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   Chapter 17 Keeper of the Crossroads

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Chapter 17

Jamie was somewhat appalled by the amount of dust that had collected on his hands. He glanced in the mirror and to his chagrin realized he had even smudged his face with some dust.

"Must have been when that hat box fell." Jamie cupped his hands beneath the faucet and filled them with water. He bent down and splashed water on his face then rubbed his wet hands over the skin. He could feel the stubble starting to rise, making his skin a little rough. He repeated the process a few more times and then ran his wet hands through his hair a couple of times.

He looked into the mirror again. The dust was gone and his cheeks had a slightly pink tinge to them from the cold water. His hair was damp and somewhat slicked back, which he knew wouldn't last. He looked clean enough to pass muster for an informal dinner. Jamie reached for the towel and dried off his hands and face. As he stretched the towel over the edge of the sink to dry he heard the ringing of his cell phone. Jamie frowned and reached for the buzzing phone. It wasn't one of the ring tones he had set so he decided to answer it.


"Well it is about time you decided to be civil, " his mother's voice came sharp and biting through the line. Belatedly he realized the tone was the one set for a blocked caller id. Jamie sighed. After all the day had brought he really had little patience for family machinations.

"I'm sorry I've been a little busy. Did you need something?"

"Oh suddenly me calling to find out how things are going with the family property is an imposition." Bella shot back taking offense at his curt tone. Jamie rubbed his forehead.

"Actually it is, " he said, surprising himself a little. "I'm busy and unless this is important, I'll have to call you back when things slow down." Jamie paused and heard the deep intake of breath on his mother's end of the phone. He counted to three. "Well, I will talk to you later then. Have a nice night." Jamie pressed the button to disengage the call. He stared at his phone for a second. Half of him was pleasantly surprised by his reaction while the other half suspected he would pay for his honesty.

"After all no one speaks to Bella like that." He told himself. He shrugged off future punishment, tucked his phone in his back pocket, picked up the book with its map and headed downstairs.

In the kitchen, Ja

esn't say, " Jamie told him.

"What does it say then?"

"Just that the former house had been destroyed in the late fall of 1809 and that the builders built over the original foundation. They say that the joint between the two was somewhat weaker than the rest of the house's defenses."

"So that might be how the defenses were compromised this time?" Del asked.

"Yes, " Jamie said slowly. Mentally he calculated the years. "Fall of 1809 would be a little over 200 years. What if the Lune Merdos only occurs in hundred or two hundred year increments? Those would be the journals I would need to read, after searching the basement of course."

"You will do no such thing." Del told him. Jamie blinked as if just remembering Del was there.

"Why not?"

"That thing in the bedroom was keyed to your voice and movement. I'll not have you seek it out in the dark places where you are more vulnerable. I'll search the basement. If I find anything, you can decide how to deal with it. The journals of course are yours to deal with as you see fit." Jamie realized the brownie took his safety seriously and even though he wanted to go into the basement himself, realized that Del was probably right. After all what defenses did he have against magic?

"All right, " Jamie said. Del pushed his plate away and stood up.

"No time like the present. You stay here and finish your meal. I will return shortly." Del strode out of the kitchen with the air of a man on a mission. All Jamie could do was sit and stare at his half eaten dinner and hope that nothing happened to harm him.

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