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   Chapter 7 Quickening Cassie Wilson Book 1

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Chapter 7

Cassie closed her locker and headed towards the girl's bathroom to try and wipe off some of the soda. Skadi followed behind. The door to the girl's bathroom was a swinging one and Cassie pushed it open, letting it swing shut behind her. She heard a slight thump as the swinging door swung shut behind her thumping into the following Skadi.

'If I can't see you, I can't hold the door for you, ' she thought, a tight smile appearing on her face as she took a slight satisfaction in hitting Skadi with the door. Cassie let the smile go and went to the sink to see what she could do to repair the damage Kelly caused. She managed to wash her face and did her best to use wet paper towels to remove the soda from her hair. She had the feeling that by the end of the day her hair would end up in stiff spikes as the soda dried. Only a shower would actually get the rest out. Her clothing likewise was a loss. She dabbed at the damp spots, but there was little she could do other than send it to the washing machine.

As presentable as she could make herself, Cassie wet a bunch of paper towels and took them back to her locker. Skadi was waiting in the now empty hallway and followed her silently to her locker, her feet barely whispering on the floor tiles. Cassie found it extra creepy with just the two of them in the space and Skadi's dark eyes following her every move. She wiped down the floor, her locker and the surrounding lockers. She opened her locker again and wiped up the soda that splashed the insides. Her lunch bag was spattered on the outside, but the reusable insulated bag at least kept the insides safe from the soda spatter so her lunch wasn't ruined. Cassie wiped the bag off and added it to her school bag.

Realizing there was nothing left to clean up, Cassie closed her locker, added the used paper towels to the nearest trashcan, took a deep breath and headed towards the vice principal's office. Two administrative assistants sat behind a large reception desk blocking the outer office from the space within like a half-wall. One was on the phone and the other appeared to be typing something into a computer. Mr. Babbin's office was to the left and as she entered the main office, his door opened and Kelly strode out. Her lips were pinched together and she glared at Cassie, passing her without saying a word. Mr. Babbin appeared in his doorway and beckoned her forward.

Cassie stepped forward, Skadi right behind her. As she entered the small office, she noticed Enki leaning against the wall, smirking. The office was not a terribly large one. Mr. Babbin's large wooden desk and massive filing cabinet took up most of the space on the far end. The front of the office was a little clearer with a second filing cabinet against the wall next to the door and the middle ground filled with two guest chairs. In such a tight space, ignoring the presence of Enki and Skadi was difficult.

'At least I know they don't want to touch me either at the moment, ' Cassie tried to reassured herself even though she was quaking inside. It took all of her courage to remain in the confined space with the three of them surrounding her. 'If I was like everyone else then I would be quite surprised to see them suddenly appear. I don't think they want that.'

Despite the mocking, Enki and Skadi were both pressed against the walls and staying out of casual touching distance. Even though Cassie was looking directly at Mr. Babbin, she could see both of them in her peripheral vision due to their positions and the room's small size.

"Oh, Cupcake, " Enki began as Mr. Babbin gestured towards one of the visitor's chairs and she took a seat. "Are you going to tell the squirrel what the mean girl did and cry about the bully, throwing yourself on his mercy?"

"Enki, " Skadi said sounding exasperated. "Let Ratatoskr get this over with so we can move on to more pressing matters. Like who ordered him to spread the rumor of a Walker."

"Spoil sport, " Enki replied, pou

Somehow even though he still appeared to be teasing the vice principal, there was a dark and menacing undertone to the words. "You didn't start talking without at least doing that, did you?"

"How?" Mr. Babbin squealed his voice filled with pain. "How was I to test her? I'm the vice principal; I can't exactly attack her and see what happens. The kids have to see me. I can't go around attacking one of them and then go back to everyday life. I took this position to watch, to see if any Walkers appeared. With Ami Pi, Oghma, and Forseti in town it seemed a likely bet that any surviving Walkers would be here too."

"You took this position because it gave you endless access to gossip and high drama, " Enki replied dismissively. "Even if it isn't very original drama. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the one who told the mean girl Cupcake was after her boyfriend."

"Is that what they were fighting about?" Mr. Babbin asked sounding astonished. "I didn't realize. Then she couldn't be a Walker. The boy would hardly notice she existed." He cleared his throat. "Well, I suppose it is a good thing I didn't test her then. It would never do for me to attack one of the regular students. I'd lose my position here."

"That is quite a collection, " Skadi replied. Her voice sounded thoughtful. "I wasn't aware Oghma was in town. It seems you are quite knowledgeable as to who is around these days."

"I try to keep track, " Mr. Babbin replied sounding proud of his knowledge. "He runs a studio in the Plaza, some sort of fighting, self-defense sort of thing."

"And yet despite knowing who's in town, when you needed to test the girl to see if she might be a Walker, you didn't think to ask any of them for assistance. I'm certain there are a host of individuals in town who would love the chance to cause pain to a Walker, even if it was only to test a suspected one therefore relieving you of your risk." Skadi's tone was casual but outside, Cassie's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her shaking hand to hold back the sound from her gasp.

In the office, Mr. Babbin babbled excuses. Disturbingly, none of them involved the general wrong-ness of asking someone to beat up a teenaged girl just to see what would happen. Cassie felt her body start to shake.

"In fact, in order to finally put your claims to rest, I think we ought to arrange a little test, " Skadi continued over his excuses. "She'll either fight back like a Walker or she won't and then we'll know for sure."

"Oh, poor little Cupcake, " Enki said with a harsh laugh. "If she's not a Walker, she'll get beaten up. If she is, well then, sadly we'll just have to kill her."

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