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   Chapter 19 Hellish Nightmare Dragon Bully Hotline

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The time was very late during the night, a few dozen years prior to Xu Ling's defeat under Tian's hands. As for the place, it was a space separated from the outside world by thick walls of golden light. The total of six glowing barriers came together to form a closed-off area in the shape of a gigantic cube. Occasionally, ripples would appear atop the object's surface, as if a rock had been thrown into a formerly calm pond. Above the golden cube, lay a golden-scaled dragon the size of a whole mountain range. Its body extended for dozens upon dozens of miles and was coiled up into a single spiral. Crimson strands of hair made up its goatee and mane, while five sets of claws were attached to the beast's middle body.

The dragon appeared to be sleeping, as its gigantic body was immobile, but its pair of golden eyes were opened wide, and its glowing pupils would flicker in sync with the golden cube's ripples. Witnessing the happenings in the closed-off space with an amused smile spread across its fearsome face, the golden dragon was very much awake, its gaze lost itself inside the glowing, golden cube that was actually incredibly massive: like the dragon, it spanned for tens, hundreds of miles, and enclosed within a huge stretch of land.

Within the cube took place a strange scene; there, two figures, resembling two dancers, entwined nonstop in a sky that had been dyed golden. However, what the two silhouettes were engaged in was no dance: it was instead a brutal fight.

The smaller of the two was incredibly agile and fast. Within seconds, the distance it would cover was on the verge of instantaneous movement. Making use of its inhumane speed, the small figure would dash from one end of the cube to the other nonstop, ripples spreading whenever it collided with the golden barriers.

Unlike the first figure that was too small and too fast for the naked eye to make out, the second could be seen clearly, as it was both much slower and countless times bigger than its opponent: the second fighter was actually... a gigantic black serpent! Although if compared to the gargantuan golden dragon it would barely amount to a single one of its scales, the sheer size of this gargantuan snake was enough to level a city with but a flick of its tail!

The beast that was thousands of feet long was completely black, with the only exceptions being a few small cuts spurting golden blood, and six fearsome eyes glowing an eerie white color. The wounds were few and far from lethal, but their number kept on rising by the second. The serpent was enraged, but it couldn't catch up to its opponent's speed and thus could only roar powerlessly and glare as a silhouette but a few feet tall dashed left and right, up and down, and inflicted countless small wounds as time went by.

The roars shook the earth, and the glare was so fierce whole mountains could very possible be erased with just a single glance; even whole armies of hundreds of thousands would become so terrified they would be unable to stand up straight, all seemingly with just a blink! Those six eyes and gigantic python-like body made the beast look as if it had just come out from some hellish nightmare! This apparently extremely powerful beast was fighting someone and, noticing the blood gushing out from several wounds on its body, it could easily be deduced that it wasn't really fighting what could be called an easy battle...

Its opponent was something that in its perspective would barely be any different from an ant: it was actually a human! Be it size or lifespan, the snake surpassed humans by such a large margin, usually the two shouldn't even appear in the same sentence to begin with! However, t

beast's disbelief and astonishment were clear from the fact its mouth kept opening and closing without making a sound, and even its eyes had opened so wide they seemed to be about to fall out!

"5... 6... 7... 8..."

Cheng Hao lifted his head and the only thing now visible on his face was his left eye, which was glowing so brightly it eclipsed every other color in its surroundings!

The eye looked like a vortex to another world, wherein seas of blood flowed, mountain of corpses rose and a cold golden sun shone eerily. The corpses were constantly withering, whereas the golden sun kept growing more and more majestic with each passing moment... Cheng Hao's left eye was something that could keep people awake at night and anyone who glanced in it would also start withering just like those corpses in the vision As for his right eye, it was also open and seemed to change somehow as well, but it looked like the thing inside was still sealed and needed more strength for it to be able to completely break free... however, in this situation that left eye alone was way more than enough.

"EEEEEEK!" Recalling a certain experience from a long time ago, the gigantic monster shrieked and the few parts of him that had successfully come out of the massive doorway immediately jumped back into the tower! Let alone coming out, the beast had even closed the gate himself! The monster's voice was now feeble even, as if it had run a long distance away within the tower's floor!

That child was barely eight or nine years old and it clearly did not match with that person's age?

So what?

The brat was only at the Inferior stage and the gargantuan snake could literally dispose of him with a single blink of an eye?


He had just signed a contract, and if he failed it would be akin to selling oneself's soul?




Why was the Hellish Nightmare Dragon so shaken? Well, the answer was pretty simple. The bullying Xu Ling had put the poor beast through was only second to Blindlight's. And Blindlight had revolutionized both mental and physical torture thanks to the 'studies' he had conducted on the poor beast. With that in mind, the question should instead be changed to: don't have Hellish Nightmare Dragons have a bully hotline?

Well... Unfortunately for them, they don't.

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