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   Chapter 19 Free Fall The Society Book 2

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Chapter 19

Ivy turned as the door opened and she saw the look of worry on Russell's face. He blinked in surprise at Hamilton's presence. Russell paused in the doorway. Ivy saw him sniff and knew he detected the slight smokiness in the air when he looked at Hamilton and narrowed his eyes.

Hamilton raised his hands in mock surrender, but there was little humor in either the gesture or his voice. "We were having a discussion nothing more."

"Is something wrong?" Ivy asked.

"I talked to Hackett about the vaccines, " he began. His eyes darted back to Hamilton.

"We discussed it, " she told him. Russell nodded.

"Hackett agreed and we've been contacting the various pack leaders and asking them to spread the word. Many were skeptical, but since it wouldn't do any harm they agreed."

"Good, " Ivy said.

"There's more. Hackett tried to contact Owen."

"The clan leader for the Intrigues?" Ivy said remembering that he came to help her.

Russell nodded. "The last time anyone saw any of the intrigues. They were gathering to deal with David. Then, he was murdered and they were trying to figure out what to do about that."

"No one has seen them since?" Ivy said starting to get a bad feeling.

"Hackett considered it as good a reason as any to call and when he did he found out there has been an outbreak. Thus far no one has died, but they sort of quarantined themselves to figure out what is going on. They called several mages they knew, but thus far none have arrived even though they claimed to be on their way. The last one they called was expected this morning and never arrived."

Ivy glanced at the files, but knew now wasn't the time to check the names of the mages the cats called for help. She suspected they were in the pile of recently accused on the desk, but knowing wouldn't help.

"Do you have a lab and someone who deals with diseases?" Ivy asked Hamilton.

"No, " he said shaking his head. "Why would we? We don't get sick, we just hex each other. Normal doctors don't help with that."

"Of course, " she scrubbed her face over her hands. "I've got someone I can call, but he doesn't know about the hidden clans. I know him from school. Given my focus and the fact that I don't broadcast what I do or who I do it for, he suspects I work for the government in a non-public need to know sort of way. I may be able to cobble together a cover story from that, but it will be weak."

"We are very good at making things look like a government secret. It helps that we often use actual government officials in our subterfuge. Where is your friend?" Hamilton asked.

"Atlanta, " she told him.

"I'll need a little while to get things together, " Hamilton said, his sadness sloughing off now that he had a concrete task in front of him. He wrote down Troy's name and details and stood up.

Hamilton checked his watch. "I'll have one of my assistants send some lunch down, that way you can remain on hand and finish with your files." He then strode out of the room, leaving Ivy and Russell behind.

"That's… helpful, " Russell said pulling the door shut and sinking down onto one of the free chairs at the table.

"He has something to prove, " Ivy said.


"I pointed out that by taking the word of certain individuals without question he condemned several innocent and very strong mages to death. Chances are some of those mages were the ones that were going to help the Intrigues in the first place."

"Hence his helpfulness now and the scent of smoke in the air, " Russell said.

"Hence?" Ivy repeated.

"It's a word."

"Uh huh, " Ivy looked at the files. "There aren't that many more to go through. I might as well finish the list and get Fig to clear them away so we can eat lunch. I have the feeling that once everything is ready he'll want to hit the ground running."

"Probably." Russell agreed. He pulled his cell phone out and frowned at the lack of reception, remembering they were deep underground. "I was going to call Eric and keep him posted."

"I'm not going anywhere and if Hamilton wants to leave before you get back, he can wait. Besides, you might want to update Hackett as well."

"And I can get service upstairs." He nodded. "Okay, I'll be back soon."

He stood, gave her a kiss and left the room, closing the door behind himself and leaving Ivy once again alone with the files. The only ones left to go through were related to the Perkins/ Dunlap trio. Ivy quickly went through them and found a multitude of accusations including not only her grandmother and great-uncles, but her grandfather, her and her siblings' parents and even Emily on lists of the accused. It was not a heartening sight.

"But at least it is confirmation, " Ivy said writing down the information. To her surprise, she even found accusations against herself and the others. Only Albert's intervention prevented their deaths by auto accident. According to the file, he convinced Hamilton that because of their young ages they could be rehabilitated

died in an automobile accident at least, " Russell said.

"Maybe he was run over by a speeding carriage." Ivy added. She dragged a French fry through her pool of ketchup and decided not to worry about how the author died at the moment. "Did you let everyone know what's going on?"

"As much as I was able. Eric reported the mass pack vaccination was in progress amid various grumbles."

"Grumbles?" Ivy asked. "Because they don't think they need the medicine?"

"Only partially. Mostly it is because Max is the one giving the injections and they are a little insulted about having to get medicine from a veterinarian. The grumbles are mostly for show though as he also gave injections to the non-shifters in the house as well."

"Be thankful he isn't using those little plastic cones, " Ivy said with a smile. She relaxed a little knowing that everyone was taken care of.

"I am very thankful, " Russell told her. "Oh and we will be getting our vaccines before leaving. Hamilton's personal doctor is coming in to give us, Hackett and himself the needed shots."

"Hamilton has a personal doctor?"

"Yup, he's a proctologist. So I didn't ask any questions once I knew he was trusted."

"So everyone else gets a veterinarian and we get a proctologist. Doesn't anyone know a general type of doctor?"

"I'm betting a lot of them will be called as well. Hamilton sent the word through the mages that they were to get vaccinated. He also passed the word that the mass vaccination should not be discussed with outsiders."

"That should prove interesting, " Ivy said, hoping that the vaccine actually helped.

"Very. Hamilton seems to be going all out to help with our cover story, " Russell said.

"Is he?"

"Yeah, he paused in his multitude of telephone calls to ask our clothing sizes. Apparently our current outfits are not government issue enough. Ivy looked down at her old t-shirt and faded jeans and was forced to concur.

"I'm supposed to double check your sizes and report back. He didn't trust me, especially with the shoe size."

"You know my shoe size?" Ivy asked.

Russell shrugged. "I guessed."

"You guessed?"

"Yeah I figured that when I put the palm of my hand against your foot with your heel at my wrist then only your first three toes stick out past my fingers so I told him that's how big your feet are."

"And what did he say to that?" Ivy asked, amused.

"Hamilton frowned and told me that was an inaccurate gage. Which is why I am to double check and report back."

"I'll write them down for you." Ivy finished her lunch and placed the empty wrappers back into the bag. She then opened her notebook and wrote down her measurements and clothing sizes, including the shoes. She tore out the sheet and handed it to Russell. He folded the page and stood to tuck it into his pocket. He then gathered the trash.

"It's going to take a while for Hamilton to arrange things, " he warned her.

"I have two books to read and don't mind being alone down here if there is something else you want to do, " she told him. "Having you slumped over and watching me read while you are bored out of your skull won't help anything."

"Then I'll see if Hackett can use me, " he told her. He left and Ivy retreated back to the reading chair to once again immerse herself in the records of the fire mage doctor.

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