlocked every cage, Lea immediately called for Hamspath who have been following Lea since she left the carriage at midnight. She left the cages open for the captured people to escape once they woke, leaving them to their individual fate.

It was simply not for her to decide.

After she arranged her three classmates securely on Hamspath, she hurled herself in the air, landing on its back on her bottom. The fox not forgotten, Lea pumped out several thousands of essences from within her into Hamspath. It grew wings and stronger limbs, and within an hour, they were back at Port Ruo's outskirts.

It's almost early morning.

[Summary thus far:

Lea an her three other classmates got transported to another world where unbeknownst to most of them is a world similar to an otome game.

Upon their arrival, the four immediately got separated only to find themselves meeting once again after a kidnapping incident.

Along Lea's quest to retrieve the others, she befriended Hamspanth. A transportation beast she initially stole from Port Ruo. After absorbing so much essence from Lea, it grew wings and a set of powerful limbs.

Aside from Hamspanth, a fox can also be seen to constantly accompany Lea.

Now reunited with the others, and back within the dangers of Port Ruo, what other plans does Lea and her classmates have in mind?

Below is a diagram of Core Level, including the range of essences a core can contain.]

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