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   Chapter 50 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 50

Jamie spent the time before the Lune Merdos holed up in the house. He knew that word had spread regarding his decision, but felt it was safer to keep a low profile in case the decision upset anyone. Well anyone who might retaliate. He made a conscious decision to not think about his family or the faux goblins until after Albe's funeral.

Thankfully, no one tried to force themselves against house's defenses and things remained pretty quiet. Del happily perused cookbooks and seemed to be planning an elaborate funeral feast for Albe. Jamie only hoped that enough people showed up to eat it.

Instead of dwelling on the many mysteries surrounding him, Jamie began working on the inventory during the day, picking up where he had left off and grabbing books at random from the library to read at night. He felt he had earned himself a little breather.

In his studies, Jamie found out that it once was more common for Keepers to speak and that there was something called a visilore that enabled them to do so. A few more days with the inventory and Jamie found that the visilore gifted to this Keeper's household had been stashed on the hidden floor. A few more days of searching and Jamie managed to find the visilore itself and haul it to the living room.

It resembled a full length mirror, but shimmered oddly as if instead of silvering a rainbow hued oil had been suspended inside it. Unfortunately no matter how closely he followed the instructions, Jamie was unable to get it to work. After each try he was left with a somewhat colorful and slightly blurry view of himself staring into the mirror as though he were Snow White's evil step mother. Jamie resisted the urge to ask after the fairest in the land, fearing what might actually appear. He instead put it to the side and looked for more information.

The morning of the Lune Merdos dawned bright and cold. The air had a snap in it and Jamie could see his breath puff out in a cloud around him. The air had a weighty feel to it and Jamie felt like insects were crawling on his skin. Jamie stepped out onto the front porch and looked out towards the road that led to the Lustan.

"Don't even think about it, " Del said as he joined Jamie, handing him a large cup of steaming coffee. Jamie smiled.

"I wasn't really, "

Jamie said finally after studying the phenomenon for a while.

"I think you might be right, " Del replied. The both waited, wondering what would happen next. The left over light glowed a deep red color and as the yellow waves of light slowed and then stopped, the red seemed to grow brighter and to pulse like a beating heart. The glow began to die in the distance and all that was left was the red. It pulsed in the darkness for a few minutes and seemed to grow three times larger. It seemed angry and vengeful to Jamie's eyes. With a burst of energy that Jamie felt deep in his belly and bones rather than heard, the glowing red light shot off into the darkness towards the Lustan in one big mass.

"Was that the crossroads fighting back?" Jamie asked, his voice still a whisper.

"I think it might have been." They waited in the quiet. It was completely silent and Jamie felt as though he had gone deaf. All he could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat. Slowly normal night noises began to occur as though a bubble had popped and Jamie heard the last of the season's crickets chirping in the grass. He let out a shaky breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

"What would you say to an early morning visit to the Lustan, " Jamie asked.

"I think you'd be hard pressed to leave me behind, " Del replied.

"Good, " he told the smaller man. The two of them stepped into the house and closed the door against the night. As they settled in for the night, Jamie wondered what they would find at the Lustan in the morning.

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