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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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At a certain shore, an unconscious young man lay on the white sands. His black lashes trembled as his consciousness was returning, vaguely remember gulping down loads of fresh water and salt water. Licking his dry lips as his eyes opened to reveal a pair of limpid blue eyes, an exhausted groan inadvertently escaped his mouth.

"You've finally awoken. It's been 2 days straight for you, Bright." Said Raize who was sitting on a comfortable log. Little alteration was made to be suitable for seating. He was currently revising plans in his notebook.

Bright blinked his eyes and then suddenly heard his stomach rumble in protest. Rubbing his stomach as well as his shaggy hair at the same time, Bright softly asked: "Any food...?"

"Hunt your own. Lea's somewhere in the woods. Not sure what she is up to, but we haven't made much progress since we arrived here."

"Oh right. The people living in the port town are still wary of us, so you better be careful roaming about." Added Ulla, and to Bright's surprise, she has also been around writing down something on her cute notepad.

Bright simply nodded, having no energy to react like usual. Movements akin to that of a zombie.

Inside the nearby forest, Lea appeared to be thoughtful while looking up at the clear blue sky.

She quietly hummed peacefully by her lonesome, as if she had no care for anything else.

Suddenly, her eyes sharpened layered with a dangerous glint as she grabbed a stone that's 2x2 inches large, and swiftly threw it with all her might to her left peripheral view. Catching the target unguarded.

"Brother!!" Cried the youth who uncovered himself to check up on his big brother. His big brother slumped on the ground after being hit squarely on his torso by Lea's shot.

The boy heard faint steps coming his way, and just when he turned around to look, his heart stopped just for a moment. A beautiful girl with long black hair and piercing redish eyes was looming over him. Her gaze cold, questioning and dignified. He was instantly captivated by her looks only to remember his big brother had gone unconscious.

"Why have you been sneaking behind me?" Lea asked indifferently.

The boy suddenly felt fearful, especially hearing her cold accusing tone. Nervousness controlled his mind, and he couldn't say a word in response. He simply fearfully looked at Lea.

Lea continued to patiently wait, not moving a muscle. She then deduced the boy could do nothing against her and lowered her guard.

"Move." Ordered stoically by Lea, which made him flinch. But he obeyed and scurried a few paces away. After a brief silence, Lea opened her mouth and said, "He is just fine. Although I think I dislocated his shoulder. I'll fix it right up if you help me."

Fearful for his life, and his brother's safety, he nodded in agreement. "W-what c-can I-I-I d-do....?"

"Find me a comfortable place to spend a few days. How about your home?"

The boy was surprised by the question. He then shook his head. "N-no. My h-home is not r-really... My p-parents don't l-like s-s-strangers..." His voice quivering due to the notion of having to reject Lea's fearsome might.

In response, Lea simply shrugged her shoulders. "Lead the way."

Rustles of the leaves came, and Bright saw the current scene. Noticing Lea with a youth in her arms, he simply had the urge to ask. "Lea! You found a husband already?!"

Lea spared Bright a gaze. And when she did, Bright immediately noticed Lea's changed countenance. He recognized the long hair and Lea's vague side profile, but her current appearance has even more improved since he last remembered. So he unconsciously asked, "What happened to your face?"

Not knowing what Bright was referring to, she ignored his question. "Are you coming with me?" She simply asked, while bringing the unconscious boy more comfortably on her shoulder.

Seeing this, Bright found it very strange. He never knew Lea has so much strength. Although his thoughts abruptly stopped there and heard no more. His mind was experiencing brain freeze due to neurons dying too fast. If he does not eat soon, he might lost some memories. True or not, he was starting to look worrying, in the head.

She proceeded to push the younger boy for direction when Bright remained silent. "Move." She then glanced once again on Bright before proceeding to leave. She was sure Bright was no longer in her presence, but she still bothered to say something. "Tell the others I've found a place. I'll see you soon."

Of course, as expected, Bright did not hear anything! He was simply staring into space, thinking of air.

The poor boy was left to gather his wits, and slowly stood up to walk in the direction of his poor home. He thought fearfully of his mother's reaction to the outrageous girl. But he couldn't do anything otherwise.

Bright, on the other hand, couldn't say yes or no to Lea's invitation. He simply was too hungry to think of anything! Standing by himself in the middle of tall trees and shrubberies, his mind was empty as a brainless skull. A few minutes later, his mind zapped and remembered he badly needed to find something to eat. And so he went about his way to find any fruit lying about. Of course a fruit that would be left on the ground could possibly be never good to eat, but Bright was too hungry and feeling too foolish to care.

Left alone to his own devices, danger looms overhead.


"Mom!" Called the boy, sounding like he badly needed help. To his desperate call, a middle aged woman burst out of the door holding a butcher knife.

"What is it, little Victor? Where's the person I should kill?" She asked with her bulging eyes. If people cannot feel fear from her sharp butcher knife, then her looks could.

The boy simply pointed at Lea. The woman then noticed her older son, her expression changed. "D-Did you saved my dear Vince? Thank you... Thank you! Here, let me." Assuming by herself that Lea was there to save the day, she scurried to shoulder her injured son. She then led Lea inside the house.

The boy was left speechless, and couldn't say more. Especially after Lea gave him a look before proceeding to follow his mother. A child he may be, he knew better not to interfere on someone's plans, especially against someone he cannot possibly win against. In addition, he thought better than to endanger his mother by honestly telling her what had occurred.

Inside the house, Vince was laid in one of the bedrooms. The interior of the house looked clean and furnished with mahogany wood. There were many cabinets with herbs in different containers labeled differently from one another.

The woman led Lea into the dining room where she asked her to have a sit while she made her way to make some herbal tea.

"If I may, girl. What happened to my son to have him looking like that?"

Victor was also present as he was asked by his mother to remain close at hand. Listening to his mother's probing, he felt himself nervous.

"I threw a rock. It hit his shoulder." Her answer made the woman drop the kettle harshly, almost burning her own hands.

"W-What...?" Her blue eyes narrowed with a glare.

"M-ma... Calm down!" Feeling increasingly fearful, he couldn't help but ask his mom to not do anything drastic.

Lea simply relaxed herself on her chair, closing her eyes to think. Lost in her world, again.

Silence took over. The woman waited for Lea's words, but nothing came.

The boy answered, "M-ma... It was a-actually our f-fault... We were sneaking around h-h-her...."

The mother knew her sons best, and thought better than to simply believe his younger son's claim. "Surely, there must be more to it..." She continued to glare at Lea.

Still eyes closed, Lea demanded, "I would like a place to live in. I'll put your son's shoulder to its rightful form if you would agree."

"That bargain, it's gonna be hard to accept! After knowing you are the offender herself!" Growled the woman.

"If you are sure you can fix his shoulder yourself, then I shall take my leave. Don't cause me anymore trouble and waste my time." Lea coldly replied, which sent shivers to both the mother and son pair.

The woman thought herself courageous than this. She wondered why she suddenly felt ominous pressure coming from the girl sitting calmly on the offered chair. "We have doctors around here, so I don't need your help. Get out before I kill you!!"

"Try it." Lea calmly said. Then she opened her eyes, and gazed on the woman with a sharp glint of cold. "If you can."

As if a bucket of ice was poured on her, her bravery was suddenly washed away.

Victor did not miss his mother's change of expression and said, "Mom. Please let her do whatever she wants, I can watch over her myself!"

Brave words of a young boy made the mother go soft.

The woman pondered her son's words only for a minute and nodded her head. At this, Lea stood up and walked towards one of the bedrooms without a question.

"How rude can a person be...?!" With gritted teeth, the woman held back her anger. She doesn't know how mighty Lea can be, but she felt herself cold against her pressure. Much like Victor, she thought better not to go against Lea.

"Sorry, M-ma..." Victor weakly muttered before leaving to stalk Lea into a bedroom. The woman simply left a sigh.

~Deep in the woods~

"Humpy Dumpy sat on a wall~

"Humpy Dumpy had a~~~ GREAT fall!

" Berries are everywhere, and I can see them lying anywhere~

"Twenty-nine, thirty and thirty-one is over there!"

Bright kept picking up strange berries sprawled on the ground, while singing Nursery Rhymes to himself. Unbeknownst to him, shadows have been trailing him since he went deeper into the woods.

"Since coming here, I felt myself better than ever. I wonder if this is what it feels like to live in the woods. Maybe I should become a hermit!" Looking grandly foolish, he declared his new mission in life.

"But wait, am I missing something?" He had finally come to a point where his mind was at work. Remembering Lea and the incident earlier. "Ah... Well, ha ha ha... He'd be mad with me again." He said exasperated, referring to one of his and Lea's companions.

He decided to grab more berries as peace offering for once he comes back to their camp. Several more minutes later, he had grabbed more then enough berries he could carry in all his pockets. Turning about-face, he was suddenly hit fatally on his nape.

Unconscious once again, Bright was kidnapped. Mind shut down.

~Raize and Ulla: By the shore~

"They are awfully taking a long while to get back. Nevermind Lea, but Bright should be back by now no matter how foolish he may be." Said Raize, while keeping the fire going and grilling some one-horned fishes he caught with a sharp sturdy wooden spear. He sculpted it himself during the day.

It was already late in the afternoon since Bright left for food in the woods.

"Maybe we shouldn't have been too careless to leave Bright by himself... We don't know much about this place yet..." Ulla said as she organized their things, ready for whenever there's emergency. "I should have learnt my lessons by now. Should we go into the woods?"

"No. Let's wait for tomorrow. I'll keep watch for the first half."

"Okay." Replied Ulla with a nod. Having pondered a while, she couldn't help but ask a question that had been going around in her mind since they arrived at the shore, "Hey. Where do you think we are?"

Raize gave Ulla a glance and continued to cook the fishes in skewers. "I don't know. But I feel like we are somewhere very, very far. So don't worry about it and let's just think of what to do next after our rest. Once we find the other two, we can get information from the people in that port town."


They ate and Ulla slept. Raize was left to guard the night. He grabbed his solar flashlight, turned it on, and flashed it towards the woods. "Was it just my imagination...?" He asked himself, feeling ominous all of a sudden.

Morning came and the two were packed ready for a venture in the woods, deciding it was about time to search for any trace of Lea and Bright.

"I've made sure to separate the useless stuffs, so we don't have to carry too much. Let's go." Raize said.

"Okay." Replied Ulla, walking after him.

As they ventured deeper into the woods, they noticed how clear some areas are. There was a certain path where there were not that many berries lying about. And so he followed up to a point where suddenly the trail stopped, leaving squashed berries on the spot. "Something happened to either Lea or Bright here... But what could it have been? At least there is no sign of blood."

Ulla moved forwards and inspected the squashed berries on the floor. "I'm no inspector, but it's obvious there wasn't much struggle. But it could be neither of the two too."

"No. It should be Bright's. Look closer. There are shoe prints. Although roughly discernible, it looks similar to Bright's shoes sole bottom. But the clues stop there." Observed Razed, while carefully taking note of the surroundings.

"You know. I've been feeling this tugging sense that what we have seen so far is familiar. Like, I remember it more as descriptions from somewhere. But I can't touch on it completely just yet... The port town, then the woods... the one-horned fishes... Horned creatures...." Muttered Ulla under her breath, lost in her thoughts.

"Really? No harm trying, so remember it soon. I'll keep a look out."


Raize left Ulla a few spaces away to look around the area closer. But just when he thought nothing would happen, he heard Ulla's soft gasp. When he turned around to look, Ulla was no longer where she was. "............"

Walking closer slowly, Raize moved his hand for his Swiss army knife. Expertly flicking it, he steeled his way around. Silence was his only companion, along with the rustling of the leaves caused by the wind making the tree branches dance. A soft sound of footsteps, and Raize aimed his knife towards it only to discover there were more than too many newcomers to handle by himself.

Putting away his weapon safely, he waited for the strangers to come forth closer to him. He thought better not to waste his energy. He raised his hands in surrender, but the strangers still made him unconsc

ious by hitting his nape. 'Great. It's official. I hate this.' were his last thoughts.

~Lea: Victor's House~

"Stop staring at me." Said Lea, while observing out the window. Her words directed to Victor who had been standing diligently at the mouth of the bedroom.

He looked away, but didn't move. "W-when will you be leaving..?"

Lea gave Victor a glance and went back to observing the sky. She waited for a few minutes before saying, "After 2 days. I don't like walking on wet grounds. No need to bother feeding me anything."

Victor was pleased to hear this. "Can I ask one more thing...?"


"What are you wearing...?"

Lea looked at herself. "Ah... I haven't taken it off since. It's called a raincoat. Against the rain." She generously explained, giving Victor a pleasant surprise.

"Oh... I've never seen it anywhere before... Can I touch it...?" Asked Victor feeling courageous after exchanging words with Lea.

"Go ahead." Lea said and took off her Carter's Cat Raincoat for Victor to study.

Feeling slightly delighted, Victor scurried to receive the raincoat. "It feels really smooth and elastic.... Like Plastic.." He muttered under his breath with a tone of amazement.

"Yea. So it can resist water from coming through from the outside layer. Unfortunately, I cannot give that to you, but you can have the other one I have if you want." As Lea said this, she went to grab her still wet bag in the corner. Unzipped it and grabbed a normal looking raincoat, still black.

Surprised at Lea's generosity, Victor was left with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. She offered the raincoat towards Victor, and so he slowly took it in his arms. "I.... t-t-thank... y-you......."

"'Welcome." Then she went up to stand by the window to observe the sky once again.

Feeling that the conversation has ended, Victor walked back to the door and started studying the raincoat he just received. After feeling satisfied of just looking at it, he wore it. Excitement surge through from within from getting something new and unique.

"You can try it out soon. It's going to rain, although it'll only be a light shower." Lea said, never leaving her gaze from the now grey sky, which was ever changing fast.

Victor nodded at this and gave his gratitude once again before turning to run outside. His mother was surprised to see his son wearing something she never bought before, and followed him.

Lea left the window to walk into Vince's room where he was resting on his back on the wall. "Your shoulder, let me fix it."

Without waiting for Vince's response, Lea made a grab for his hand and laid him on his back. Firmly holding his hand, she pulled it back fast. Suddenly he felt his pain lessen and he felt more comfortable than before.

"It'll remain discomforting for a while, but your shoulder is fixed." With that, Lea left Vince's room just as quickly as she entered. Vince was left speechless in his bedroom.

Victor on the other hand, discovered he can be in the rain without care in his new raincoat. He was nagged by his mother, but he made her understand about the raincoat and even she felt like she wanted to try the little raincoat on herself. She left Victor to himself afterward.

Smiling towards the dark clouds, Victor felt great in the rain.

Back to Lea, she went back to the bedroom she chose. She then sat cross-legged on the bed to organize her jumbled thoughts.

'I should go and check on the other three later. Based on Victor and his family, they are by no means different from us. If the rest are gonna be the same, then there should be nothing noteworthy in roaming inside the port town.'

She inhaled and exhaled, and felt her muscles relax. Her mind was much clearer than before. She continued to ponder.

'The occurrence at the lake. The creatures in the sea. The shadows in the woods. But this house seems to be safe, and so are the people within its confine. 2 days to know better. 2 days to keep myself safe. 2 days before moving forward.'

She inhaled and exhaled another breathe. Once she opened her eyes, her gaze landed on Victor's flushed form. Taking notice of Lea, Victor asked, "What are you doing...?" He was sitting by the edge of Lea's occupied bed, looking strangely at her.


"Oh... But why do you have to sit like that?"


"Ah... What does that mean....? Medi- tation?"

Lea let out a soft sigh. She moved to stand and walked towards her backpack, leaving Victor wondering what she was up to next. She unzipped her backup and took out a booklet and threw it towards Victor. "Read it."

Fumbling over catching the small book, Victor opened to read inside but to his surprise, he could not understand anything. He looked up to stare at Lea for attention. She was already sitting cross-legged once again on the bed, but her gaze was still on him. "What?"

"I can read, but I can't read this... What are these gibberish symbols...? Runes?" Asked Victor innocently.

"Ah. I can understand your words, but it seems we speak a different language. But how?" Ignoring Victor's question, Lea pondered to herself, aloud. "There is more problem in store." She concluded before calling for Victor's attention. "Victor."

He has yet to leave his skyblue eyes from her, so he simply replied, "Yes?"

"Do you have books in your house? If so, lead me there." She commanded, quite fastidiously.

Victor easily agreed and led Lea to a room in the basement. Along the way, barrels of wine can be seen lined up at both sides of the wall. Then Victor opened a door, and inside was a library full of old and new bundles of books. "Nobody really comes here anymore..."

Lea moved to the first bookshelf by the door and started opening one book after another with great speed. Victor who was observing all this felt himself increasingly curious about Lea.

He initially feared and hated Lea's presence, but ignoring the previous pressure, he realized she was not ultimately a bad person. This conclusion came to mind after seeing how Lea interacted with him in that small bedroom. He noticed Lea didn't seem to care about anything else or whatever else as long as she had her own corner to think. She was harmless if not threatened.

And supposing Lea's current endeavor, Victor thought better to himself not to disturb her as she studied bookshelves after bookshelves.

Then suddenly, Lea stopped and stood still. "It's final. I cannot read anything in this room." Sounding rather forlorn that was hard to notice, she declared in her pristine voice.

After the words left her mouth, Victor understood what she said. And was very much surprised to hear the news. But he kept himself silent.

Letting out a soft sigh, she turned her gazed on Victor. He flinched. Not understanding what Lea was thinking, he simply stared back at her.

"I'll give you whatever I have you like." At this, Victor felt even more surprised, but waited for Lea to continue. "In exchange, teach me how to read and write your language."

Victor thought about the offer for a minute, and decided to help Lea even without the offer. "I can do that, and you don't need to give me anything...." He replied, feeling great about himself at the notion he'll be teaching someone something.

Lea shook her head in refusal. "I cannot allow you to teach me without a trade. If things cannot satisfy you, ask whatever you wish. In return, let us start as soon as possible. Such as now."

Victor felt himself gulp unconsciously. "Okay. I'll tell you later. Let's start with..."

From there, Victor started teaching Lea about the language in his region. He still wondered why they can communicate with one another.

"I'm speaking in Lao. This is commonly used in this region, which is called Lao Yuo. It has several thousands of characters-"

Lea raised her hand to a stop, and stood up to grab a book, then sat back down in front of Victor. "Teach me the characters of this book."

Victor smiled. "Okay. I'll go grab a pen and paper for you-" Once again, stopped by Lea's hand gesture, Victor sat back down. Lea stood up and went up to get her backpack. And came back as fast as she left. "Ready." She simply said, appearing rather very eager.

So Victor proceeded to teach Lea each character in the book and they made great progress overnight. To his surprise, Lea learnt a few thousands in one sitting. He has yet to meet anyone who could pick up writing so fast, and her comprehension was outstanding. If left alone, he guessed Lea could write a simple children's book.

Victor's mother came thrice during the whole session to bring blankets and food, not paying much attention to Lea. She has yet to warm up to the fearsome girl who suddenly barged inside their home, but her duty to take care of her son's well-being was what's keeping her on her toes.

Inside the room filled with books, Victor finally felt very sleepy. He looked on Lea who kept writing and reading as she went about on the book she chose. Then decided it was good enough progress to sleep. Rather, he couldn't help himself and accepted his body's desire. By instinct, he slept.

Lea, fully awake by determination to learn Yao by the next day hastily kept writing. She was 87% done in understanding the book. It would not be long before she can finish it completely. And she was delighted of her book choice. Not only was she learning Yao, but also slowly understanding what kind of land she and her classmates landed on. The book was fiction, but was written based on the world of Ingrid.

To her understanding, there exist three great nations that have constantly been on war. It started even further than thousands of years ago. Others have called these divided lands as the Three Kingdoms.

Each nation have a great war potential at their disposal. Based on this fictional book, one nation called Mingzhe Dei upheld strong spiritual abilities and was thus able to nurture and protect themselves from outside forces through sheer knowledge on techniques and imaginations. The wise nation of Mingzhe Dei had their own person of legend whose name never forgotten and made critically significant in fiction. He was Sage Muk Shil.

In the nation of Chlad, there exist General Raul Stronghold who continued to lead skirmishes barely unscratched. Their war potential was supported by their great physical attribute and strong defense due to having been situated at nearby mines, the source for strong materials. Although they learnt to adapt Mingzhe Dei's way of battle by enhancing their spiritual capabilities and knowledge, their methods were far inferior.

The nation of Sabio mostly kept to themselves and rarely joined the fray, only to defend their territory. They didn't show any superior abilities in battle, but they excelled in culture and enterprise. With that much said, their famous person was Arnold McLaine. Their king who loved poems and paintings. He knew when to defend and attack to keep his larger territories safe. A wise king he was called.

The fictional story foretold how the three people met by coincidence and learnt to get along without knowing each other's title. When they met once again, it was in the battlefield. They questioned their beliefs afterwards, and wondered if all the nations could be unified under one ruling. After many political secret meetings and spies, none of the three were none the wiser. They found their difference, and learnt to understand one another.

Muk Shil could never afford to lose a great wise friend like Arnold McLaine, and despite his incompatibility with Raul Stronghold, he couldn't help but see the general as someone who simply wanted to make his nation proud.

The fictional story ended with the 3 strong and wise men unite the Three Kingdoms in the end, bring with it peace and prosperity.

Lea enjoyed the short tale very much. She wondered if she could possibly explore all nations and see the differences between fiction and reality. Were the three nations still divided, she wondered.

After she finished the book, Victor stirred from his sleep. He saw Lea still scrambling about with books in both hands, on her lap and all around her.

He yawned and stretched his scrawny arms. "Are you finished?"

Lea did not notice Victor nor heard his question as she was reading a book about Mingzhe Dei's culture. She wanted to know more about their spiritual cultivation, and learn it herself.

Learning and getting used fast to Lea's behavior to whatever caught her concentration, Victor folded the blankets and set them aside. He went up the stairs and grabbed breakfast. Simply 2 slices of bread with orange jam that his mother made. He also made some for Lea to eat, and brought it with him down the basement.

Lea continued to read books for 2 whole days and prepared herself to leave after a night of sleep. Victor suddenly felt very lonely watching Lea pack her stuffs. Then she looked at him and asked, "The trade. What did you want in exchange?"

Almost forgetting about it, Victor grew panicked by the sudden question. He pondered for a few minutes, then Lea said, "If you cannot think of anything right now, I can wait for it even at a later time. I shall be leaving to visit Port Ruo."

"If that is the case, can I come with you?" Victor asked, not wanting to part from his new friend too soon.

Lea tried to remember the paths in reaching the shore, and decided it was safe enough to have Victor around. So she agreed.

Victor's mother wasn't pleased. She refused Victor's request and Lea left alone. Before going very far, Lea remembered something in her backpack and brought it out. She walked towards Victor's house and gave the thing to him.

Surprised, Victor tried to understand the item in his hands. He looked at Lea's eyes for any clues, but they remained calm as a sea of red.

She turned around and left, never turning back.

Victor was left to stare at Lea's lonely back. He then suddenly remembered, "I never asked for her name...."

[Victor Character Profile]

[Name: Victor (Last Name Unknown, currently)]

[Age: Looks about 14 years old.]

[The otome scenario will eventually reveal itself. Lea will have no idea she is a part of it until then. Below are the outfits worn by Lea, Bright, Ulla and Raize, arranged respectively]

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