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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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~Ruo Fortress~

Walking through the wilderness that Lea now knew as Ruo Fortress from the books she had read, she noticed something amiss. Rather than what was being seen, it was uneasiness to what was unseen.

She slowed her walk, slowed her breathing and calmed her nerves. Closing her eyes as she slowly continued to walk onward. Then before the unknown stranger could land a hit on Lea, Lea turned around and gave a high kick towards the head against the intruder. And with all her might, she turned her foot downwards, together with the intruder's head.

With the weight of her force, she/he was knocked on the ground in seconds.

Without waiting for another chance, she kicked the unconscious intruder's leg where it was tender. It broke easily.

Seeing the events that just occurred, the intruder's companions retreated a few paces before they could recover slightly, enough to realize there was just one against their many number.

But Lea was determined to defend herself. Unbeknownst to them all, a short shadow was watching the whole event behind the trees where Lea came from.

Silence controlled the surroundings. During the few seconds of stillness, Lea had gauged out her attack patterns against the 9 intruders. Silence was killed in an instant when five of the intruders jumped on Lea.

Three of them were equipped with short swords and were thrusting and brandishing them all at the same time. With her nimble feet and ample time to counter, she crouched low enough to avoid the range of the short swords. Thereupon, she used her right foot to perform a side kick to an unarmed intruder, breaking his/her jaw. Using the time the attacked opponent was stunned, she used him/her to raise herself up in the air to do a roundhouse to the temple of the two intruders with short swords, leaving only one of them armed and one unarmed.

The four others planned to stay back, but after the short moment of distraction, they regretted their decision. Thus, they also decided to join the fray. All four gave chase to Lea, narrowing down the space she could run about. But they did not know, it did not matter if there was enough space or not, Lea would still strive to defeat them all. And she would succeed.

Gaining enough momentum due to the intruders' surprise, Lea decided to end the battle swiftly by aiming for her opponents knees with her strong kick and punches. All the while, most attacks coming her way were evaded by either a small turn or by hitting the vital joints before the completion of the attacks. One dropped on the ground, Lea stomp his/her heart. Another was side kicked to the heart, while a throat was crushed on the other.

Slowly, Lea was reaching her short goal. One by one, the intruders collapsed on the ground, either with broken nose, throat, ligaments or concussion. Nobody survived, except for those who were unconscious.

Then she slowly moved towards her first offender, took him/her by the cloth and dragged him/her away with her. Left alone behind the trees, the short silhouette couldn't stop trembling, but slowly, it continued to follow Lea on her tracks.

~Ruo Shore~

"Hm..." She had realized when the intruders attacked her that the possibility of her companions staying at the shore could be lost. Although one theory pointed to blame the intruder, there was also the possibility of her companions having left without her.

She sat up the unconscious body by a seating log. She then proceeded to start a fire. It was almost early evening, and she could feel herself getting hungry. But before she could think of fishing, the unconscious person stirred from its sleep.

Closing in, Lea lifted the person's chin and removed the mask covering the face. It was a woman, and she was gaining awareness. When she fully woken up, she felt so much pain on her leg that she couldn't stop herself from shouting. Lea immediately covered her mouth, and the woman then noticed her. Whimpering due to pain, the woman's eyes swam about but tried to focus her attention on Lea.

"Why did you ambush me?" Lea asked with a gentle tone, removing her hand that was covering the woman's mouth. There's no point in sounding stern if the information will not be given in that way.

Hearing Lea's voice, the woman calmed down a little and let out a gulp. She does not seem intend on sharing any information with Lea. Lea understood the woman's expression. She let out a soft sigh.

"I did your comrades in. They are unconscious in the fortress. If you want any of them to survive, give me what I want." Lea asked with her cold tone and glaring pair of red irises.

Upon hearing Lea's words, the woman felt herself shiver from down her spine upwards. She intended to keep her silence if it meant for only her alone to suffer. The conditions have changed, and there is a chance for her companions to live. She could do nothing but obey.

She bit her lower lip and turned her head away from Lea's piercing gaze.

"We were intending to sell you as a slave... Your clothing look unusual but high quality. Your looks exotic. Y-you were gonna fetch a high price just like the recent additions...." And at this, Lea's eyes narrowed.

"Lead me to your base. Are the recent captures still there?"

The woman looked on Lea before answering, "No... They... were traded over on the day they were captured...." She said hesitantly, fearing for her life with each word she uttered.

"Tell me more about the person who accepted the trade. Where can I find that person?"

She felt herself starting to tremble. She just knew she is going to die if she told any more of her organization's dealings to this person. But she either die now or have the chance to escape. She chose the latter.

"He is a rich merchant temporarily staying in Port Ruo. Last I heard, he was supposed to leave today heading for Sabio."

"So if he left today, how far do you think he has gone from here?"

"He should be nearing the land bridges on route to Mingzhe Dei. If no bandits nor beasts get in its way, his group should arrive in 2 weeks inside the borders of Mingzhe Dei."

"Is there anything else I need to know? If you are keeping some things from me, I can make it happen so you'll never walk ever again." Threatened Lea in her usual cold tone.

The woman found herself speechless, but thought better than to remain silent. She cannot possibly win against someone who defeated 9 of her's with a bad leg.

"To get through the land bridges, you need a citizen pass. Otherwise, they'll treat you as any other bandit and will be blacklisted from coming inside Mingzhe Dei borders ever again.

"To get the pass, you need to register within Port Ruo. You need money and an occupation to complete the process." When she finished her explanation, she was faced with Lea's expectant gaze. She unconsciously gulped down her saliva.

"You have a pass?"

The woman simply nodded. "Then give it."

Surrendering herself to her misfortune, she moved to hand her citizen pass.

"So your name is Dai Wouxie. Next time you make a pass, use Lea Rain Farechild."

She nodded her head obediently.

"I lied. Your comrades can be left where they are for at least 2 more days." Lea knocked Dai unconscious by hitting her nape. She then proceeded to fix the dislocated leg by forcefully straightening it. Grabbing a shirt from her backpack, she soaked it with water and tied it around Dai's fixed leg.

Before leaving Dai alone, she collected large leaves to shelter Dai's body and preventing them from being blown away by branches and stones. The end result is a blanket made of thick layers of leaves with scaffolding made of wood, perfected the base with stones. The only exposed part is the recently fixed leg to keep it cool.

With that, Lea left the unconscious Dai.

Behind her, the unrelenting silhouette continued to follow.

~Port Ruo: Entrance~

It's already late in the evening by the time Lea arrived at the gates of Port Ruo. She felt her stomach churning energetically. There were several people still at work in the small port.

Strange creatures never seen before were being put to labor. One that looked like a combination of a turtle and a species of the feline family, wherein the body and head was of a turtle, while the long legs, paw claws and tail belonging to that of a cat. Its pair of horns have been cut. She deduced that beast's task was to transport heavy cargo with all the bundled packages being carried on top of its shell.

'Poor turtle-cat.' Lea thought to herself. She's always been much kinder to animals compared to how she treats her own species, for various reasons.

Other creatures were being used as vehicle. Lea's impression of the people in Port Ruo went down considerably. She simply decided to think they were too lazy to bother giving the creatures their deserving freedom instead of building their own devices for their own convenience, which could last much longer. So when she decided to steal a domesticated creature, guilty conscience didn't register within her.

After further observation, it's currently dark and there were plenty of shade to hide if she ever tried to be sneaky about her plans. Thus she made use of such convenience to pull herself inside a fenced house that had a creature tied outside, along with its kind. When nobody was yet to detect her, she untied the rope holding back her target and she used its bushy fur to hurl herself up on top of it. Although alarmed, the beast seemed to be experienced at being handled of the sort.

By the time anyone had noticed, Lea was gone with the wind along with her new companion, who was more than happy to run for its freedom.

Within the safety of the darkness, a panicked silhouette can be seen. Its shadow reflected on the ground changed that of a feline with huge pointy ears and bushy tail. It ran to chase after Lea's shadow, determined on its pursuit.

With an empty stomach, Lea urged the beast to keep up the speed. She wanted to cover a distance from Port Ruo in case they noticed a beast was missing.The beast she stole resembled that of a hamster and an elephant. With an elephant head armed with a pair of curved tusks, and elephant legs. The body itself was of a hamster, soft and plushy to ride on.

After having the creature Lea named Hamsphant run 15 kilometers away from Port Ruo, she urged it to rest within the forest east side from the main road's. It obediently remained where she wanted it to stay, grateful for giving the freedom it always wanted.

She planned to only make use of Hamsphant until she was able to cross the land bridges, but she was liking its temperament more and more.

She left in search of food. Initially thinking she'd just be hunting for meat, she remembered Hamsphant. Concluding it'll be useful to pick some fruits along the way.

The creature, Hamsphant, was tasked to guard Lea's belongings by hiding the backpack in its bushy furs. It had no qualms with the request. Then it heard the sound of a broken branch. Turning to the source of the sound, muscles steeled. Hamsphant decided to stay alert only to discover a light blue fox was approaching closer.

When the fox finally reached Hamsphant's side, the fox leaned its body within Hamsphant's fur. Then before long, Hamsphant could feel the fox sleeping in comfort, safe inside its body layered with soft fur.

~Lea's side: Forest~

She had encountered a few number of creatures during her exploration, but none too dangerous to go up against. One was a fusion of a hare and a deer. The head and tail being that of a rabbit, while the body and legs where that of a deer.

By performing a side kick to the head, followed by a corkscrew neckbreaker, Lea found herself putting more significance to her stealth to go up behind unsuspecting beasts. It provided plenty of chances for her to collect good meat and less chances for her to get injured.

Due to a few more encounters of the same kind of beast, she decided to climb a tree and traveled by moving from one tree to another. And with that method of travel, Lea

had a better chance of collecting fruits. She decided to only carry up to 5 pear-shaped fruits for Hamsphant.

She continued to explore in search of a lake. She has yet to drink water all day long.

She climbed another tree and found a different kind of fruit. Deciding to get it, she threw one of the five pear-shaped fruits she was keeping in her clothes. Then taking only one of the new kind, moving on to another tree with agile and careful movements. But before she could go very far from where she dropped the fruit, the same rabbit-deer beast sniffed it.

Curious to see what would happen, Lea decided to sit on the thick branch and observe the beast.

The beast ate the fruit, munch by munch until nothing was left. After a while, Lea decided the fruit was safe to take back and didn't bother observing the beast anymore.

'Sorry for making you a guinea pig, little radeer.' She thought to herself. She was worried about eating fruits bore in this forest, but since it's proven they are safe to eat, she felt quite relieved.

And yes, she just named the commonly found beast Radeer as she doesn't exactly know what they're called. The books she read did not include the zoology of this world.

Moving further east, she's finally encountered a different creature although it's currently sleeping soundly. Size so huge as 12 feet and 6 feet wide, its snores can be heard very clearly even from a distance. Its faced similar to a raccoon, but with larger sharp ears.

'Looks like a raccoon cat instead.' And at this thought, Lea found herself break a small smile. It looked adorable to her.

Lea grabbed her survival knife from a leg strap she made herself. Carefully as she goes from one tree to another, crossing a wide distance between each tree until landing on the ground little ways away from where the Raccoon Cat was sleeping.

'I guess I should end this exploration now. It seems the beasts from henceforth will be quite formidable.' And with that thought, she changed her plans.

Slowly, she moved backwards, away from the beast's hearing range. Then sprinted to go back to where Hamsphant was, deciding to go ways around keeping the range to avoid complications if ever she encounters another beast on the way back.

Passing through blurry shapes of trees, large roots, thorny shrubberies and more Radeers, she found herself by Port Ruo's main road, not far from Hamsphant's resting spot. A sigh of relief escaped Lea's rosy lips.

Stirring Hamsphant from its sleep, Lea gave the beast 2 pear-shaped fruits, feeding it by hand. While one hand was holding the fruits, the other was used for patting the body's fur. Hamsphant felt amazing by the gesture. In gratitude, it used its trunk to wrap around Lea's waist and pushed her in its furry body for a comforting hug until Lea noticed something else beside her backpack within Hamsphant's bushy fur.

To her surprise and delight, a light blue fox was sleeping. She wanted to keep it. And so as not to scare it away, she decided to also lay by Hamsphant's warm body to rest.

They all slept well that night with Lea being more than content in having a couple of cute creatures as her companions. She hopes the fox will remain by the time she wakes.

~Victor's House~

A shrill can be heard from outside the house. A shrill so piercing that an eardrum could burst. Then it stopped, next came the sound of sobs.

"V-Vince.... Your little brother... Where is he? I've been looking every where since yesterday, but I cannot find a trace of him!" She said in between her sobbing.

Vince offered to pat the woman's back to calm herself down and said, "He'll come around, Ma.. I'm sure he will. Victor is still too young to be off somewhere far."

"I hope you are right... I'm really too worried. He has yet to awaken properly.... He'll endanger himself if he doesn't work it out properly... I hope he can figure out his keyword..." After much sobbing, she continued. "He is seriously too young! That foolish boy..."

With that, sobbing sounds could be heard all night long.

~Bright, Ulla and Raize~

"Row~ Row~ Row~ Your boat! Gently~ down the stream~~~---"

"Shut it, Bright! We don't need your beast alluring voice... Seriously. You have been nothing but a broken trumpet. I swear, I haven't been able to think properly since I was thrown here together with you."

"Oh come on! We've been together all day and you haven't been charmed by my attractiveness yet? You sure you are okay, Mr. Handsome?!" As Bright jokingly said so, he made an attempt to nudge Raize with his upper body. Raize was, however, quick to kick Bright's face away.

Both of their hands are currently tied.

A man armed with a whip comes forward to the pair's cage. "Make any more noise tonight and you'll end up regretting you ever had a mouth."

"You still gonna challenge?" Turning his head to look at Bright, Raize asked.

"Well~ If you give me a kiss! Chuu--" The cage was unlocked, the man joined the pair inside and started whipping Bright. "I just told you, yet!" He continued whipping him until he looked like a bloody mess.

"Seriously~ This is too painful..." He said, acting as if he was gonna cry. But nobody could be fooled due to the smile he was wearing.

Having exhausted himself for nothing, the man decided to ignore Bright and locked the cage, leaving the pair alone once again.

"How could you just leave me whipped up, Handsome! I have no respect for you. Not a gentleman at all. Hmph!" Bright said using a mezzo-soprano voice to imitate that of a female. And as he said so, he turned his head away from Raize.

"Just sleep." Is all Raize said in response.

"Boring~! But okay. Night, Handsome."

Once Bright laid himself down to comfort his wounds, Raize turned his gaze outside his cage's confine, out towards a certain cage with a few girls bundled together.

"They collected plenty of women... But only 2 boys. Wicked trade." He murmured to himself. He narrowed his eyes and thought, 'I haven't found a chance to device a plan for escape at all... I hope Ulla on the other hand is being well taken care of.'

He then looked towards the starry sky. 'I wonder how Lea's doing...'

~Lea's Side: The Next Morning~

When she stirred, she stretched her arms up and wide. Then she saw a light blue fur in front of her eyes, facing her red eyes up close.

Lea cracked a small smile and rolled to enclose the fox in her hold. "Now, you won't think of escaping won't you?" She kept hugging the fox for a long while, and the fox did not even try to get away. Rather, its action looked like it was comfortable in Lea's chest.

If Hamsphant didn't feel jealous and bothered Lea using its trunk, Lea would have kept hugging the fox all morning. Realizing Hamsphant's temperament, Lea cracked another smile, a minute wider than before.

Mesmerized by Lea's expression and touch, Hamsphant made a grab for Lea's waist and pushed her towards itself. "Easy there." As she said so, her hands kept patting Hamsphant's furry body. The gesture made Hamsphant soft to the bone.

But of course, much like everything else, the unusual morning ritual had to end. After feeding Hamsphant with another 2 pear-shaped fruits, Lea rode on its back to cover a longer distance.

Not very far from when they started, Lea thought to hunt for food when she saw a flying beast. It looked rather odd with its lizard-like tail, but otherwise, it looked like a huge hawk. The problem was how to capture it.

She didn't have rubber bands to make a sling, and neither a throwable sharp object. But as she was wracking her brain for a solution, she remembered the books concerning Mingzhe Dei's spiritual cultivation.

It talked about 2 types of manipulation. One was to influence a being that has consciousness, while the other was using one's consciousness to control the surroundings. In order for either of the two to be accomplished, a being must posses adequate spiritual essences that can be gathered anywhere, but cannot be seen with naked eyes.

There are several kinds of spiritual essences, and according to what was collected, unimaginable things could occur. To start with, the person must look into oneself, read the flow within and understand how much spiritual essences can be contained in the inner "well". The well may contain little amount because it can be shallow, while on another hand, it may turn out to be bottomless.

Lea positioned herself cross-legged on top of Hamsphant, while the fox is laying on top of her head. They look rather odd.

When she gathered her concentration, she tried to imagine her well. With the inspiration to do so many things when she is able to, she could finally see the well within her. But it is empty. Brows furrowed, she tried harder to feel within her, she could feel essences flowing within her fast, but her well remained looking empty.

She stopped her progress. Although she felt greater than before due to the flowing essences within her system, she felt conflicted by what she saw.

And so she decided to ignore about essence manipulation for the moment. Besides, her knowledge concerning the subject is limited even with abundant imaginations. But before truly dismissing the previous notion, she gazed at the hawk still gliding in the sky.

With her mind, she strongly imagined the hawk falling downwards at 200km/hr. And that's exactly what happened. The hawk landed ways away from Lea's location. She simply let out a soft sigh of regret due to forgetting the distance.

And so Lea and her beasts continued onward, hoping they'll encounter the dead hawk on the way.

Unbeknownst to Lea, the ends of her hair has turned a shade of purple hue with a faint flow.

~3 hours later; Covered 35.7km~

The land bridges could finally be seen in the distance. Feeling the excitement within her surge through, Lea put through her new skills into practice by transferring some essences to Hamsphant.

Hamsphant gained so much strength that he was able to cover 1.5km in 15 minutes. When Lea urged it to stop, it could feel Lea's gentle hand patting its furry body. It felt delighted once more.

Hopping down on the stable ground, Lea narrowed her eyes for closer inspection. She could see a little shelter where a line of people in different designs of clothing were crowding about. Her gaze grew sharp upon landing her eyes on one particular huge group with a carriage decorated with fancy stones and fabric.

Suspecting she had finally caught up to the illegal human traffickers, she immediately devised a plan to destroy the group. While her mind was busy, the fox resting on top of her head that never moved away since the start of the journey perked up and yawned.

Then it went back to sleep. Although Hamsphant jealously stared at the fox, it couldn't possibly do the same on Lea due to its huge size. Feeling moody all of the sudden, it gently moved its trunk around Lea's waist for a hug.

Lea unconsciously patted Hamspath's furry body and didn't move due to her mind's busy processes. Hamspath was, however, very much satisfied. It started to think that as long as Lea paid itself attention, it would feel enormously happy and immediately comfortable. Unbeknownst to Lea, Hamspath had pledged to never leave Lea's side, ever.

When she finally came around to, a slight glimmer could be seen in her pair of ruby eyes. Patting Hamspath to trot alongside her, they made their way towards the crowd.

The crowd's gaze immediately took their breathe away at the appearance of the unusual beauty. And along with most men in the crowd, a man dressed in expensive garb could be seen approaching Lea. Every finger laced with rings of different precious stones, plump cheeks and foxy eyes, everyone could see how badly he wanted to be an acquaintance of Lea, and she was actually staring back at the man.

Lea's inching closer to her classmates. Rescue is on its way!

[Some of Lea's moves executed during the battle pace. Credited to Leomimus (, in DeviantArt.]

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