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   Chapter 11 Xiao Wu

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Xiao Li had been greatly astonished by Cheng Hao's mood swings. He had heard about some crazy eccentrics out there, but he'd never thought he would meet one so soon, and that he would be so young. For heaven's sake, the golden-eyed youth had gone from laughter to tears faster than what it takes for the eye to blink! For that reason, he had not reacted at first when the other had grabbed him, as he had been too engrossed exploring the strange mental map of the eccentric figure in front of him.

When he finally noticed Cheng Hao's hands firmly pressing down on his shoulders, he had to hold back from shouting out in shock and had the urge to push the golden-eyed youth away. When the purple-haired child lifted his head though, Xiao Li saw noticed Cheng Hao had actually closed his eyes and had a solemn expression on his face. Had any other eight year old done such a serious expression, it would probably have issued a round of laughter.

However, somehow the solemnness didn't look strange in the least even when put on his childish lineaments. It even made one wonder whether he had spent his spare time practicing this kind of stuff in front of a mirrir. The young Xiao Li hesitated at first but then decided to trust the boy and let him keep going: after all, what could go wrong? No, no, let's not get ahead of ourself and rise a death-flag! Ahem, he meant, if the other did anything suspicious, he'd definitely punch him straight in the guts!


Just as Cheng Hao closed his eyes, a strand of his consciousness separated from his body and flew towards the child's. Earlier on, he had tensed his muscles and firmly grabbed onto the other's shoulder so as to avoid falling down while in that ethereal state. Seeing that he had not been forcefully been woken up, it looks that Xiao Li had not shoved him away. Good thinking, kid, uncle Cheng here will be sure to make this worth your wait! Bear with it just a bit further...

Soon, the consciousness seemed to have hit an invisible wall. He could easily get through but, as soon as he passed the membrane, a huge amount of pressure appeared, as if a huge hammer had begun to strike his body nonstop! Cheng Hao, whom had closed his eyes shuddered and spit out a mouthful of blood, to the surprise of Xiao Li. He even felt his consciousness slowly fade... but ultimately was able to keep going. His reborn soul that had swallowed the original Cheng Hao's soul, was stronger than the norm, and he was thus able to survive the dense barrage. Had it been any other, he would have probably perished or been injured gravely right then and there.

Cheng Hao however pushed through with gritted teeth, struggling to keep his focus. Finally, the strand bearing Cheng Hao's will reached an area deep within Xiao Li's consciousness.

When it finally glanced upon what was inside, Cheng Hao couldn't help but feel astonished: to think such a thing was laying in the child's consciousness... He understood why would such a powerful mental attack be engaged to protect him from prying eyes!

So 'this' is why you sent him to me. To think I thought you just wanted to make me favor... Sigh, I was too na?ve, thinking you wouldn't also become one of those scheming old geezers after a thousand years have passed! Eheheh, fine, I'll help your 'boy'. After all, could I possibly ever say no to you?

The youth smiled and opened his eyes. He awkwardly let go of the other child's shoulders and wiped away the blood trickling from the sides of his mouth with a napkin. After the space of a few breaths Cheng Hao inhaled deeply and then raised his hand in front of him, offering a handshake.

"I am Cheng Hao, and here and now I propose you this: I shall call you brother and as a brother I will act. As a brother I won't hesitate to walk over oceans of flames to come and get to you. I won't hesitate to block any number of arrows with my body, if it means that they won't harm you. I won't hesitate to give my life to save yours. And finally, I will forever call you brother and you shall also call me brother in the future! From now on, we shall be siblings in all but blood!"

Suddenly, Cheng Hao smiled as he recalled something. He burst out i

ao, don't fall for it! She's only 8!"

"Don't spoil this moment of brotherly love, you frigging Bastard Snake! I'll make you into a soup and drink out of your empty skull!"



The two children had just arrived in the hut. After entering, they found out that hut #5742 was actually not that bad at all! It was spacious, had plenty of pieces of furniture as well as a big toilet and two separated rooms with one big bed each. Compared to those small cabins they had seen on their way, it was without doubt on another whole level. It was dark at the time, but the big windows hinted that during the day the small house would be pretty bright. All in all, it was a really nice hut.

At that time, the theory of the old man acting as a gatekeeper being a shotacon had resurfaced in Cheng Hao's mind: after all, why would anybody go so far just to befriend two eight year olds? With a sigh, he could only discard that idea. Well, it's not like it was impossible, but he preferred to think even a wretched world like the cultivation world wouldn't have such individuals in it. Or at least, that he wouldn't meet any in his whole life.

As the old man called Lao had mentioned, on the big table in the middle of the dining room was a single book, titled Basics to Martial Cultivation. Cheng Hao quickly skimmed through it and his expression grew ugly: indeed, such a trashy Sect in such a low-key plane of existence could only amount to so much, in the end? He sighed and headed to the bathroom first. After taking care of their physiological needs and once Xiao Wu had removed her special make-up, probably meant to make her look more masculine (fortunately without success), the two newly acquainted siblings finally began to talk about martial cultivation.

"First of all... you must absolutely NOT listen to what this book says" Saying that, Cheng Hao threw the copy of Basics To Martial Cultivation out of the window. "From now on, you just need to rely on your big brother and must not believe a word these books say! Not one! In exchange of course, you shall cook for everyone! Do we have a deal?"

"Al... right?" Xiao Wu sweat-dropped and then quietly contemplated.

Are you sure you just don't want someone to cook for you? I wouldn't have minded you just saying so, but why would you throw that book out of the window? Did it harm anyone? It was simply there, basking into the sunlight during the day and bathing in moonlight during the night...

Cheng Hao smiled ecstatically: the boring chore was taken care of! Then, his expression made an hundred and eighty degrees turn and became extremely serious.

"Since we have reached an agreement, I'll start! Be sure to stay focused, because this Big Brother of yours here shall now illustrate to you the Way of Cultivators!"

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