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   Chapter 14 Erasure

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Elk Grove Night Clinic, 11:30PM

"I'll see you later, Captain Morgan, " said Tanya on the phone.

"I hope so, my love queen, " replied Reuben and then he hung up. Tanya was coming over tomorrow morning. It had been a long time, almost far too long, since they last-

"Special case!" said Maddy over the intercom.

Dr. Camacho pressed the button. "Send the patient in." He released the button and closed the open file on his computer.

Three men and two women, each about the same height and the same earrings, and almost the same style of dyed blond hair, entered the office. They looked young and a bit skinny. Too skinny, in his eyes. He noticed the fangs as one of the three men smiled.

"Good evening. What can I do to help?" asked the doctor.

The men sat down next in front of him. "We need HIV medication, " said the man in the middle, the oldest looking of the group.

"This is a general clinic. We don't have that kind of medication lying around, nor would we give it out like candy on Halloween, " Dr. Camacho explained. "Do any of you even have a diagnosis for it?" Three hands, all the males, went up."OK, great." He pointed to the middle one. "Do you have any medical insurance?"

The men looked at each other. One of the women asked "What's that?"

"Are you serious?" He looked at the screen and brought up the medical records program the Conclave provided. "Are you registered with our conclave?" They looked at him with blank expressions. "The group of biters like yourselves."

"Oh… oh…" said two of the men.

"We've just moved to town, " said one of the women.

"OK… you sir, what's your social?"

The man in the middle looked at him with a blank expression. Dr. Camacho asked again. "Social security number?"

The men looked at each other and shrugged. Dr. Camacho got a little frustrated and said, "Check in your wallets! Blue card!"

"Oh...OH!" They all said and went into their wallets.

"So that's what they were for!" said the man to the right.

"OK, read me the number."

After finding their previous diagnosis, he asked them about their current health and where they worked now.

"We are what you call a sex haram, " said the man in the middle, the leader of the group. "We want to keep working but our diagnosis makes it hard for us to do so. And we sometimes play blood games with each other so we need-"

One of the women interrupted, saying, "We all want to take ART because it will block infection. I heard about it on Dr. Noz."

Dr. Camacho looked downward at the woman wearing the loose pink top. His face bore a look of frustration. He rubbed his temples, then said "I'll explain this the best way I can. ART, antiretroviral therapy for short, only works on HIV. It will reduce your viral load, but it won't completely cure the disease. Until you get it down to near 0, you're still at risk of spreading the disease if you swap fluids. Furthermore, it won't protect you from other diseases like the clap or syph."

"OK, doctor, we get the gist. Just let us know where we can get some medicine, " the man on the left flippantly said. The man in the middle tapped him on the head. "Owww."

"Yes, doctor. We will take fewer risks. Are our pr

aid Storken as his fangs retracted, almost in fear.

Lucas and Reuben turned around. "Speak of the devil and she appears, " said Lucas.

"Mr. Thomas, Dr. Camacho, " said Fabiola. "I wouldn't have to make these appearances if your community would stop attracting my attention."

"I assure you that the harem group is not yet part of our community and-, " the deputy mayor quickly explained, but was interrupted by Fabiola.

"Spare me the apologetics, Mr. Storken, " she said as she swung her foot to close the door. She was holding a manila folder in her hand. The folder was quite large with many documents inside. "I didn't come here for them."

"Ah, other conclave business, I presume?"

"Anyway, while you're here, " Reuben began to ask, "do you know who created HIV? Have you heard anything through the intelligence grapevines?"

Fabiola walked past them and set the folder down on his desk. She looked at the men. "I asked my boss about it years ago and he said he didn't know for certain. Says that so many groups say it was made to target them alone that he doesn't believe any of it."

Lucas crossed his arms and said "Oh come on! It keeps us from shapeshifting in advanced stages and passes through blood! Of course it was made to kill us!"

"It affects us tiger shifters as well."

"Look, that's what I heard! If you don't believe me, go ask an AIDS specialist!" She put her hands on her hips. "Y'all need to learn safe biting or something like that. Don't bite or pork any Tom Dick or Jane you meet at the club. That goes for you too, doc!"

"Me? But I don't-"

"Whatever. Look, I got Conclave business to talk with the mayor here, so you should make like a bat and hang out in a cave or something."

Lucas shouted, "We don't do that Dracula shit!"

Fabiola looked at her smartwatch. "Oh look, a new mission request just appeared in my encrypted mailbox…"

"I'm gone!" said Lucas. He bolted for the door, moving with magic-enhanced speed.

"Wait for me!" Reuben shouted as he ran after Lucas. Papers flew from the wind generated by their panicked escape from the office. "Doctors and children first!"

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