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   Chapter 23 Free Fall The Society Book 2

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Chapter 23

Ivy returned to the field lab and watched as the last of the crates was unpacked and the gear set up on the long tables. Her satchel was placed to the side and left alone, but everything else looked unpacked.

"What's the word?" Troy asked, looking over to her.

"Anyone infected has been quarantined in the old gym, " she began, quickly briefing him on the specifics Owen gave her.

"Mold remediation, huh?" Troy said. He nodded his approval. "Good in a pinch." He handed her one of the garment bags he brought with him. "It's the smallest size we have." He picked up one of the other bags for himself.

"Which means it will still be swimming on me, " she said laughing.

"You could always get one tailor made for you, " Troy told her.

"Somehow I hope to never need a designer hazmat suit, " she replied. Russell looked at the remaining bags.

"Will I need one?"

"You shouldn't if you are on the perimeter, " Troy told him.

"Then I will just be your driver, " Russell said, looking pleased. They went back to the van carrying all of the supplies that they needed to get blood samples from those infected. Thus prepared they headed out to the old high school gym turned containment center.

The gym proved to be a large box of a building composed of the same tan bricks as the community center. Instead of actual windows, the upper part of the walls boasted long thin rectangles of windows that looked more like the arrow slits in the walls of medieval castles. As they parked and began to don their hazmat suits, Ivy wondered if they had an archery club and if they used the windows for practice. 'Perhaps they fire down on approaching football players, ' she thought. As she needed to strip off her coat and suit jacket to get into the hazmat suit, it felt pleasantly warm as she secured it around her. She knew from experience that the pleasantness would soon turn stifling.

'At least it is cold weather and not hot, ' Ivy thought. During her grad school summer internship, temperatures often soared into triple digits and the suits were a pure misery. Once everything was in place and fastened down, Troy picked up the containment box filled with their gear. Owen was standing by the door and stepped aside to let them in. He gave Ivy a nod as she passed. Once inside she looked back to see Owen and Russell standing outside and watching through the glass doors.

They walked through the open area and Ivy saw the concession stand where food and drinks were dropped off for those inside. As she moved, she felt like an odd sort of astronaut exploring a strange and unusual universe. Even though the gym resembled the one she knew from her high school days, the circumstances made it seem foreign and strange.

'They don't help, ' she thought as she moved towards the doors to the gym proper and saw two men in protective suits waiting by the doors.

"They take their quarantine seriously, " Troy said, his voice sounding far away despite the fact that he was standing right next to her.

"Well, like I said, they don't get sick often."

He nodded rather than responding. The two guards stepped aside as they reached the

g. If anyone appears to worsen, come find me immediately."

The two looked to Owen for conformation and once receiving it nodded at Troy. "Can they receive visitors?" one of the guards asked, his eyes darting between Owen and Troy as though uncertain who was the current authority.

"Doctor?" Owen asked, deferring to him.

"If they have been vaccinated then a visit should do no harm, but they need rest.

"And fluids, " the other guard said in a gravelly voice. "We'll make certain."

Owen escorted them outside while the guards moved to what looked like a pallet of bottled water. They each grabbed as many bottles as they could carry and began taking them in.

"Don't worry Dr. Davenport, " Owen said as Troy watched them. "They'll follow orders."

"You just might have to worry about the patients floating away, " Russell said. Both shifters looked relieved.

"Mmm, " Troy said in non-committal way. "We should know in a few hours."

Ivy wondered what they would see in a few hours. She thought about how easily they healed physical injuries. Looking at their cut flesh was often like watching a stop motion film of a flower blooming, only instead of a flower blossom the cut disappeared. Ivy saw a cut on Russell's chest go from something deep enough that she would need stiches and several weeks or even months to heal from bad to merely a light red line in less than five minutes. If the antiviral took only a few hours to start lessening the symptoms in a normal person then in the same length of time they could end up with perfectly healthy shifters.

'Why do I have the feeling the phrase 'super soldiers' is in my near future, ' she thought wondering how she was going to explain such a rapid recovery, if one did indeed occur. 'I wonder how good their acting skills are.' Perhaps the cats could pretend to be more run down than they were. She didn't hold out a strong hope for it. The wolves weren't the only Shifters who could smell a lie. Because of that their interpersonal relationships tended to be based on brutal honesty. It didn't tend to make them very good actors.

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