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   Chapter 10 Disposal

The Bite Cleaner By OldManSteve Characters: 10528

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Happy foothills, 5:30am

Look at these mansions! thought Reuben as he drove up the windy road. On his right was the edge of the hill, in which the twilight of the rising sun clashed with the city lights. On his left, he passed by mansion after mansion. {This must be the old money part of town. I wonder if Dr. Cochrane lives out here? He probably does since his dad owns Ridgeway medical.}

The GPS beeped at him, signaling that his turn was coming up. He made the left turn and came upon a metal gate with gold colored tips lining the spears. Per his caller's instructions, he kept going and the gate swung open. Inside he saw what he first thought was a real Scottish castle, complete with lookout points. But then he noticed the satellite dishes along the roof with fake battlements. {Old biter must miss the highlands.}

He pulled into the large garage, parked and grabbed his medical treatment bag. Never thought I'd make a house call out here. Thank god there wasn't anybody in the clinic when I got the call. Ooh, there's a nice car. He noticed a flashy yellow Camaro with an aftermarket engine block sticking out of the hood, parked next to his car. {Someone has a need for speed.}

A door swung open and a man in a butler outfit spoke to Reuben. "This way, Dr. Camacho." Reuben quickly went up the stairs lined with bronze handlebars. He followed the butler through fancy hallways lined with oligarch paintings, medieval flags, and funny looking vases. After climbing some fancy stairs, he was led to a large bedroom.

Inside was a young man in a nice clubbing shirt and underwear, sitting beside a bed. Dr. Camacho noticed a tipped-over dresser by his leg, but not touching it. Women's clothes laid on the bed. He looked to his right and saw why he was called over to the mansion. He looked to the right. A dead woman partially covered in a white sheet, was face down on the floor. A milky white substance oozed from her mouth. He walked over to the body, and noticed the bite marks on her neck. They were too small to be wolf or vampire fangs. They were very dark with a few black lines radiating from them like spokes on a tire.

"She's dead, isn't she?" asked Dr. Camacho to the butler.

"I checked her pulse before I called, " explained the butler. "She was quite dead when I made the call."

"Then you should have called a coroner, not a doctor." He looked at the young man, who barely acknowledged his presence and stared at the wall. "Or the police."

"We were hoping for some discretion with this matter, doctor, " said the butler.

"It was an accident, " the young man said. "I didn't mean it."

"Master Rick, " said the butler, "we know you didn't mean any harm."

"It can be difficult for spider shifters to control their biting urges when threatened, " Dr. Camacho explained. "But poisoning only occurs when they feel threatened."

"It was an accident, " Rick said, with a stronger voice. "She went all wild on me and I…" his voice trailed off.

"We are hoping that you'll be able to take care of this matter as you do with other shifters, " said the butler.

"I'm a doctor, not a clean up guy. Doesn't th

ing as she walked. After enjoying her derriere, he looked up at the TV and saw that his alma mater's basketball was losing. In the first round. To a number fourteen ranked team.

An elbow from the side caught his attention. A muscled up man brushed past him and walked towards Tanya.

"Hey, sexy mama, " said the muscled man wearing the chopped flannel shirt and big hat, "need a real man to carry your load?"

"I already got a man, trucker Bob, " said Tanya. PAAAK! The white ball knocked the #6 ball into the side pocket and then bounced the #8 ball off the side.

"Who, him? Enrique Iglesias over there?" said the trucker with a snort after him. Because everyone Latin is Iglesias…

"Sure." Tanya stood up. "What? You're more of a man than him?" She put her stick on the side of the pool. Reuben softly tapped the stick on the table, then got distracted when his team hit a three-point shot.

"Lady, I work with my hands every day. Come check out my truck of love…" he dragged the love sound a bit too far.

Tanya winked at Reuben, and looked at the driver. "Yeah, OK, show me how good you are with your hands." She started walking to the back door and the trucker followed.

Outside, Tanya walked the love-struck truck driver down the brick-lines wall, and stopped in front of the rusty ice machine. The truck driver rubbed his hands and said "ooh, right here?"

"You got it, big boy, " said Tanya. She turned around to face him. He walked closer and reached for his belt.

WHROCK! Tanya steel tipped boot toe slammed into his crotched. The horny truck driver knelt forward, in the worst pain of his life. She pulled her leg back and swung the other leg at his head. whop trhunk! His head swung and smashed against the ice cooler. The obnoxiously hungry trucker went down in a bloody heap.

Reuben sipped his ginger ale drink as Tanya walked back inside. She picked up her sangria and took a sip.

"Is he still alive?" asked Reuben.

"He'll wish he wasn't, " replied Tanya. She put her drink down and took a shot. The white ball knocked the #8 ball into the corner pocket.

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