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   Chapter 12 Failure

The Bite Cleaner By OldManSteve Characters: 9198

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Elk Grove Night Clinic

Time unknown- the clock was knocked off the wall.

This... this must be slow time perception, thought Dr. Camacho. This is the whole 'time slows down thing' in an emergency. I always thought that was a myth. But I thought vampires and shifters were a myth too.

Time became frozen to Dr. Camacho as chaos roared through his office and lobby. Half a chicken flew slowly in the air, going past the doctor's head. The doctor spun around to see into the lobby. There, the coffee table was smashed in half, two patients laid upside down and backward, knocked unconscious. Werewolf Frank had a woman, his second wife, in half-wolf form, choking him from behind, despite her being half his size in his werewolf form. Maddy had her mouth open in panic and Dr. Camacho could see her eyes move as the chunk of chicken flew towards the fighting werewolves.

I just wanted to be a doctor... How'd things go so wrong so quickly?

Werewolf Frank's house

A half hour earlier.

The candles barely lit the room as the naked woman knelt down on the bare, tiled linoleum of the living room. Frank, wearing a tight bathrobe, stood over her, his wolf-pack in full wolf form sitting around them.

"Are you sure this is what you want, honey?" asked Frank.

"If I had known you had this power when we were married, " explained the woman, "I would've jumped at the chance. I'm sorry I left you-".

"That's OK. I wasn't perfect in those days either."

"-but let me share this life with you, as friends."

Werewolf Frank extended the fangs from his jaw. "I understand." He lifted her arm and bit her.

"Ooohh, " said the woman. "This hurts more than I thought."

The wolves panted nearby, a mix of hunger and longing from their mouths.

Frank lifted the vial of wolfblood he got from eBay because wolves are an endangered species (except in Idaho because 1 wolf is too many there. grrr) and eBay sells everything. He poured the concoction down her throat. She eagerly drank it down.

"Now, you'll start to feel your body drift downwards. That's the magic connection forming. Pull it towards yourself once you feel it touching."

"OK. I-" Frank's ex began to say, " ughg!" She started twitching. Blood began dripping from her mouth, nose, and ears.

"Oh shit! Rejection!" Frank held her but she broke free and flopped along the floor like a fish out of water.

The wolves backed away from her and Frank. One of them shifted back into human form. "Get her to the bite cleaner!" he shouted.

Elk Grove Night clinic

Not long after

The door burst open and Frank rushed inside, carrying his fallen first wife. Maddy screamed for the doctor as two more men came in after him.

He quickly opened his office door and saw F

he shifted and ate their fighting rooster during a fight, " the officer explained. "He's choking on it since he shifted back."

"OK, I'm going to make-" the doctor was interrupted again when the woman and Frank stood up. The woman was on Frank's back from behind, choking the crap out of him.

"HAACK!" A big chunk of chicken flew out of the tiger's mouth at impressive velocity. It looped in the air. Time slowed down to a crawl for the doctor as he saw the second wife of Frank looked shocked as a chunk of chicken got smashed against her face. She let go of Frank, sending him to the floor to catch his breath. Her face turned white and she fell.

"Doc, help!" shouted Frank as he turned to face his fallen second wife.

Doctor Camacho sprung into action, moving with a swiftness that would impress him later in life. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, the woman died from a brain aneurysm caused by the chunk of chicken hitting her. The tiger shifter survived, and so did the first wife, despite not becoming a shifter. After he sent them home and the body to the morgue, he and Maddy closed up the clinic for the evening and looked over the damage.

"How do we explain this to the insurance company?" asked Maddy.

"Uh... " Dr. Camacho stopped to think. "...coyote rampage? They'll believe it when they see all the fur, " said Dr. Camacho. "Anyway, email the conclave and ask for their special cleaning service."

"I've got their number on speed dial, but why bother? We'll be in the new clinic soon, once the paint dries."

Dr. Camacho put Maddy's family photo frame back on the signing board above her desk. "We will still have people to help."


"Yes, people. Wolves wouldn't fight over things like this." His voice sounded blank, empty, drained. It was a long night and he just wanted it to end.

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