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   Chapter 31 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 31

Jamie returned to the library, his thoughts a swirling mass of half remembered images. Everything he saw sent memories flying in new directions. His eyes burned and he wondered if it was the effect of the potion, the rock hitting his head, the memory change or pulling an all nighter to put the map together.

"Probably a combination of all four, " Jamie muttered. He shook his head at the thought. As he began to scan the shelves for any books on court proceedings a thought occurred to him.

"House?" he asked aloud.

"Yes Keeper?" came the reply. The voice sounded lazily sleepy, like someone drifting off to sleep in the summer sun.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes Keeper, the architect is here and it is difficult to stay awake."

"I see, " Jamie said, wondering to himself as he did why he always used that phrase when he never really did see. "I just wanted to make certain you were all right."

"Of course Keeper, the architect is fixing the problems, why would I not be all right?"

Personally Jamie thought the statement was the equivalent of saying things were okay because you were in the hospital, but decided to let House drift away. He returned his attention to the shelves and continued looking. It seemed strange to him that he would be the judge in a case where he was also the victim, but figured Fae courts probably didn't function on the same principles as human ones did. Jamie pulled a likely looking source from the shelf and turned back towards the door as he heard a noise.

"I thought you might be needing a bit of something, " Del said wheeling in the tea tray. Jamie had no idea how he had gotten the heavily laden tray up the staircase, but as he knew brownies did not like to be questioned about their magic, he refrained from asking.

From what Jamie could see, the tray contained a stack of three different sandwiches as well as plain slices of bread stacked next to a jam pot and a dish of butter. There were also small piles of shortbread, sugar cookies and macaroons, all giving off the warm freshly baked aroma. To the side of the plates was a piping hot tea pot and a coffee pot, a container of creamer, the sugar bowl and a dish of sliced lemons formed a half circle around the two pots. Jamie noticed the cups and saucers didn't match and instead of a spoon, the sugar bowl had a fork with it. Jamie put the book down on the edge of the desk.

"Are you okay Del?" Del looked surprised at the question.

"I'm not the one who nearly had his head bashed in, " the little man said somewhat stiffly. Jamie looked at him, recalling that brownies took their role as protectors very seriousl

the time lines."

"Seems sort of gruesome to me, " Del said. "But humans do tend to kill each other quite often. I suppose it makes sense that you'd have someone to figure it out. Once you're dead though our healers won't have much to do with you. Don't know what kind of dead healer you'd get to look at him."

"Good point, " Jamie said thoughtfully. "If he had come across Albe's body in a normal way he would have just called the cops. Here that wasn't a possibility. "Jim deals with the Fae who pass in the human world right?"

"The Lawyer man?" Del asked. At Jamie's nod he continued. "Well yes, he deals with us and them so to speak. But we don't really need a lawyer. We need a healer, right?"

"True but Jim might know someone. At least it would be somewhere to start." Jamie's thoughts were interrupted by a huge yawn.

"I think possibly you might wait until tomorrow to make that call." Del said.

"I don't think I'm supposed to sleep after a head injury."

"With what you took to cure it, " Del said with a laugh. "I wouldn't worry too much about it."


"Yeah, I'm pretty sure the vial contained a lot more than one dose."

"In that case I may take a bit of a nap before looking into the court thing and calling Jim." Dimly Jamie wondered if Jim would have any insight on the court he was supposed to judge. Jamie left Del stacking the plates on the cart and preparing to take it back down to the kitchen. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and yawned again. He pushed his bedroom door open, stepped inside and closed it behind him.

"Just a nap, " he said to himself toeing off his shoes. He fell on top of the bed fully clothed. "Just for a little while." He closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

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