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   Chapter 16 Part 2 The sting of the bee

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Reuben noticed the queen struggling against the smoke. This was a winnable battle in his eyes. But he knew he couldn't stay out of the way much longer. He got up and charged the closest bee shifter, a tall one fighting Lucas. He dove for the legs, knocking the creature off its feet and keeping it from flying. He spun quickly and swung his foot into the creature's throat. The sickening crack sound echoed over the din of battle. Lucas pulled Reuben up.

"Never thought I'd need help from you in a fight!" said Lucas. Reuben, now much closer, could see Lucas' condition. He was in bad shape, bleeding from two claw marks on his arms.

"Never thought I'd fight bee shifters-AHG!" Reuben got kicked in the back by another bee shifter and went face first to the cave floor. Lucas grabbed the creature and tore the wings off it. It buzzed loudly then got punched in the throat.

Lucas was about to help Reuben when another bee shifter attacked. Lucas got punched in the face twice and kicked in the ribs, the kick cracking another rib. He throat-punched that shifter, ending the threat. "How many more are there?!" he yelled in frustration.

Montague heard a part

st and arms.

A friendly hand tapped him on the shoulder. "You have done more than any doctor could have, " said Montague in his strong voice. "Now, it's up to him. He has to will himself back from the abyss."

Dr. Camacho looked down. "I certainly hope so. I'm kind of attached to this goofy gentleman."

Montague smiled. "First time I heard one of us referred to as a goofy gentleman."

"It's the best phrase I could come up with." Dr. Camacho walked away from the cold body, a feeling of fatigue and dizziness setting in. "I'll let him…" he collapsed onto the chair.

"Dr. Camacho? Doctor?!"

"Reuben!" loudly said Tanya. She said some other things, but the night had claimed Dr. Camacho and he could no longer hear her voice.

End The Bite Cleaner; Season 1

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