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   Chapter 37 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 37

Jim and Jamie returned to the library to finish their drinks while Del readied one of the guest rooms for Jim. Jamie's apologies for the extra work were waved off and Del seemed content with the extra work.

"God knows it is more in his line of work than assassination attempts, " Jamie muttered as he seated himself. Jim chuckled.

"Still not used to having staff?"he asked with a grin.

"Not so much, " Jamie admitted. He grinned back at his friend. "So you had minor car trouble, huh? What is your wife going to say when she actually sees the car?"

"I plan on having it towed directly to the garage and only telling her the real damage when I am safe and sound in front of her."

"She doesn't like you coming out here?"

"She has no problems with the daytime visits, " Jim said with a sigh. "It is the night time ones that bother her. After all, the bad things don't come out until dark."

"So you aren't supposed to meet with the fae of the dark?"

"I am, as long as it is in my office where I'm safe."

"Because your office has mystical magical life saving properties?" Jamie asked with a chuckle.

"Something like that, " Jim said. "I think it is the fact that it is a modern office building and ancient bad things can't hurt you in a modern setting. Although some of my late night sessions caused issues. Her sister was getting a divorce because of an affair that started with him working late."

"Ah, " Jamie said. "I can see how that might be suspicious."

"Well, until she decided to surprise me on one of the nights I was working late. I'm not sure if she or the troll whose will I was augmenting was more surprised." Jamie laughed and Jim smiled at the memory. "He was quite gracious about it. Later he made several comments that I thought might be inappropriate."

"Was he trying to eat her or steal her away?" Jamie asked, wondering as with trolls there was always a chance of both.

"Neither actually, " Jim said. "All his comments were about the way she smelled. I finally got a bottle of the perfume she wore as a gift for him, hoping to end the comments. He was thrilled. He kept spraying it in the air and sniffing. I had to air out the place for three days to get rid of the smell. I also asked my wife to change perfumes."

"So he didn't get any ideas about taking her home and hanging her up like an air freshener?"

"Something like that. Besides after the office, I couldn't actually stand the smell any more. I still think there is some residual in the air vents."

"Will she worry about you out here tonight?"

"Not so much, " Jim said. "As long as she doesn't think something attacked me it should be fine. I plan on telling her it was Michael that did the damage"

"And that next time you come out here you can call so we can open the gate for you, " Jamie added.

"That too."

"Although I am pleased to see you are still able to jump a gate when you have to. Not as well as you could in high school of course."

"Well I didn't have Mr. Anderson's bull as incentive this time, " Jim answered. "You know he still gives me a glare whenever I see him. Mr. Anderson not the bull." They slipped into reminiscing until Del informed them that Jim's room was ready. Jim stood and stretched.

"That would be my cue for bed, " Jim said. "I'll call the tow truck first thing in the morning." Jim left and Jamie stared into the firelight for a few minutes more.

'Still need to deal with the Lun

's hood was completely concave. Somehow the damage looked worse in person than it had on film.

"Everything looks better in black and white, " Jamie said as the old song began to play in his head. In the bright morning the beaten car looked almost obscene.

"Insurance is going to be fun, " Jim said. His mouth was compressed into a thin line.

"I'm sorry, " Jamie said.

"Not your fault, " Jim said crisply.

"Even so. I'm sorry it happened."

"Long as you don't think you're responsible." They were saved from further conversation by the rumbling arrival of the tow truck. After a few surprised comments the two men who came with the truck, got down to work loading the vehicle on the flat bed, with Jamie and Jim trying their best to stay out of the way. When they were done, Jim joined them in the cab of the truck. He waved to Jamie as they took him and his beaten car back to Centerville.

Jamie returned to the other side of the gate, making sure it was locked and tugging twice on it to check. He started on the path back to the house, still vaguely looking for signs of anything that might have attacked Michael. He was stopped by the sound of a giggle coming from the side of the gravel drive. He stopped and turned to study the area he thought the giggle had come from. Hidden in the shadows he saw three fairies, doing their best to hide behind the winter bare branches. Their jewel toned wings looked like flowers, out of season.

"Good morning ladies, " he said with a smile. "Lovely day isn't it?" Slowly the three fairies slid from hiding and fluttered towards him. One seemed to flutter in the front with the other two hiding shyly behind. She had a brown shirt and pants on with some sort of braded belt around her waist. A sword hung from the belt and to Jamie's eyes it looked rather sharp.

'Might not be able to cut out my heart, but she could definitely blind me, ' he thought. The lead fairy's hair kept blowing into her eyes as though she had forgotten to get it cut recently. As he often had the same problem, he found he had some sympathy for the woman.

"Good morning Keeper, " the lead fairy said with a slight bob of her head. Her light voice was almost lost on the breeze. "I am known as Denas of the Hestwalana line and our Chieftain requires your assistance."

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