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   Chapter 6 Not Every Dog Has Its Day

The Bite Cleaner By OldManSteve Characters: 6381

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Chase Hills Cemetery, 4:50pm

The rain tapered off, leaving behind a misty fog around the cemetery as the Catholic priest began saying the rites before the crowd gathered at the grave.

"...ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The Lord bless him and keep him, the Lord make His Face to shine upon him…"

Lucas stood next to a crying woman. As the prayer went on, the woman went from silently crying to the emotional dams bursting. She fell to her knees. A man to her left quickly scooped her up.

Standing a few rows behind Lucas were Tanya and Reuben. Reuben closed the umbrella and lowered it. Reuben looked on solemnly as one of his patients was lowered into the grave.


"How did he die?" asked Tanya as they walked away from the grave.

"He was in dog form when he chased after the car."

"They buried a human, right?"

"Yes. He changed form before the driver got out, " explained Reuben. "There were no direct witnesses. They only heard the thump and the car stop and saw his body."

"Was that woman his wife?"

"Yup. That was her, " explained Lucas as he caught up with them. "She's pregnant. Ain't this a kick in the ole balls?"

"Does she know about his ability?" asked Tanya.

"I haven't seen her at my clinic, so if she does come by, I'll have to explain to her about the serum."

"Yeah, the serum, " said Lucas. "Won't help me, but it might help her."

"Serum?" asked Tanya.

"Once a human becomes a shifter, it mucks up their DNA. Shifter and humans, for the most part, can't readily produce offspring. Lucas and other biters can't have kids. But dog shifters can- with the serum."

Tanya looked around the cemetery as they approached his car. She looked at Reuben. "What happens if she doesn't get the serum?"

"No babies. Stillborn, " said Lucas.

"It's a bit more complicated. With the right serum, she can choose to have puppies or human babies."

Lucas said,

t the book on shifter physiology that Montague translated. "This will only take a minute, while I prepare the last portion of the serum." Dr. Camacho frowned as he read. "OK, more than a minute. Please wait in the lobby while I do something that defies modern medicine."

"Thank you, doctor. You've made the spirit of my husband proud."

"Just remember to come to me for delivery. Folden medical would lose their minds if you went there."

A couple of months later, Dr. Camacho's night clinic

Maddy entered the office as the last puppy was wiped clean and put into the bassinet. "Aww, how cute!"

"That's the last one. You are the proud mother of five puppies, " said Dr. Camacho.

"Thank…" said an exhausted mother. The whines of the puppies also sapped her strength.

"Did you make the list?" asked Dr. Camacho.


Dr. Camacho washed his hands then stuck his hand in and gently retreived the list. He passed it to Maddy. "This is the designated milker list. Go ahead and start calling."

"On it, boss." Maddy took the list and headed to her desk.

Dr. Camacho handed the dried, whining puppies to their human mother, one at a time.

"They have his ears!" loudly said the mother. "Oh, how I want to cry…"

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