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   Chapter 9 Loyalties

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The Night Clinic, 6:00AM

The night ran long with many problematic patients. The flu, first degree burns, and other diseases starting with the letter F plagued Dr. Camacho throughout the evening. This was a bad time to have a headache. The construction going on nearby also didn't help his headache. At the moment, Dr. Camacho was writing a prescription for Ferrous sulfate (it helps when your iron levels are low) when he heard loud yelling at the door. He looked at the door when wham! The door swung open and men wearing black t-shirts blitzed inside.

"Dr. Camacho! You, get outta here!" said one of the men. He didn't have a gun in his hand, but he did have something scarier. A badge. The female patient quickly scurried out of the room, followed by the last sick patient in the lobby.

"What is this about, officer?" asked Dr. Camacho.

"We're looking for any records on Jane Kharvos, " demanded the officer with gray-peppered hair and holding the badge. His shirt and badge both said FBI.

"I am under no obligation to violate doctor patient confidentiality, " Dr. Camacho replied.

"You haven't been following your legal obligation lessons, doctor. Plus, we know she's a shifter, " said the officer. At the shake of his head, the other officers started looked around the office, hunting around the shelves. "Doctor-patient confidentiality is not a federal statute."

"Don't you need a warrant before I can release such information? And stop-" a tall black officer knocked over a model of the human heart. "-aah, I just fixed that too!"

"No. We now have authority under HIPAA (US medical documentation law). Besides, you're a human aren't you?"

"Yes but I fail to see the relevance."

The officer knelt down and looked deeply at Dr. Camacho. "Because if you are, you'd be more than willing to help us. Shifters are evil. You see the mess they leave behind every day in your office."

Dr. Camacho refused to be intimidated. "It wasn't so long ago that your organization didn't even see me as a human being. So again, I fail to see the relevance of your remarks."

An officer dropped a pile of books off the shelves. Maddy screamed in the lobby.

"Maddy-" Dr. Camacho got up and the officer held his hands forward.

"Settle down, doctor grouchy."

"What are doing to her, you thugs?!"

The officers stepped back into the lobby and Dr. Camacho stood up and followed. An officer pushed Maddy onto the couch as another officer sat down at her computer and started searching through the records.

"This would go a lot faster if you'd tell us about Jane Kharvos, " said the lead officer.

"I don't remember treating her, " said Dr. Camacho.

The lead officer crossed his arms while his agents opened and closed folders on Maddy's desk and computers. "Maybe she used an alias? She's a shifter after all."

"You can't spell shifter without shifty, " said the black officer as he put the folders back on the desk. The other FBI officers laughed.

"Har har har. My practice is now an SNL skit, " sarcastically said the doctor. "Who's next? Should I expect a visit from the Spanish Inquisition? They wish to burn my witches?"

"She's not in their system, boss, " said the officer at Maddy's computer. He stood up and knocked over an empty coffee mug.

"What does this woman even look like?" asked Maddy.

The lead officer took out a mug shot from his clipboard. The woman had really pale skin with a homely yet serious face. He eyes were a bit large, giving her a world-weary yet clear-eyed expression. She had a slightly visible mustache that made Dr. Camacho and Maddy think she hadn't waxed in a while at the time of the photo. Her hair was short and pointy at the top, almost spikey in some ways. She had on two earrings on each ear that had a chain shaped like connected teardrops. The teardrops led to a loop with a diamond attached in the middle.

"You should have just shown

hreds!" the cat thief said, then shook her head and readied her hands.

"Bring it, pussy." Tanya shifted her body weight backward.

The cat burglar charged, violently swinging her claws downwards. Tanya quickly stepped back, avoiding the dangerous swings. She smirked, frustrating the mad thief. In a sudden motion, the thief swung sideways at Tanya, the claws barely missing her beautiful face and long red hat. Tanya quickly spun to dodge and swung her sword, flat side forwards. Whuck! She connected with the thief's head. The cat thief knelt down from the painful blow and connected with Tanya's black boot coming at her in a kick. Blood flew out of her nose. She wildly swung upwards, connecting with Tanya's kevlar lined shirt.

Tanya stepped back and raised one sword upwards and tucked one to her opposite side and straight. "My turn." She stepped forward and swung downwards.

The cat burglar stepped sideways quickly to avoid the swing and swung her claws. She smiled at the thought of the bounty hunter making such a simple mistake.

However, it was not a mistake. The blade being tucked under came into the play, swinging down and across as the other sword went behind Tanya. The look of surprise on the cat burglar's face had to be seen to be believed as the blade cut across her thigh. Tanya's hat got knocked sideways as the claws missed her face. The cat burglar gripped her cut open thigh, then looked up to see where Tanya was.

WHAMP! A fist to the face from Tanya sent her face first into the riverbed. She shook off the tremendous blow and pushed herself out of the mud, shaking bits of mud from her face.

"" she muttered more than asked.

"I'm a hundred percent human, a hundred percent nasty, " Tanya exclaimed. She put her left arm into her coat, putting away one of the blades. She lifted her amulet from her shirt and aimed it at the shifter. A bright, almost blinding light flooded the weak shifter as she held up her arms in a vain attempt to protect her eyes.

The light ended and Jane Kharvos was back in human form, and out like the light. Tanya put away the other blade and went into the woman's backpack. She retrieved a very old and ornate necklace of Renaissance silver jewelry. She took a picture of the necklace and sent it along with the words "mission complete" attached to the text. Walking away from the fallen, bleeding woman, she looked up and saw the first rays of morning light along the clouds above the hills.

All this fresh air and exercise, thought Tanya as she climbed back up to the bridge, my doctor's going to be impressed.

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