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   Chapter 11 We all pay the price someday

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Elk Grove night clinic (trailer), Just before 10 PM

Dr. Camacho lifted the ice pack from the woman's eye. He saw the swelling around her eye and the gradual blackening of her skin around the eye. "How bad is the pain?" asked the doctor.

"Uh, pretty bad around my eye, " said the woman, a raven-haired lady in her 30s.

"How did this happen?" asked Dr. Camacho.

"I... fell off my bike."

"You were riding your bike? What did you hit?"

"I hit... the curb." Lightning flashes outside caught Dr. Camacho's attention.

"Really? In this weather? Did you have a light on your bike?"

"No, doctor."

He looked cautiously at her eye. "Can you see me out of your left eye?" he asked her.

"A bit, but it's hard to hold open." Despite the injury, her face reminded him of his aunt.

"I'm going to-" Dr. Camacho's next sentence was interrupted when he heard the door quickly open and lots of crying.

"Doctor! Come quick!" shouted Maddy on the intercom.

"...Now leave you here while I see what the next crisis is, " Dr. Camacho said as he set down his ophthalmoscope and rushed out the door.

The lobby was in chaos. Sick patients stood up, leaning frightfully by the plants, as bleeding men in robes fell on the sofa and chairs. Maddy opened a gauze pack and gave it to a man bleeding from his forehead. A man in a robe curled up in a ball as Doctor Camacho entered the lobby.

"What's going on?" asked Doctor Camacho.

"We don't know why it happened!" screamed a man.

"Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, " chanted the man curled up in a ball.

A white man with very short blond hair put a wounded bald Asian man on the couch, then looked up at the doctor and said, "We made a mistake."

"Well, this is a night clinic. You should go to the ER. I'm not equipped to handle this many people at one time."

"Doctor, this is a special case, " explained the man. Dr. Camacho noticed their weird symbol on the man's right cheek and a larger version above the heart on his robe.

"I see that." Dr. Camacho turned around to face the other patients. "Guys, this is a big mess. I'm not going to be able to see you for a while."

"This pain I got is pretty bad, doctor, " said a large rotund black guy wearing a small leather coat and studded gloves.

"If it's really bad, all I can suggest is the ER. If not, come back in one hour or so and I should be free then." He turned to Maddy and said, "Get all the blankets and the gauze out of storage."

Working hard for the next hour, Dr. Camacho was able to patch up all the wounded Great Ganhoo cultists of Elk Grove. While talking with the blond cultist, he was able to learn what happened.

As the cultists rested on the sofas and the other offices, Dr. Camacho sent the woman on her way with a hot pack for her eye. He sat down at his computer and looked up the phrase mythological men with dragon heads and found Zahhak, a kind of devil in Zoroastrianism. This made him think they summoned the wrong deity...

He thought about the dragon-headed human they described to him and the bite marks and tears through their bodies. He got up and opened the door. The minorly wounded cultists were asleep on the couch and the seriously wounded ones were in the other offices. Now's my chance.

He reached for the phone and went into his phonebook.

"Hey Tanya honey, " Reuben started to say, "so glad you're home! I-" she interrupted him. "Yes, it's bad news. How'd you know?" She explained why. "But I use honey other times!" She mentioned another word he uses. "OK I do us

es in their mighty struggle with the creature.

Tanya reached into her shirt and pulled out her amulet. A bright light from the amulet shone on the creature. It held its arms up and wiggled violently against the combined strength of the four shifters. Soon, the creature became light itself and flowed backward, screaming, into her amulet.

The shifters collapsed in pain on the floor and sofa. "Is it gone for good?" asked Lucas as he wiped his face.

"Yeah. I doubt anyone will be able to summon him from there again, " Tanya explained, then put her amulet back inside her shirt.

Shorty walked towards the stairs as Werewolf Frank spoke. "You owe us... at least a pizza dinner for this." Frank laid back panting against the couch.

"I might be able to find a coupon for CiCi's on Groupon."

"It better be... the good one... on 15th, " said an also exhausted Lucas.

"Hey! I got their wallets!" said Shorty, from the stairs. "Dinner is on the cultists tonight!"

"Good!" said Tanya as she locked down her crossbow. "They should have to pay since they summoned the wrong damn deity!"

Cultist compound, 2:30 AM

The cultists limped one by one into their badly damaged compound, their rags soaked with each other's blood. They went about the task of cleaning up the place.

"Awww. It ate all the eggs and chocolate..." whined one of the cultists in the kitchen.

"Talk about a kick in the dick, " said the blond cultist as he flipped the table right side up. The doorbell rang. "NOW WHAT?" asked the man. He looked through the side windows and saw bright headlights near their van.

"Who could it be?" asked the heavily wounded cultist lying on the sofa.

The cultist opened the door. Pbbt! A silenced gunshot win through his skull. The other cultists froze as his body hit the floor. Black-clad, helmeted men ran inside, shooting dead every single cultist not already dead in the compound. All of Dr. Camacho's hard work, gone in the span of 15 seconds.

Looking inside, from a black luxury car parked just a bit away from the compound, was Fabiola. She saw her Air Force spec ops men carrying the cultists' books and laptops from the house while others poured gasoline. Once everyone was clear, the torches went inside. Fabiola rolled up her car windows as the compound began to burn, her latest mission a resounding success.

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