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   Chapter 39 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 39

Jamie made his way back through the woods. He lost his way a few times on the nearly invisible path but finally stumbled out into the clearing near the road. He left the woods in a different place than he had entered them, but as he was still near the gate and in the clear he didn't worry too much.

"It isn't as though I am going to have to pass a survival skills training course, " he muttered. Now that he was free of the woods he tugged some of the remaining strings from where they had become caught up in his clothes.

"Starting with the ones around my neck, " he said frowning to himself. Several times the loose threads had caught on branches and pulled, threatening to choke him. He was certain he would have some marks around his neck from the experience. He let the strings fall to the ground as he walked back to the house. His thoughts were dark he found that he was just as angry with himself as he was with the fairies. He realized that they had sent three pretty little things, giggling, smiling and flirting with him and he had just followed them off into the dark woods.

"At least they didn't offer me candy, " he said sourly. He rubbed the marks on his neck as he climbed the steps to the porch and let himself in. Del stepped into the kitchen doorway.

"That took longer than I thought it would. Did Mr. Evers get his car taken care of then?"

"Yeah, " Jamie said. "Jim got off okay. I had a run in with some fairies trying to stage a coup." Jamie entered the kitchen and watched as Del set a bowl of dough in a warm spot away from drafts to rise.

"A coup?" Del asked, not seaming very concerned.

"Yes apparently Janerous wants to overthrow the Queen."

"Janerous?" Del snorted a laugh as he wiped flour from his hands with a clean towel. "He's wanted to over throw the Queen for generations. He'll never get the support for it though. Did they ask you to throw in with them?"

"No I think they asked the Gederan to throw in with them."

"The Gederan?" Del asked. He frowned and then his face cleared into something resembling shock. "You mean they..."

"Yup, " Jamie said. "But luckily they didn't

ked. "There really isn't much down there."

"Maybe not, but according to the notes the basement was a part of the house before this one. I'd kind of like to see it." Jamie didn't add his hope that like the mirror it would spark a dream that might help answer some questions. After the werewolf comment he didn't feel like sharing. 'After all, " he thought. "Being laughed at twice before lunch might be a bit more than I can take."

"Well shouldn't be a problem with the defenses up, " Del said with a shrug. "But you might want to take a light with you. No one thought to run the electric down there." He eyed Jamie for a moment. "The stone is a bit chill as well so I doubt a jacket would go amiss."

"I'll grab a flashlight and jacket then, " Jamie said with a smile.

"Keeper, " Del said.


"You might want to bear in mind that if either the Federan or the Gederan know details of a possible infection, they might use it as leverage during negotiations." Jamie frowned at Del's words.

"The thought had crossed my mind, " Jamie replied. "I'll just have to come up with something better than rubbing alcohol and paint before it comes to that. Not sure what that would be exactly." Del reached under the sink and pulled out a large flashlight and checked to make sure the batteries still worked. They did and he handed the flashlight to Jamie.

"Just so long as you know, " Del said. "Have fun in the basement."

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