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   Chapter 1 NO.1

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In an unknown High School, each classroom was informed of their incoming excursion to a famous park. A place full of wild animals found in North America.

Within a particular classroom, Mrs Browns carefully instructed her beloved students what to bring and what not to bring. Listing down the do's and dont's. As well as to remind everyone of their group allocation. Students were meant to write a 3-page essay by the end of the 2-night 3-day trip, which caused a huge portion of her students to wail in despair.

They tried to negotiate of course...

"Please make it a maximum of 2000 words, please!!"

"Better yet, I'll buy you souvenirs Mrs Browns! And since you love me, please allow me to skip writing the essay~"

"Not fair! I'll steal an animal for you, Mrs Browns. My offer stands until we get back."

Unfortunately, Mrs Browns was a righteous teacher. With her ever genteel demure, she spoke. "There is always the other option of not handing it in of course..." Flashing her beautiful smile, she continued. "But they will ultimately be left to do the weeding behind our school. I'm sure there are more wild animals there that you can admire in-between."

After hearing as such, none could argue no more. Amidst this ruckus, four particular students stood out without doing anything special in particular.

Raize, the class representative, was currently crowded by a bunch of girls fighting over their group arrangement. "Exchange with me! Me!"

"No, please. Who's number 14? Please switch with me..!!"

"Raize marry me~!!"

Their cries sounded so desperate as their shrills piercing.

On the other side, there were Ulla and Crystal, the vice class representative and her fraternal twin sister. Being in the same group, most male students tried to switch their numbers with someone else to get the chance to get closer with the two beauties.

However, once they realized that the last two members of the group were Lea and Bright who were sitting at the back quietly, they became hesitant. Then, as more and more students realized it was impossible to exchange lot number, the classroom grew more and more quiet.

Bright has been looking at them bemused, his hands resting behind his head. His handsome face charming some of the girls, while his mischievous appearance causing the males to remember his fame. He was quite different amongst the rest due to being part of the top 20 in the whole school, as well as a Jack-Of-All-Trades in the many sports club. His name was known to many on campus.

When most of his classmates attention was on him, he glanced down to his seatmate who was quietly snoring beside him. Her face was facing the other way.

Suddenly, he felt like teasing her.


There was no reaction from her and she continued to sleep peacefully.

Poke. Poke.

His smile widening, he could feel her moving slightly.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Their classmates were slowly backing away to the front, beside Mrs Browns. Their expressions unreadable, while Mrs Browns could only gulp nervously. She too was helpless with the famous pair.

Poke. Poke. Po—ke. Po—k-- --!

With swift movements, a slap almost hit his face, but it was obvious the strength was nothing to laugh at as it made a great sound of the wind.

"You dare wake me up this way....." Growled Lea, unearthing her table and raising it above her head.

Despite this, Bright remained smiling, only pointing at the crowd at front. "Tee-hee." He said, acting adorable with his charming blue eyes that were narrowed to crescents.

Slowly turning her head, some hair strands sticking to her face, her classmates gazed at her fearfully. Even Mrs Brown silently gulped once again, eyes bulging wide like a deer in fright.

Lea's eyes widened. Heat slowly rose to her head, tainting her face with a faint blush.

Slowly, she put down the table gently and quietly. Not a sound was heard as it landed on the cement floor. And as quiet as a mouse, she meekly sat back down on her seat. She then rested her hand on her chin, looking out the window, acting as if nothing happened. She even forgot to blink.

Bright burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha!! It was about time you woke up, Lea~"

She simply ignored him.

Seeing as her reaction was contrary to their expectation, the rest slowly went back to their seats, releasing a big relieved sigh amidst their steps.

Along the buzzing sounds, Lea whispered so only Bright could hear, "If you do that again, I'll kill you."

Cold sweat trickled down his forehead while faking a laugh. "Ha ha... Not gonna stop me, sweetheart. Especially when we are gonna be spending loooots of time in the trip!" For a moment, his smile seemed brilliant and genuine as his blue eyes sparkled with glee.

? ? ?

On the day of the trip, a crowd and four busses were laid on the campus central grounds. Students were divided by groups, given group tags and announced reminders to one another. The most popular group included.

"Ulla and Crystal Fernandez?" Called Raize. As his voice resounded, many young girls swooned at his attractive husky voice devoid of emotion.

"Both here, Class Pres!" Replied, Crystal energetically. Her equally beautiful sister nodding her head while showing off their luggage.

"Lea Rain Farechild? Okay, good." Knowing the person was already ready, but dazed, he did not bother to wait for her response. He briefly looked at her and went back to his sheet of paper.

"Bright." Not even a surname, he called. A frown creased his handsome face seeing a huge number of luggage behind the mischievous boy...

"Heey~ Present!" His arm shot up with a playful smile. Some girls covered their eyes due to his brightness, his blue eyes were particularly stunning.

"Okay, good. Leave 4 of those then get in the bus." Spoken coldly, Raize turned around to get in the bus himself.

Looking up the grey sky, Lea quietly muttered. "Rain..."

She appeared dazed as usual, but with her movements that were neither slow nor fast, she brought out a cute raincoat with cat ears and a tail. Seeing her adorable getup, Bright couldn't help but squeal silently while pushing her into the bus.

? ? ?

Rain awash the road, causing their arrival to the Wildlife Park a little late. It was still drizzling quite a bit when the students got down from their respective bus.

After they properly put their luggage in their room, there were a few groups who decided to explore the park despite the weather. They were much too excited to hold back despite the teachers' reminders.

"The sooner we see everything, the earlier we finish our essays.

"Ulla, find us a guide.

"Crystal, accompany your sister.

"You two, don't get lost." Ordered Raize one after another.

Not long after, their group was set and they begun their early exploration.

The tour guide was a lanky youth. He described each habitat cheerfully while not missing the crucial pointers.

"Bald eagles are usually found by the sea, where they could hunt for fish and other small birds. Their name derives from their white head, so don't snicker over there... Bright, was it?"

"Lynxes are wild cats. In this country, they are usually found in forests and tundra regions. Be careful when being preyed by these cute wild cats... They can climb trees and swim very well."

"Do you see that cute seal? That's the only one we've got... Many are hunting them for seal skin. Sadly, there aren't enough organizations that prevents nor control the hunting of seals."

"Those herd of huge deer are called Moose. Don't worry, they are herbevors (obvious). Nevertheless, th

ey are dangerous on the road due to their weight. Hence, causing many road accidents that usually lead to death. "

The tour went on for a few hours, resting from time to time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Listening to the animals' sounds gave them inspiration, and they realized how peaceful it felt being a part of nature and its natural environment.

They decided to have their luncheon upon seeing a set of benches. Everyone begun eating except for Lea.

She remained idle, her senses focused on hearing and feeling the mystics provided by mother earth. A smile laced her lips as her eyes closed to focus on the serene feeling, breathing the smell of after-rain.

Then she heard faint shrills of children. Slightly worried, she quietly stood up towards the sound, leaving behind the rest of her group. She was gone unnoticed, the fake tail of her raincoat dangled on her behind.

? ? ?

When she arrived at the source, there was nobody there. Assuming the children were gone, she sat on one of the bigger roots of a tree by the lake shore. In front of her, a lake so huge like the ocean was in clear view. There was no longer rain and the wind was calm, causing the surface of the lake to appear very still like a flawless mirror.

She felt drowsy and dropped her head to sleep, resting her little head atop her knees.

? ? ?

Back to the rest of the group, they realized Lea was missing. Panic arose and they begun searching for her. "Crystal, could you bring the guide with you to inform Mrs Browns? Contact me with your cellphone for updates."

Crystal gave a nod right away, dragging the bewildered guide with her.

Before they could start moving about, Bright followed after Crystal.

"Where are you going?!" Raize impatiently asked.

Bright shrugged. "No point staying here. Good luck searching for her~" He said turning around and waving his hand. This caused Raize a great displeasure. Messing up his ravine hair in frustration, he could only allow Bright to do whatever he wanted.

"Let's start searching east." Ulla gave her assent and followed behind him obediently.

? ? ?

At the location where Lea was, she was awoken by the cold tickling water by her calf. Still expressionless, she realized the water has gone up. But before she could turn around to leave, a strange phenomenon occurred at a distance.

Ripples caused by the jacuzzi effect spread wider and wider on the once calm lake. It was as if a strange creature was gurgling at that one place.

Lea was confused and decided to investigate, drawing herself closer and closer to the source. Not a fear can be seen on her face, her eyes shone a glitter of curiosity.

However, a yelp distracted her mystification. "STOP—!!"

Behind her, Bright combed his way through the water. She realized the water has gone way high since she first realized. Fear crept into her chest at her previous moment of daze.

"No matter how bad life is, you can't just throw it away!"

His breathing grew labored due to the cold water, but he did not stop.

"There is much to see, Lea... I'm sure those who you've beaten up will forgive you. Those you killed will rise up to avenge. You gotta stay alive!!"

When he was only an arm's length away, another voice came from behind Bright.

"Hey, Bright! Your backpack has a hole, your underwe--- What's going on here..?"

Ulla peaked out behind Raize and gasped. "Is this what they call Lovers Double Suicide??"

The two drew themselves closer to Lea and Bright as well, slightly worried.

Who knew why nobody thought Lea might have just wanted to enjoy the lake. But Raize and Ulla assumed the worse when they saw how pale Bright was and how deep and unfathomable Lea's eyes were. It was like a pair of lovers' tragic moment when one was engulfed with despair, while the other hoping to reconcile their relationship.

As representatives of the class, Raize and Ulla had to involve themselves no matter the issue.

"Let's calmly talk this out..." Raize calmly said, wading his way with Ulla.

Looking at the silly expressions and conclusions of the three, Lea's mouth twitched.

She opened her mouth to speak, but all of the sudden, the ground beneath her collapsed. Next she knew, she was eaten by the lake water.

It felt like the surface of the water was becoming further and further away. Following her, the rest struggled to swim towards the light as well. However, as they were forcefully dragged deeper and deeper, the pressure became heavier, causing their lungs to ache.

Lea and Raize were experienced swimmers, so they were able to realize the change and cope with the situation right away. However, Bright was consumed with the sudden fear of death and lose his consciousness. Ulla calmed herself down the best she could, but she was running out of time as she was inexperienced at holding her breath underwater.

Lea and Raize briefly glanced at one another and gestured to take Bright and Ulla, respectively. Since Bright was closer to Lea, she swam fastidiously towards him. She swam upwards as fast as she could, realizing the heavy pressure was no longer pulling her down the bottom.

Fortunately, a shore was nearby when their heads were out of the water. Bright remained unconscious, but Ulla barely relieved herself from almost dying to asphyxia. When they got to the shore, Lea immediately applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Bright.

Her swift actions caused Raize and Ulla into bewilderment and awe.

Lea continued to exchange air through Bright's mouth. When there was no reaction, she beat his chest enough to push up some water he accidentally drunk. Then she exchanged more air until Bright started coughing out water.

Relief awash Lea's face, causing her frown to disappear.

When they looked around, there was no longer freshwater lake. The sun was up in the sky, and sounds of a port can be heard with the cold breeze.

".....I should've brought another luggage." Raize quietly said.

? Character Profile ?

She, an almost always expressionless beauty, is rumoured to be a member of one of the biggest territorial gangs in the city. Always placed 2nd place in the whole school examination rankings, and is unbeatable at anything, but she never speaks unless it was necessary.

She is usually found staring at the sky, or fighting some thugs in some corner.

Him, an excellent to almost prodigious handsome guy, is rumoured to be the next candidate as Freshman to be the President of the Student Council. Many says he is rich due to all the electronics he brings to school, but some say he made them himself. Only his family would know.

Usually keeping to himself, he is found to be unsociable and arrogant.

The ever jubilant bright star of the whole High School division, he proves to be unbeatable in Tennis. Although he ranks 15 within the whole school examinations, he is seen as dense by many. Still, he remains popular to some portion of the school population; girls and boys alike, for his friendly and approachable personality.

He is rumoured to be very poor as he goes home whenever possible, and as soon as possible. Thanks to this, several students in his club think he is a genius at tennis. Since even when not mostly seen practicing Tennis after class, he can still win his games skillfully.

The most popular female in school for her unique and genuine lady behaviour. Many guys have stalked her, only to end up in jail thanks to her twin sister, Crystal.

Although she has a twin, they are fraternal. It is widely believed that she is dating the famous genius, Raize Lee Gue.

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