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   Chapter 36 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 36

The group went inside the house and Jamie led them to the family parlor, thinking it was more comfortable than the formal one. He was thankful that Del had retrieved the cart with a pot of coffee and all the accoutrements and was passing the cups around. He wasn't quite sure how Del had managed to have a full pot of fresh coffee available, but was too busy trying to listen to House without looking crazy to pay it much attention.

"The security stuff is set up in the back, would you like to come with me to see it or just have me bring a tape?" Jamie thought a second. "If it has a tape, it might be a digital thing. To be honest, I haven't looked into it too much."

"Understandable, " The Sherriff said. "Perhaps we had better go along."

"All right, " Jamie said nodding. "Everyone set for coffee?" Jamie led the parade through the house to one of the back rooms. Here Albe had converted one of the closets to a security station. With the closet doors shut there was nothing noticeable about it, which is why Jamie had passed the closet without thinking about it until House pointed it out. The room was one he had not gotten around to inventorying yet. Inwardly he sighed. If events kept coming at him the way they had been then it would be up to the next Keeper to complete the inventory.

"And that's not even counting the hidden floor, " he thought to himself. As they walked Jamie noticed both the Sherriff and his deputy looking around with interest.

"Did you know my Uncle Albe, Sherriff?" He asked as he swung the closet door open. Everything looked as House said it would.

"I'd met Mr. Fulton a time or two, " the Sherriff answered. "Mostly he kept to himself and didn't cause too much trouble."

"Heard the stories though, " the younger officer said. This earned him a glare from the sheriff and caused him to utter a mumbled apology.

"No problem, " Jamie said. "Albe was a bit of a character." Jamie studied the monitor and flashing lights of what looked to be recording equipment. "I don't suppose anyone knows how to work this stuff?" he asked.

"Billy, " the Sherriff said. Billy stepped forward.

"It's a lot like the warehouse in Denerton that got broken into a few months back, " He looked at the machines for a moment and then glanced at Jamie. "May I?"

"Sure, " Jamie said gesturing to th

at his vehicle with Michael in the back. Billy stared into the woods. The sheriff gestured for Billy to move to the car, which he did, carefully not turning around. The Sherriff frowned.

"Is he always this jumpy, " Jamie asked.

"The stories are interesting regarding this place. Tends to spook a lot of people. Personally I think Old Mister Fulton liked it that way. Certainly kept the local teenagers from sneaking onto his property with a keg in tow." The sheriff glanced at the woods. "The case against Michael is pretty good. Off the record, do you keep any dogs? Dachshund or otherwise?"

"No, " Jamie replied. "I tend to like bigger dogs and before I moved out here I lived in a small apartment. I might think of getting one if I stay out here though."

"I see, " the sheriff said. "I'd be interested to know what grabbed Michael. After all there might be some truth to some of those stories." He glanced one more time at the woods and then looked back to Jamie. He smiled, shook hands with both Jamie and Jim and then walked to his car. Jamie and Jim watched him drive away knowing Del had already left to take care of the gate.

"I wonder what did get Michael, " Jim asked.

"I don't know, but the way the shirt and pants were ripped I doubt it was a branch."

"Or a dachshund, " Jim added. He looked into the woods and frowned. "I wonder if the sheriff believes in werewolves."

"You are joking, " Jamie said. Jim shrugged and turned back towards the house. Jamie followed him back inside.

"That's all we need, Michael as a werewolf."

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