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   Chapter 12 Big Brother Shows the Way!

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"As you might have heard from those Seniors in your Clan, the process known as cultivation today is an act that serves to augment one's longevity to the point of a quasi-eternal life, and at the same time greatly increase our power in order to successfully accomplish ridiculous and superhuman feats such as flying, slashing apart mountains, defeating thousands with a single wave of one's sleeve... all in all, it's basically the way to accumulate the one true currency of our world: power."

Cheng Hao poured some tea he had prepared during his explanation in two cups, handed one to the girl and took one for himself. He took a sip and continued his explanation. "Cultivation as of today is commonly divided into the three vast Realms, namely the Mortal, Ageless and Immortal Realm. For today, we shall focus on the first of the three... the Mortal Realm! Stepping into the Mortal Realm is the first step one must take to graduate from being a normal person into becoming a cultivator! At the same time however, even a peak Mortal Realm cultivator won't extend his longevity noticeably. Humans for example would cap at a hundred and twenty or so years at most even at the very peak of said Realm. As this is hardly any different from a normal mortal's lifespan, experts dubbed it the 'Mortal' Realm. It will only be with the Ageless Realm that one shall gradually stop aging both in appearance and finally, with the Immortal Realm, one will finally be able to life for thousands, tens of thousands of years, eventually reaching increasing the amount with each subsequential breakthrough. In the eyes of the experts, it is only when graduates into the Ageless Realm that one can be considered a 'true' cultivator. Most take a hundred or so years to reach this level, with those who are slightly faster taking from sixty to ninety years to accomplish the same task..."

Cheng Hao trailed off and then spoke with a knowing smile. "The current record holder however, is a certain man known as Xu Ling. He stepped into the Ageless Realm at age twenty-four and created a ruckus in the cultivation world. After that, he created a legend when he entered the Immortal Realm at the 'young' age of sixty-one. Although a certain person..." He sent an inquiring glance at Xiao Wu as he spoke, "Surpassed him even a few decades later when he became an Immortal Realm cultivator at fifty-nine, this Xu Ling's first achievement remains intact! This person was known as the Evil Saint and was one of the most handsome and talented man in the cultivation world!"

Xiao Wu frowned: of course she knew of the Evil Saint and of his achievements in cultivation. She couldn't help however but feel as if something was wrong about what the young child had told her: wasn't his depiction of Xu Ling placing the Evil Saint into a too bright of a light?

Goldy rolled his eyes. "Pff. Show-off."

Cheng Hao retorted, "It's called loving oneself! Anyways, twenty-four years is the mark we are going to be chasing after! I'm confident that if you put in the effort, you might just be able to succeed before you even step into your teens! So our actual objective is accomplishing exactly what the Evil Saint has done... in half the time! Before you turn thirteen and are still twelve years old, I'm planning on having you step into the Ageless Realm!"

"Pu!" Xiao Wu spat out the tea. Somehow Cheng Hao must have predicted this as he closed the now damp umbrella and put it back into the miraculous Heaven&E

but it is not right either, and that was pointed out by Xu Ling in the past numerous times." Cheng Hao's eyes glinted intelligently, "You see, before Xu Ling was a heaven-shaking cultivator or a world-renowned genius, he had been an esteemed scholar. Even with his young age, his remarks could easily send even the most experienced of you 'Experts" in total panic, unable to utter even a single word of response that wasn't a curse..."

Xiao Wu smiled bitterly.

There he goes again with the Evil Saint fanboying... Just how high of a place does Xu Ling have in his heart for he to speak so fondly of him?

Goldy's smile however was even more bitter.

Eh, annoyed by his boasting, aren't you? And that's only after watching him for less than a day. I've lived with him for hundreds of years and at times I find myself at a loss when faced with the depths of his narcissism.

"Although those old idiots failed to see the genius in the system Xu Ling had thought up, only after he smacked their face by breaking all kinds of cultivation records, that his efforts were acknowledged. Seeing that it has yet to spread however, I can only guess they hid their idiocy from the world..."

Yup, definitely an hardcore fanboy.

And you ask why people don't like you? Get to the main point already!

"We have followed methods to level up and conquer each stage after our ancestors tried it out themselves. We accepted this system as an unconditional truth, without bothering to find mistakes that we were influenced to think weren't there after so many years of research carried out by some white-haired dumbasses in their dusty libraries! It is also for this reason, that the cultivation world has staled, and nobody was able to reach the one, final goal of cultivation, Immortality: it had stopped evolving! However, Xu Ling and the few who dared believed his words, broke away from that staleness, and thus became an army to be reckoned with in such a short time, all thanks to the incomparable cultivation speed coming from these new methods! In short, the point is..."

Oh, he got to the point!

God fucking finally!

"The 'changes', such as the Qi Sea, Core, Satellite, that happen with each level up and the sequence with which they happen, are all trivial at most and thus can all be played around with!"

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