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   Chapter 21 Free Fall The Society Book 2

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Chapter 21

The ride to the private airstrip was a quiet one. No one really felt like talking and Hamilton, easily the chattiest one in the bunch was driving. He was more accustomed to having a driver than performing the task himself and kept muttering reminders to himself about things like traffic lights and turn signals. Ivy decided not to do anything to derail him and she was pretty certain the others felt the same way as Russell's hand was white knuckled where he gripped the door handle.

They made it to the airstrip in one piece and Hamilton strode ahead to the small terminal building.

"I'm beginning to think some of those automobile accidents weren't council related, they were just people unlucky enough to be near Hamilton when he was driving, " Russell whispered to her as they followed along in Hamilton's wake. Ivy smiled and patted his shoulder.

"At least you were in the back, " Hackett told them in a low growl. "I got the front row seat." Ivy's smile widened a bit as Hackett looked slightly green. He saw Hamilton exit the terminal building, a man Ivy guessed to be their pilot exiting with him and heading directly to a small plane. "Oh goody, a plane."

Ivy remembered Hackett's one brief flight with Rose. He still referred to it as the air mage's tin can. "At least it's not just flying with Rose that bothers you. She'll feel better about that."

Hackett frowned at her. "I'd rather have Rose flying, " he confessed. "If you are insane enough to get that high up in the air, who better to have with you when the whole thing drops out of the sky?"

"The plane is perfectly safe, " Hamilton said as he returned to them. "Even if our pilot doesn't have Rose's skills." He led them towards the plane. "It is perfectly safe. All inspections passed. Every I dotted, every T crossed. It's not going to disintegrate in mid-air. I don't know why you are so afraid of flying."

"I'm not afraid of flying, " Hackett protested as they climbed the short set of stairs and entered the plane's cabin. "I simply have a deep respect for the law of gravity."

"It's not a soap bubble, " Hamilton said as Ivy fastened her seat belt.

"Of course not, " Hackett replied. "If it were it would simply pop and drop you to the ground. This will turn into a flaming ball of sharp metal fragments that will drive you into the ground at great speed."

Ivy and Russell stayed quiet as the two men bickered. Their debate lasted through the safety check, taxi-ing, take off and the climb to cruising altitude.

"Well, that's your opinion, " Hackett finally concluded, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fine, " Hamilton said. "If you've finished, we might as well go over the details since the flight won't last forever."

"Just until the engine explodes, " Hackett muttered.

Hamilton looked as though he wanted to continue the argument, but decided against it in the interest of time. Ivy leaned forward as Hamilton laid out the basic details. It was fairly simple. Word was already sent that they were coming. Hamilton was their boss and would deal with the higher-ups.

g sequence, for lack of a better term." He looked up at her. "Ivy, this is a targeted epidemic waiting to happen, a biological weapon of the highest order. If the repeating sequence represents your group with the natural resistance then it is designed to bypass that natural resistance. Do you know what would happen if this was released into that population?"

"I do know what happened when this was released into that population, " Ivy told him. "Once infected it took approximately six months to run its course from the appearance of the first symptoms to the death of the infected. No survivors. Those who didn't catch it were given an influenza vaccine as a part of routine medical care. They didn't become infected despite contact with those who were."

"And now a separate but similar group has been infected?" Troy asked.

Ivy nodded. "All of the other potentially targeted groups have been given vaccines as a precaution, we just need to deal with the infected group. They are currently quarantined and although some have been infected as of yet, none have died."

"I don't even want to ask who is responsible for this do I?" He asked after Ivy gave him the rest of the particulars.

"Not my area, " Ivy said.

Troy nodded. "We'll need an anti-viral, neuraminidase inhibitor of some sort, but I'll need specific samples to adjust. We'll have to take those on site, " Troy continued. To Ivy it sounded more like he was talking to himself. He looked back at the pages. "I don't think I'll be looking smug on this one, " he told her.

"You can still think smug, " Ivy told him.

He nodded but the humor was gone from the situation as he swung into work mode. "The others can catch up. Why don't we head down and start getting what we need from the labs."

Ivy nodded, and held out her hand. Reluctantly, Troy handed the pages back. Ivy slid them into the back of her notebook and put the notebook back in her bag. Then she and Troy left the conference room and headed down to begin gathering the supplies needed to help the Intrigues.

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