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   Chapter 6 Persuasion

Pathless Origins: Bane of the Gods By Theonionjunktion Characters: 6757

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"Would you like to be my first student young man?"

This statement left Artillian gobsmacked. He was surprised because the so called general in front of him looked no more than 20, just 4 years older than Artillian.

Yet this boy general was actually asking such a question. Artillian fell to the floor laughing, he did not know whether to laugh or cry at this question.

As he laughed he answered Eden in a rather mocking tone. "Hahahaha, who do you think you are to be asking such a question? You are nothing but a boy, just a few years older than me. How can you teach me ANYTHING?"

Just like how Artillian was surprised by Eden's question, Eden was just as flabbergasted by Artillian's reaction. He was the youngest ever general in the Kingdom's history.

This alone made him one of the most respected people in the Kingdom. Even the king himself had offered his sole daughter, who was his only child to him to make sure that he would have close relations to the Royal Family.

Him being a general and with potential to be the next ruler of the Kingdom; most people would dream, wish and beg to be taken as a disciple by him.

Yet in front of him was someone who did not seem to care at all about the offer, in fact he laughed at it. This made Eden speechless.

"Just please tell me how to get to the academy. Or did you lie about the entry chance to just to boost morale? Last time i checked i was more than qualified."

The conditions to join were: one had to be 18 or below, one had to have killed a hundred enemy soldiers and, last but not least, one had to be compatible with a spirit. Bastian was young enough, the spirit inside him had massacred far more than a hundred soldier, thus... well... he had a spirit.

Artillian had said the last sentence whilst wearing a rather ruthless expression on his face. It was an expression that would stop babies from crying out of fear, but to Eden it was quite odd.

When he saw how Artillian was looking at him, he couldn't help but laugh cause to him

blem with that, but you know most people call me General Cattermole, even I prefer it like this." Eden had said these words with a wide grin on his face that exposed his sharp teeth. He looked like a hungry wolf who had just caught a rather large animal. "Fine then, names don't really matter at the moment. I will have a tent set up for you so that you may rest. We are heading to the Kingdom tomorrow"

After these words were said, Artillian was escorted to a tent by a sturdy looking soldier who couldn't help but look at the white-haired boy whilst wearing an expression full of envy. When Artillian noticed this soldier's expression all he could do was smile wryly as he himself had nothing to say to the man.

When he got to the tent he couldn't help but be amazed as this tent was huge and had a lot of food and drinks inside. When the soldier saw all this he could only grunt and walk away.

As he looked around he saw a makeshift bed made of a large stone like material and had a lot of blankets covering it to make it look comfortable. And without taking a second look at the food Artillian headed straight for the bed in order to lie down and sleep. It had been a long day and Artillian was quite tired and as soon as he got on the bed he began to doze off slowly.

What a life...

And with this thought Artillian fell asleep.

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