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   Chapter 13 Baron

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Lionel let out a hearty laugh that could be heard throughout the entire restaurant. Darius didn't respond to this, he simply kept looking at him with the same grim expression he had maintained throughout their entire conversation.

"Well I've been waiting to hear you say that all day." he said still chuckling.

Darius however wasn't really in the mood to talk, the only thing left on his mind was to get all of this over and done with.

After some time Lionel was able to contain his happiness as his almost involuntary laughter began to subside, with the occasional chuckle here and there.

The prince himself was a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy. His life of wealth and privilege had made him cheerfully irresponsible and carefree, resulting in his constantly cheerful and sometimes brash demeanor.

Although he was just third in line which meant his chances of becoming Emperor were quite possible, he felt his two older brothers had it handled. So much so that Lionel didn't actually want to become the Emperor because of all the actual work and energy he would be forced to put in, meaning he would have to relinquish his life of carefree living which to him was not an option. He shuddered at the very thought.

Darius had decided he would just have to get used to Lionel's happy attitude, either way he would soon have problems much bigger than that if the test was as dangerous as Lionel had said it would be.

An awkward silence filled the booth as the two men sat there quietly, or at least that was how Darius felt about it. Lionel was clearly lost somewhere in his own thoughts, yet still beaming eerily at Darius. Lionel never felt awkward, uncomfortable or out of place with the exception of a few instances whereby his father would ask for his input on matters of the kingdom. It would be clear that these were tests to take note of his capable leadership skills and each time Lionel would fail miserably.

It wasn't at all because Lionel was incompetent or at all a bad leader, although that's what everyone was beginning to think. In truth, Lionel was quite intelligent and capable, which was how he was able to find the loop hole for the test in the first place. No, Lionel only failed those tests from his family because he simply wanted to look unfit to be Emperor. This way, no one would ever consider him for the role. Lionel could easily take the job and do it well, but he was just too lazy to do so.

'Who in their right minds would give up my life for a fancy title and a life filled with endless problems and responsibilities?' he had always thought to himself.


Damnit Lionel just tell me!" Darius half shouted, staring Lionel in the eyes.

"So rude, it's as if he's actively trying to get me to kill him...although he's no use to me dead, and then all this would've been for nothing. Damn this stupid test!" Lionel thought to himself as he looked at Darius for a moment.

"The rumours are..." Lionel took a deep breath before saying as fast as he could, "That they're going to stuff you in an arena with a bunch of spirits."

"What?!?" Darius was immediately gripped with fear at the word 'spirit'.

"Don't worry about it, they're just rumours. It's probably not even true."

Lionel was lying through his teeth, and Darius could tell.

"Tell me the truth Lionel, is that what the test really is?" Darius was desperate for a straight answer.

Noticing this desperation Lionel decided to tell Darius the whole truth. "Yeah, that's what the test really is. My brother Erik told me."

"So last night when you said that even you didn't know what the test was?"

"I was being honest, I only found out today. My family have no idea I'm going to use a substitute so they all came in today to watch me take the test. Can't wait to see the look on father's face when he finds out.You have no idea how lucky I was to find someone like you haha." Lionel scoffed as he took another sip of the purple liquid.

"No, no, no, no, no." Darius kept muttering to himself. "I'm not going to do this, I can't do this! Lionel get me out of this!" he shouted out.

"Lionel, who couldn't care less about Darius' state of mind simply said, "It's already done, Darius. There's nothing I can do about it. And since there's nothing you can do about it either why don't you just calm down and have a drink instead?"

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