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   Chapter 10 Training the Walker Cassie Wilson Book 2

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Chapter 10

The first item on Cassie's to do list was dinner. She took a bag of frozen tomato sauce she made, when the tomato plants were heavy with fruit and the basil was lush and thick, out of the freezer and put it in the microwave on a defrost setting. While that was becoming a sauce rather than a frozen block, Cassie put a pot of salted water on to boil and measured out her penne pasta. Cassie thought about getting her school assignments out of the way, but knew she wouldn't be able to concentrate.

"I'll do homework tomorrow, " she told herself. Cassie leaned against the counter as she waited for the water to boil. As she did, she tried to order her thoughts about everything except the box. Hester was more than likely Hestia and after working beside her today, Cassie still felt good about taking the job. She wasn't quite certain how she would feel when she met the others who worked in the bakery.

"I somehow doubt they are just average citizens, " Cassie said. The microwave dinged and she took the thawed bag of sauce out. She emptied the still cold, but now liquid sauce into a pan and turned on the burner to heat it through so it would be ready when the pasta was done. Slowly, the scent of roasted tomatoes, basil and oregano filled the kitchen.

"But that is a problem for Monday, or whenever I meet them, " she decided. "Just like I have to wait until Tuesday to talk to Oliver about the class possibly ending."

She wasn't quite certain what would happen in two weeks when the class officially ended. Somehow she doubted Ina planned to let her out of their twice weekly sparring matches, regardless of whether or not class ended.

"So if we can't do anything about that until Tuesday, what else is there?"

She thought through her conversation with Bert. He told her he'd get a list of symbols to her and for now she had no other option but to trust that he would. Something in the conversation nagged at her though.

As the water came to a boil, Cassie turned and emptied the dried pasta into the water. She moved to the fridge and took out a wedge of parmesan cheese and picked up a cheese grater from the drawer. When her meal was assembled, she'd top it off with the cheese. As Cassie again settled down to wait, she walked herself through the conversation.

"One of the five original gates, " she remembered him saying. As the pasta was nearly done she scooped it out of the water and added it to the now warm sauce to finish cooking. "Original gates, " Cassie repeated as she swirled the pasta in the sauce. She poured the lot into a waiting bowl and topped it off with the grated cheese. She put the bowl in her accustomed spot on the placemat set up on the breakfast bar. She assembled her silverware and beverage and put all of her cooking implements in the sink to be washed after she ate.

There was something familiar to the term original gates, but Cassie couldn't quite place it. "Not that anyone has told me anything about gates, original or otherwise, " she grumbled to herself as she ate. "The only thing I've found that even mentions the gates is the book in my parent's library."

Cassie blinked and turned to look at the hall leading to the library. "The book of folklore, " Cassie half whispered to herself. 'iter porta, ' she thought as she ate. 'Travel gateway. Or at least that's what I thought it said.'

On her sleepless night she translated much of the first story in the book of the folkloric tales with the help of her dictionary, burgeoning language skills and the internet. As expected for a book of folklore, it started with a story about the beginning. As with most, the gods came first and then mankind. The gods played with the humans, sometimes offering assistance in exchange for worship and offerings. Sometimes the gods were less beneficial to man and were best avoided. In one passage, Cassie waded through flowery prose and what she was pretty sure were euphemisms to find that the gods occasionally had children with the humans.

Remembering when she studied Greek mythology in school, she thought those children would normally end up being referred to as demi-gods or heroes like Hercules. In this book of mythology they were called 'those who walk the paths', if her translation was accurate.


nt's thought she decided. "Heliopolis."

Despite the Greek sounding name, the carved symbol and hum signifying gate were located outside Cairo. The site was set off from its surrounds by a stone wall. Even if the tourist's flocked to the site during the day, by night it was deserted. There was a time difference with Cairo being six hours ahead, but if Cassie went to bed early enough, it would still be night time dark and deserted when she got there.

"I just need to see when my fictitious Walker would get there, " Cassie said. She pulled up a search engine and logged into a travel site. The last gate she opened was in Peru, located in some ruins just outside Cusco. "So Cusco to Cairo." Cassie typed in her destinations, using the current date as her travel day on a one way trip. It came back as no flights available. Cassie tried another day with the same results. Two more tries and she finally got a list of flights.

"Apparently there isn't a lot of traffic between Peru and Egypt." She stopped and chewed on her lip a moment as she thought about it. "If there is not a lot of traffic then there is a short list of people to check if they check passenger records." Cassie wasn't certain if it checking records would occur to them but she knew that Mr. Babbin got around his disability with a computer by having the secretary check records. "But those were school records. I think you need special clearance for flight records. Not that one of them couldn't have a friend with access."

Cassie looked at the two flights leaving Cusco for Cairo. Neither were non-stop flights. One had two stops, the other three. "With three stops it might be harder to check." Cassie clicked on the button to see where the passenger would have to change planes. "All major cities." She tried to work it through in her head. "The three stop flight lists travel time as thirty seven hours. It has been way longer than thirty seven hours since I last opened the gate. My traveler could have caught a flight to a major city, visited friends and then caught another flight. They could have taken their time getting from Cusco to Cairo to throw off anyone who was checking passenger lists."

Cassie was aware she wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind, but she thought she left enough wiggle room for several different scenarios to be used as 'the logical one' should anyone investigate. "Of course no one thought my Walker on a plane to begin with was logical." She shook her head. "Hopefully this will help." Cassie cleared her search and put her laptop on the desk, plugging it in to charge. If she was going to use it in her translation she would need it at full capacity.

Satisfied with her gate destination of Heliopolis, Cassie changed into her pajamas, brushed her teeth and moved back to her bed to watch the video of the disappearing box again.

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