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   Chapter 22 Training the Walker Cassie Wilson Book 2

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Chapter 22

Once in her bedroom Cassie closed the door and leaned on it for a few seconds, feeling as though she needed to catch her breath. From the moment everyone stepped into her kitchen she felt as though she was running, trying to keep up with people already impossibly far ahead of her. The closed door was less of a means of keeping her hiding place secret and more of a break from the others outside the door. Her head was spinning and she felt the need for a moment of separation to just breathe.

As usual, she didn't get as many questions answered as she wanted. Everyone seemed more intent on asking rather than answering. 'But I learned a little bit, ' she said.

The most important thing she learned was that the protections her grandfather placed on her would fail on her eighteenth birthday. 'Just in time for Enki to return.' The fear made Cassie want to crawl under the bed and curl up in a ball hoping he didn't look for her there.

"Which wouldn't help, " She reminded herself. She was certain that under her bed would be the first hiding place someone would check. "It's why I don't hide anything there."

Somehow she didn't think climbing into the window seat and burrowing under the blankets would help either. As Jacob mentioned knowing when she started seeing things might help, Cassie pushed herself off of the closed door and moved to her desk. She pulled out the chair and crawled under the desk. After a brief bit of fiddling, she opened the secret compartment and the journal slid into her hands. She closed the compartment, stood and put the chair back in its place.

Now that she was going to show the journal to others, it somehow looked more childish than she remembered. A present on her eight birthday, the book was pink, the cover bejeweled with a multitude of fake plastic gem stones and some pink feathers glued in decorative fan shapes. The feathers were raggedy and bedraggled, all initial fluff gone.

"I really wish I'd used a plain notebook, " Cassie said to herself as she dug the keys to the lock out of her desk drawer. She unlocked the latch and put the keys back in the drawer. "I just never thought I'd have to show it to anyone."

Diary in hand, Cassie walked to her bedroom door, took a deep breath to steady herself and opened the it. In the kitchen, the men were talking quietly to themselves. Their conversation was a low mummer in deep masculine tones and she was unable to pick out any words. As she approached, their conversation ended. Cassie held the journal out to Abraham. He smiled softly as he took it. He traced one of the plastic gem stones with his thumb and Cassie remembered that he was the one to give her the journal.

Cassie moved into her place by her untouched plate and glass of milk. Abraham set the journal on the island and opened the cover. The other men crowded around for a better view and Cassie picked up her glass of milk, trying not to feel nervous. The milk warmed to room temperature and after a small sip, she put the glass down, not liking the warmed fluid.

The men read over her short entries and studied the drawings she made. For the most part they were quiet as they slowly turned the pages. Occasionally, one or more would make a sound of surprise and glance at her before looking back down at the page. Cassie toyed nervously with her tart, crumbling the frangipane to dust on the plate. The notes she took were usually simple descriptions of one or two sentences. The bulk of what the journal contained were small pencil sketches of what she saw, usually because what she saw often defied description.

'And Rembrandt I am not, ' Cassie thought as she watched them study her efforts on recording. 'Everyone from Intelligent Fitness is in there as are the ladies from the bakery.'

Cassie's notes on the Sunrise Bakery were the last ones she added. The others like Jacob and Abraham that she watched weren't added to the list as she could never quite figure


"Eric, " Cassie supplied nodding. "Yeah, she is sort of single minded about him."

"Ah, " Bert said nodding. "And she was unable to secure his affections?"

"No, " Cassie said shaking her head. "He doesn't seem to like her at all."

"Then it is obvious she believed his affections were claimed by another, someone she hadn't noticed before. This Kelly then went looking expecting to find a girl she had thus far not noticed, saw you and concluded you had stolen his affections. The charm let her see you and as she was expecting to find a girl, she did."

"Even if Eric didn't notice me because he wasn't wearing a charm, " Cassie said. She wondered what would happen when her grandfather's protections were removed. Would she have to suffer Kelly's anger every day charm or not?

"Maybe I should buy one of those concealment charms so she still doesn't see me, " Cassie said glumly, visions of the rest of her senior year looking not so rosy.

"You might want to wait and see what happens first, " Oliver told her with a smile.

"And a blocker can always be added again later, " Bert assured her. "It wouldn't help with Enki but it would remove the …distraction of Kelly, if it becomes necessary."

"There are other ways to deal with her, " Oliver told her with a grin. "Some are more fun than simply making her blind to your presence. Besides you don't want to get so used to people not seeing you that you start giving monologues in class like Enki. Eventually, there is bound to be at least one person who can still see you."

"I suppose, " Cassie said. The concealment charm was one of the flash cards she memorized. If it came down to it she could always draw the symbol on her arm with a sharpie to avoid Kelly.

"Any more questions?" Bert asked when it appeared Cassie accepted their answer. Questions crowded her mind. None of them were questions she thought they could answer. She suspected she might have better luck with her grandfather when he returned with the lock.

"Not that I can think of, " Cassie replied.

"Then I think we will skip the Latin conversation this week, " Bert said. "Next week we will talk about your birthday, so be sure to look up festive words."

Cassie nodded. Somehow she doubted her birthday would be that festive this year. 'Not that I'm usually the party queen, ' she thought as she walked Oliver and Bert to the door. They parted and Cassie promised to continue studying the edible plants.

"Until Tuesday, " she said, offering her usual parting as they stepped into the garden. Cassie closed the door and made certain it was locked. She was in no mood for any more visitors.

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