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   Chapter 24 Roses for Juliet

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Chapter 24

The scent of coffee woke him the next morning and he looked over to see Bryan and Janine both still asleep on the couch. He stood, stretched and followed the scent of the coffee. It led him to a small kitchen area where Jessie was pouring a cup.

"Morning, " he said. She looked over at him and shook her head at him.

"Were you all here all night?" she asked holding out the mug to him.

"I'll fix my own, " he told her. She shrugged and stepped aside. She took a sip as he poured his own cup.

"I suppose we did pull a bit of an all-nighter." He admitted.

"He is still asleep on that couch of his isn't he?" Steve smiled and nodded. He sipped his coffee.

"Yeah he was pretty worn out."

"I don't suppose you'd like something to go with that coffee?" She asked. "After the pizza I suspected this might turn into one of those nights so I brought in bagels and cream cheese."

"Sounds great, " Steve said. "Does Wiz…um Bryan do this often?" She smiled at the old nickname.

"Often enough, " she said. She pointed him towards the aforementioned items set out on the table. Steve pulled a bagel from the bag and broke it in half along the precut lines.

"Thanks for looking out for him, " Steve said.

"Someone has to, " she replied with a laugh. "One morning I caught him eating saltines with hon

room. Janine gave him the channel and he turned it on. The traffic and weather report was on. They waited until it passed and Steve watched with quiet satisfaction as the story unfolded. After the intro they cut to a short interview with a man wearing an expensive suit blustered about looking into things. He looked frazzled and Mr. No Name stood by his side looking quite unhappy. Shortly after the bluff, a corporate lawyer type arrived and the phrase 'No Comment' flew through the air. Apparently Mr. Suit had thought he could bluff his way through the incident.

"Score one for the good guys, " Bryan said. Idly Steve wondered if he still counted as one of the good guys.

"I also sent a copy of the report to my editor who of course sent it on to the proper authorities." Janine told them. "Hopefully this should take care of things."

"Hopefully, " Steve said. "Hopefully."

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