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   Chapter 13 Dis-inspections

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New night clinic, 9:30 AM

The inspector paced around the new clinic, checking things off her expansive list as she walked around. She sniffed the air as he went around, noticing something in the air of the new building. Maddy stood around nervously as the inspector kept stopping and writing things down. Eventually, she finished and walked over to Maddy, who was standing by the edge of the new lobby and the check-in desk.

"Ms. Peterson? Where is the head doctor?" asked the inspector.

"He… couldn't make it. He got called away to a house call, " replied Maddy. This was technically true. She couldn't say that he was at Tanya's house, patching up a witness that was wounded by her latest bounty.

"Where is the owner?" asked the inspector again.

"Uh…, well… I'm sure he's busy, " said Maddy. "He might be sleeping since he also works nights, though I believe the co-owner is Folden Medical."

"Yes… I suppose I can ask them too." She looked at the list. "Anyhoo, are you aware that your prophylaxis storage is 5 inches too close to the sprinkler?"

"I wasn't aware of it. We've been busy." Maddy did not mention the werewolf brawl in the current clinic.

The inspector wrote something down on the paper, then asked "when will you be installing fire alarm strobes in the bathroom.?"

"I… thought… that was… already done."

"You should make sure that is done before opening. The state looks poorly on hospitals that let their patients get cooked in the bathroom." The dryness of the inspector's tone said to Maddy that this was something that happened before.

"Yes, ma'am. I will."

"So polite… anyway, " she looked at her inspection sheet, "your MSDS sheets are missing and you have a pile of cleaning chemicals on the floor near the lab."

"We'll… see to it that those are properly found and stored."

The inspector said "Uh, huh…" and made another mark on her form. She looked up and said, "Were you aware that it is extremely dangerous to keep chicken sandwiches in the same freezer as the sample storage freezer?"

Maddy crossed her arms. "Now that you can't blame on me. That was one of the construction workers!"

She spun her pencil around. "Fair enough, " and erased the note from the form. "But I can ding you for not having a bloodborne pathogen control form."

"We'll copy it from our current clinic."

She wrote something down and said "Good to hear. While we're at it, why do you have a medicinal bones bucket made out of cast iron?"

"What what what?"

"The workers again?" The inflection in her voice indicated a high level of sarcasm.

"Jesus, help me now." Maddy put her hands in her head.

"Based on my observation, I can't authorize the opening of the clinic until a subsequent interview with the doctor." She handed her the clipboard. "Sign here and here please."

Dr. Camacho's office, A few days and hours later.

An evening phone call on the office line immediately caught Dr. Camacho's attention. He picked it up with a sense of worry. "Elk Grove night clinic, Dr. Camacho speaking. Hello?"

"This is Elena Hyde, the health inspect

s on the screen. Instead of cheering him up, it made Reuben madder because the college basketball coach got fired for sexual harassment, the local class A baseball team coach got fired for groping, and all of his favorite MLB teams lost. He turned off the TV and absentmindedly tossed the remote at his folder. "She didn't complain about the coffin room as much as I thought the inspectors would."

"Is she a shifter?" asked Lucas.

"No, Maddy says she's never been to our clinic." He scratched his beard and resolved to shave before bed. "But I'm not sure if the review board will see it the same way." He looked at Lucas. "Would you let a 200-year-old vampire build you a nightclub?"

Lucas laughed at the idea. "Man, if you had told me when I was a teenager that at age 45 I'd be a 20-year-old vampire and friends with a guy from the Renaissance-"

"-Napoleonic Wars."

"-whatever, I'd have laughed so hard I'd throw up everything I ate in a week. Poop would fly out of the toilet, back up my ass, turn back into food and go straight out of my mouth."

"That's a visual I didn't need before bed."

Lucas put down his bowl of cereal and sternly looked at Reuben. "Listen, you're overthinking this. They're not gonna care that Montague sleeps there. You keep all the dangerous stuff and the patients out of the basement, right?"


"So, what's the harm? He can be the guard dog as well."

Reuben shook the hair away from his face. "Speaking of which, have you transferred the rent to my account?"

"C'mon Doc! I'm giving you quality advice here!" He closed his arms.

"Yeah and now I know how to use it!" He pointed at the documents. "If you don't pay the rent this week, I'll make you sleep in the coffin room. WITH Montague." Reuben stood up and headed for his bedroom.

"What? Oh, come on!" Lucas turned his neck hard as Reuben walked away. "He probably snores as loud as a buzzsaw!" Reuben laughed. "I'm gonna bite you for that!"

"BRZZZZ!" Reuben made a buzzsaw sound with his mouth, then went into the bedroom and closed the door.

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