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   Chapter 20 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 20

Del seemed to take the potential onslaught of visitors in stride. Jamie had the hunch that his ease was due to the fact that helping Jamie entertain visitors was more in keeping with what he had been hired for in the first place.

"Somehow I don't think he signed on for single handedly helping to defend the new Keeper against assassins." Jamie muttered as he returned to the library. He had a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and set it on the desk's coaster with a smile. He had tried to hide how shaken the mirror with its disappearing act had made him, but had apparently not done too good a job. The hot chocolate was Del's idea of comfort.

"Not bad as such things go." Jamie pulled the inventory towards him as he settled into the worn chair. It creaked comfortably beneath his weight. He flipped the pages to Storage room three.

"I really should have checked this before opening crates, " Jamie said to himself as he read the entry on the mirror. Apparently the mirror reflected the destruction of the former house of the Keeper. Jamie thought of the images he had seen. "More like the aftermath of destruction." The images he had seen just reflected the blasted stone and earth. "Unless I just came in at the end of the movie clip." He continued down the list. Some of the items made no sense to him. He wasn't sure if it was because the notes were in shorthand or because the objects were simply that foreign to him.

"After all what would mirror, rlc dest orig hse have meant if I hadn't seen the mirror first?" He let his finger slide down the narrow, handwritten lines of the inventory. "Odd that all of the rest of the house inventory is typed up. Maybe it is just the Keeper's floor." He flipped a couple of pages. He found the clothing storage and the hat box that had cause so much dust fairly easily. Its page was typed. Jamie flipped back to the storage room three pages.

"Handwritten. Maybe no one wanted to go through these to update them." The thought gave him pause. Why had no one ever opened the crates? The handwriting on the inventory page was old. It had that peculiar sepia tone that black ink seemed to get after a lot of time had passed. He continued reading the old and faded lettering but came up with nothing that looked like it would have been a box of journals dated 1809.

"That would have been almost too easy, " Jamie said, stifling a yawn. "I could actually do with a little bit of easy at the moment." The old handwriting and hot chocolate had done its work and Jamie was finding it hard to keep his eyes open.

"With the early rising and e

as the group moved through the woods. They moved as silently as the shadows they mimicked. No twigs snapped between their feet, no branches sighed with their passing. Jamie realized he was silent as well since his presence seemed to affect nothing. It was eerie. The only sounds came from behind and faded the further they got from the clearing.

Jamie shivered at the unnaturalness of their passing and fought the impulse to shout something into the night, just to hear a sound. The group approached a small patch of open ground in the woods. In this space was waiting a sixth cloaked figure. Moonlight seemed to light the scene like a streetlight and Jamie ached for his sketch pad. The five figures he followed stepped into the moonlight and bowed slightly to the one who waited. Jamie found that with the direction of the moonlight he could actually make out some of the features of the one waiting. He had a large hooked nose and eyes that were pale yellow. They seemed to almost glow in the dark recesses of his hood. On his left cheek there was a semi-circular scar. It looked as though something sharp had been pressed against the skin as the scar looked uniform in depth. Jamie shivered.

"It is done, " one of the hooded figures said, causing Jamie to jump. "The Keeper could not have survived. Lune Merdos will go as planned." The scarred man nodded. He turned away and began to walk. The other five followed. Jamie started to follow, a light tapping sound stopped him. He frowned looking around for the source. The sound continued and Jamie realized the tapping was coming from outside of the dream. Blinking, he awoke in his bed. The tapping continued. Jamie turned towards the sound. Someone was knocking on his window.

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