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   Chapter 6 The Ravenwood Arms

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Chapter 6

It turned out, Davis Construction wasn't that hard to find. Davis was a fairly common name, but the logo was quite distinct. Their headquarters were even located in town, albeit on the other side of town, which probably explained why I never ran into him during my daily life. Unfortunately, that is where my good luck ended. Davis Construction proved to be a family company and according to their directory employed several people with the last name Davis, but added no pictures.

"And if I call the office and ask for Davis, they are going to ask me which one I want, " I said to myself as I stared at the screen. "I guess I could say it was the Davis that worked on the Fausti job."

Having no better plan and figuring Davis, at least the one I knew, was probably still on site at the Fausti job since there was still a lot of work to be done once I left, I thought it might be a decent idea. As my taking off early put me home prior to five I thought I might actually be able to at least leave a message with the company receptionist before she left for the day, even if I couldn't talk to Davis directly.

"At least then I won't worry about it until morning, " I told myself as I dialed the office number listed on their website.

"Davis Construction, this is Christy how may I direct your call?" Came a polite female voice.

"Actually, I am unsure, " I began, already feeling foolish. "I'm trying to get in touch with a contractor that works for you. I never caught his first name as he just goes by Davis. He was or is I guess as they are probably still out there, in charge of the Fausti estate construction at the moment." I could feel my face color.

The woman laughed politely and I heard keys clicking. "That would probably be Will although in truth no one ever calls him anything but Davis." There were a couple of more keys clicking in the background. "Fausti? Ah yes there it is. And yes, that would be Will Davis. I'm afraid he is still on site at the moment. May I ask what this is in relation to?"

"Yes, this is Alice Appleton, " I realized that I didn't know if she knew anything about the magical community and the Commission and found myself tripping over my words as I tried to figure out what I could say and what I couldn't. "I suppose it is in relation to a potential job. I'm not certain if it is the type of thing he would do, but I figured if he didn't do this sort of work he might have a recommendation. It's an apartment building. Anyway could I leave a number for him to call when he gets back?" I shook my head and wished I thought out my request a little bit more before picking up the phone.

"I would be happy to pass on a message, " Christy told me. I figured she was either accustomed to receiving fairly tongue tied requests or she was trained to be polite no matter what nut jobs called the office. I quickly gave her my phone number and ended the call.

"And now I feel like a total spaz, " I decided. Pushing the thought away, as well as the thought of what Christy would say to Davis when she actually passed on the message, I made a list of things I thought I might need to know about my property, and about owning an apartment building in general. With luck I would be able to use a slew of facts to keep any form of panic at bay.

The next morning, I awoke early and for a moment studied my ceiling. I let everything from the day before wash over me. "Clearly, I have gone insane." I said to myself. Hearing the sound of my voice, Winston padded into the room. I felt movement on the edge of the bed and rolled over to see Winston watching me, his head resting on the edge of my pillow.

"Let me guess, since I'm awake I might as well get up?" I said to him. His stump of a tail was a blur as he wagged in agreement. "Fine, I'll just worry some more if I lay here anyway." To his delight, I threw off the covers, got out of bed and began preparing for our morning run. As the slap of cold air hit me when we reached the sidewalk, I thought about the lack of furnace in the apartment building and wondered how much such a thing would cost.

"Or will I need more than one?" I mused. "Does an apartment building need more than one furnace?" I had no clue. It was yet another thing to add my growing list of questions. The night before it seemed that for every question I found an answer for, three more questions arose. I gave up my internet search the night before after finding my w

d selected an old hope chest from our stash of random unrepaired furniture. In addition to building and designing my own pieces, I tended to scour flea markets and garage sales for old furniture in desperate need of some love. Once repaired, the pieces were photographed for our website, the sale price listed next to it, and the item was added to our show room up front.

This hope chest had certainly seen better days. Most of the wood veneer was missing and what was left behind looked shredded. The inside was solid though, even if it did look as though it had fought and lost some sort of battle. Leaning in close I could still smell the scent of cedar emanating from the deeper scratches. Once there had been a tray that fit snuggly inside, providing a space for smaller items. It was long gone and would have to be rebuilt. Deciding it would do for my next project, I had Mason help me lift it onto a furniture dolly and settle it into my space.

"Getting rid of the old veneer seems like a good place to start, " I told myself. I reached for my tools, as I did, my phone rang.

I frowned for a moment, wondering why I bothered to have the thing on during working hours. I pulled it from my pocket, my frown deepening when I saw an unfamiliar number on the screen. "Hello?" I asked cautiously answering it and wondering who would call me.

"Hello, Alice, this is Davis. I was told you called the office looking for me?" Davis sounded different on the phone than he did on the job site. I wondered if it was his phone voice rather than his calling orders to his crew one.

"Yes, I did actually, " I told him. "You see earlier this week I sort of accidentally bought an apartment building, " I confessed. There was silence for a moment followed by a soft snort of laughter. I flushed realizing Davis was laughing at me.

"You accidentally bought an apartment building, " he repeated, amusement staining his voice.

"Yes, " I told him. "I got talked into going to a foreclosure auction and I gave the opening bid for the property and then no one bid against me. So I got it. By accident." Davis was openly laughing at me now.

"I thought I should talk to a contractor and thought if you didn't want to look at the building then you might recommend someone, " I pushed on, my cheeks burning as his laughter tapered off.

"Where is your building Alice?" He asked, clearly still amused. I gave him the address.

"It's called the Ravenwood Arms, " I added.

"Local then, " he replied. "Would tomorrow work for you? I could meet you there around ten to take a look at your accidental building purchase and we can go from there."

Relief flooded me despite his amusement. "That would be great, " I told him. "I'll see you there." I hung up feeling much better about the situation, even if I had been laughed at.

"Face it, " I told myself as I turned my attention back to the hope chest. "If it were someone else you would find it amusing as well."

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