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   Chapter 23 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 23

Jamie stared at the cloth for a moment in disbelief. Droplets of water from the night's storm rolled off the material and fell to the damp earth.

"The inside is still dry, " he marveled. Del reached for the cloth and rubbed it between his fingers.

"Good material. Delfan weave. Someone will be missing that."

"You recognize this?"

"Only the cloth, " Del said. Realizing the question was more important than it seemed, he took a closer look. "Like I said, Delfan weave. They make the best cloth, " he clarified. Jamie nodded. "Expertly sewn, " Del added pointing at one of the seams. "Tucked and rolled for extra waterproofing. My guess is you could stay dry in a monsoon with this." He let the fabric fall. Jamie watched the length of fabric swing from his hand.

"The man in my dream wore this, " Jamie said. Del cocked an eyebrow at him, but didn't comment. "I don't suppose the color means anything to you?" He asked hopefully, trying to shake the sudden ice from his thoughts.

"Not really, " Del said. "It looks like it would be easy to hide in the woods with that on though." Jamie nodded thinking of the men from his dream and the way the cloaks had moved.

"Especially at night." Jamie looked around the clearing. Nothing else seemed out of place. There were no markers or messages. Nothing but the cloak looked out of place.

"I wonder why she wanted me to see this?" Jamie mused, more to himself then Del. "The fairy Queen wouldn't have seen my dream." He glanced to Del.

"No to my knowledge that is not one of the fairies gifts. They may be small and good at sneaking into things, but sneaking into another's dreams has thus far eluded them."

"Can anyone else do it?"

"Sneak into someone else's dreams?"


"Hmm, " Del said rubbing his chin in thought. "I suppose it is possible although I've never heard of anyone doing so. Not that I think someone would brag about that skill. It would make them very unpopular I would bet. I know of some who can send dreams, after a fashion."

"After a fashion?"

"Well they never arrive in exactly the same condition because it is mind to mind."

"Wouldn't mind to mind be clearer?" Jamie asked.

"Not really, " Del said shaking his head. "Think about it. We all dream in images not words. So if I wanted to send you a message I would have to convert it to an image first. So If I wanted to tell you that I was coming for a visit I might send you a picture of myself with a suitcase boarding a train. You might see the image and think I was in trouble and running away. Also, if I decided I needed to tell you something like 'I'm going t

ling something?" Jamie reached forward, but Del grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"Somehow I don't think that is a good idea." Del tilted his head towards the lab set. "No telling what that is or what it'll do. Best call in someone who might." Jamie nodded, slightly embarrassed by his own stupidity.

"So do we call the High Talbot?" he asked.

"Probably for the best, " Del said. "Of course it will save him a bit of reward money since you found it and not some yabo in the woods."

"Actually I think Queen Genivia or one of her people would count as the discoverers, " Jamie said. "Although if they were interested in the reward I doubt they would have told me this in the middle of the night."

"There is that, " Del said. He shrugged. "Well, best we can do is leave things the way they are and send word of it. Your visitors will be arriving soon and we'll be needing to get back to see to them." Jamie glanced at his watch and realized Del was right. They would have to head back now and at a pretty fast clip to make their nine o'clock deadline. They stepped back out into the sunshine and Jamie shut the door firmly behind him. He still held the cloak in one hand.

"At least no one was reading my dreams, " he said. "That has to be a plus." They turned back to the woods and took the shortest path back to the house, moving at a speed far greater than they had entered the woods. Both of them arrived in the front yard gasping for breath. Jamie had a stitch in his side and he tried to reassure himself that he was only running because company was coming, not because of fear. The hollow place in his gut did not quite agree with him. They walked towards the front door and realized their first visitor was waiting on the front porch.

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