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   Chapter 23 Roses for Juliet

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Chapter 23

Time passed. Steve found himself lost in the page, the dark lines beginning to form a familiar image. His mother's face began to take shape on the page. Memories filled him as he drew. Images of her as she had been skittered across his brain as he remembered his dead. A sharp pain in the neck jolted him from past to present and Steve looked up to see Bryan grinning at him.

"I told you he wouldn't hear me, " Bryan told Janine.

"Hear you what?" Steve asked.

"I told you the antidote was ready and that I was giving you a dose."

"Oh, " Steve said, reaching up to his neck. "It's all right then."

"Lost in the ink again, " Bryan said with a laugh. "Or pencil this time to be more precise." Janine looked amused at his lack of focus. He grinned at her.

"So how is your story coming?"

"Fine, " she said. "I needed a break and the antidote was ready. So there you have it. Did you really not hear him talk to you? He said your name like three times."

"No, not really." Steve wasn't sure how to explain how far away he had been. Bryan glanced at his sketchpad, recognized the face and smiled.

"How about pizza?" Bryan suggested. "We can get some food in you and then run anoth

nd it in the open e-mail.' Steve pulled the laptop off the floor and as commanded read the article. It was good.

'More than good, it's perfect, ' he thought. The e-mail had an intro written by Janine. There were several recipients. Steve found nothing amiss in the email either. He attached the article and hit send. When it was away he shut down the computer and closed it. He placed it on the floor. Steve glanced at his watch. It was only 11:30. He wondered if that would be enough time to get the article out or if they would have to spend another day in the lab.

Steve popped out the foot rest in the lazy boy and made himself more comfortable. As he drifted off he wondered what Mrs. Callahan thought of his absence and hoped she wasn't worried.

To his astonishment, Steve did not dream.

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