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   Chapter 0 No Gods Can Save You From My Wrath

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Within a mediaeval looking stadium, made of brick, were a group of people, all of which were dressed in fancy uniform. The girls wore plain blue tops and plain white skirts, the boys wore plain blue tops and plain white trousers, all of the tops were long sleeved. Most of the people looked like teenagers, some being in their early twenties.

Standing in front of the young adults, was a youthful woman, she too wore a uniform, hers however was different; her top was white, abundant with blue pattern, whilst her skirt was blue with a corresponding white pattern, on the left breast of her shirt she had five stars displayed. She was viewed with admiration and envy by the majority of the students.

Behind her stood three other people, two female and one male, they also wore the fancy uniform. The male, and one of the females, displayed three stars on their chests, whilst the other female only had one star on display.

The young woman in front of the crowd was Alice Macier, she was the Student Council President, of the White Glacier Spirit Academy. Today, she was taking charge of a lesson, most lessons were handled by 5th and 6th year students, such as herself. Teachers would only observe, silently on the sidelines or intervene at critical junctures.

Alice's lessons however were an exception to that rule, she had the complete trust of the academy, thus there was no need for any teacher to observe her lessons.

As is tradition in the school, the first practical lesson would be taught by the Student Council President. This class were the lucky bunch amongst the first year's, for Alice was usually far too busy to teach.

Alice cast her clear blue eyes around the stadium, to observe her class.

"Right, as you all know, my name is Alice Macier. I am the Student Council President of the White Glacier Spirit Academy. Today, I have been given the honour of conducting this lesson."

Honour? Please! We all know you hate this, it's in your eyes!

"With me today are my companions in the Student Council; this is Yvette Cotz, my Vice President. " She announced, as she pointed to the young woman behind her with the three stars. "This is my Treasurer, Woodzy." She pointed to the young man, proudly displaying three stars. "And this is my Assistant, Letisha Crouch."

'My'? Does the Student Council belong to you? Man, she is such a drag, I wish there was coffee in this world!

As she introduced each person, the crowd would make a fuss, and rightly so, at that!

Yvette was a stunning beauty, with vivid red hair and enchanting red eyes, when her name was called, she put one hand on her curvaceous hips and winked, sending the male students crazy.

Woodzy was a tall, slightly buff, lazy looking guy, with dark hair and dark eyes. He merely waved with one hand, the females went crazy over his little wave, some even screamed out his name. The guy just yawned at the attention, as if it were normal to him.

Letisha was a cute, slightly chubby girl, she wore a spectacles and hid behind her brown hair. Although she wasn't as strikingly beautiful as her companions, something about her meek looking demeanor made you want to protect her. Following her introduction, she bowed nervously. This cute little action won the hearts of everyone in the crowd.

She obviously practiced that! But of course, I'm the only person who can tell, as usual.

Well almost everyone.

Last, but definitely not least, was Alice herself. To put it simply, she was the epitome of physical perfection, a blonde bombshell with a curvy body, slim waist, enchanting blue eyes and cherry red lips that send your imagination running wild.

Man, I miss pizza and my bed!

Alice went on to talk about her roles and duties within the school, she also lectured about the school's great history, etc.

Geez, when will she stop talking?


A faintly audible yawn was heard by the group, everyone turned their heads to look at the source. It was a lad with white hair, average looking. He was not handsome, but he was not displeasing to look at either, yet he had bags under his eyes showing how tired he was. The lad was tall, although not too much, and skinny. His head was topped white, shaggy hair, some strands, messily covering his eerie, silver eyes.

Alice looked at the boy, although she still had a smile on her face, she was clearly not happy. This boy had yawned during her speech, making her look boring. Alice effectively lost face.

"You! The boy with white hair! Come forward." Alice demanded, in a sweet but chilling tone.

"Hhmm." The white haired boy saw that she was pointing at him, not to mention, he was the only person with white hair. He walked forward slowly and presented himself before Alice.

"He dared yawn during 'Lady' Alice's speech, he is so dead!"

"I heard, that anyone who makes an enemy out of 'Lady' Alice won't survive in the academy!"

"Man, Yvette is so hot! I would totally give anything to have her as my wife!"

As the white haired boy walked, some first year's talked amongst themselves, in hushed tones. When he reached the front everyone fell silent, awaiting his punishment.

"What is your name boy?" Asked Alice, in her ever charming voice.

"Artillian, my name is Artillian Skye." Replied the white haired boy, lazily.

Alice was surprised that he was still calm in front of her, considering his blunder. She was still angry, so this thought only lasted a few seconds.

"Well then Artillian, why do you look so tired?"

Artillian found this question rather strange, he thought the answer was obvious!

"Uhm, because I didn't get enough sleep."

The students roared with laughter when they heard his response.

"I can't believe he is that stupid."

"Hahaha, my stomach hurts."

The laughter continued, until Alice gestured for everyone to quiet down.

"I know that, my question is, why didn't you get enough sleep?" Alice was annoyed at having to clarify her question.

"Oh, I slept late last night." Artillian casually replied.

Another wave of laughter came from the students, this time, even the people behind Alice couldn't help but laugh.

Alice however, wasn't laughing, her eyes narrowed with suspicion. She didn't consider it possible for someone to be this stupid.

She ordered Artillian to stand next to her, and continued her speech.

"As I am sure you all know, this academy only takes in spiritualists, before our lessons begin, let's have a quick round up of spirits, for our less mentally..." she looked toward Artillian "... capable students."

Chuckling could be heard as soon as she said this, some held their mouths to stifle the noise.

Alice ignored them, smiled, and continued on: "A spirit is a tool we spiritualists use to carry out many jobs or duties. It is believed that if you have a spirit, you are a direct descendant of a God. These spirits exist in our bloodlines, and can only be awakened by a select few. Only one out of every ten humans is born with a spirit, and only one out of 50 can awaken it. Spirits grant their owners incredible abilities, for example, beast spirits can grant one beast-like abilities, possibly to grow wings or grown fangs.

A sword spirit can grant incredible power if you have a sword in hand. A water spirit can grant the power to manipulate water, there are thousands and thousands of spirits.

"In general there are five types of spirits, there are beast spirits, enhancement spirits, nature spirits, projection spirits and tangible spirits."

"Beast spirits grant one beast-like abilities, enhancement spirits enhance a certain aspect (or aspects) of your body, like your speed, strength or senses, nature spirits give you the ability to manipulate a force of nature, projection spirits are spirits that allow you to manipulate other beings, and tangible spirits are spirits that are actually physical, like tools or weapons."

"Some spirits can have traits from two or more types. These spirits are rare and often quite powerful."

"Spirits come with spirit skills, which are a manifestation of that spirit's' true power. The more you train your spirit, the more spirit skills it will have."

"The level of a spirit is determined by how many spirit skills it has, for example, if your spirit has five skills, it is a fifth step spirit, a sixth step spirit has six spirit skills, etc."

"Now I require volunteers, to battle in the arena and showcase their spirit skills and abilities. Artillian here, has so joyously volunteered, who would like to go against him?"

"Huh?" Artillian was surprised, he never volunteered for anything! It was clear that Alice was trying to embarrass him.

In front of Alice, many hands were raised, plenty of people wanted to use this opportunity to get into Alice's good favour.

She picked a large brute with brown hair to be his opponent.


Everyone was seated around the stadium, waiting for the onslaught that was about to occur.

The large brute was called Tiberius Stone, he was one of the shining stars amongst the first year's, and was well known for his violent nature. He came from a well-known noble family with a very powerful spirit. His eyes were red with fervour; and like a bird of prey, he eyed Artillian.

Alice was now seated with her companions, within a private viewing area. Letisha picked up a pile of papers emotionlessly and started reading the information out loud.

"His name is Artillian Skye, he is a commoner, his history is unknown and his spirit is called Pathless Origin, it is an enhancement spirit that increases his physical strength.

During the entrance exam he showed no skills, so we do not know what step it is, it is also a unique spirit, we have never heard of it before now. During the entrance exam, his future projection was half star."

Alice smiled at this information.

"Tiberius had a two star projection, there is a massive gap in their skills. I want that white-haired runt crushed, he will pay for embarrassing me!"

Woodzy shook his head whilst Yvette giggled: they knew Alice well enough to know that she cared about reputation the most. This boy was truly unlucky.

"Don't hold anything against me brat, you can only blame yourself for being an idiot!" Roared Tiberius, as he cracked his knuckles.

"Can we please get get this over with? I'm tired, and unfortunately there is no coffee in this stupid world!" Artillian replied, as he yawned and stretched his arms.

"What on Earth are you talking about? No matter, I will do as you wish, garbage like you deserves to be properly thrashed!" Tiberius was itching to impress Alice.

"Don't talk to me like I'm your mother, you retard!" The whole stadium roared in laughter at Artillian's rebuke.

He isn't so stupid after all! Woodzy thought to himself.

"You're courting with death!" Tiberius was furious, he immediately summoned his spirit.

"Stone Magistrate" he bellowed.

A large, illusory rock appeared behind Tiberius.

"Spirit visualization! It's spirit visualization!"

"My goodness, I didn't know he was that strong!"

"Doesn't this mean that his spirit is at least at the second step? And he is only a first year! What a genius!"


he 'Stone Magistrate' is a famous spirit, it's ability to manipulate rocks is infamous!"

When they saw his spirit, the other first year's went crazy, even Alice and her friends were impressed at what they saw.

"A freshman who is already at the second step, during the beginning of the year, not bad." Observed Yvette, as she crossed her legs.

"Rock Slide!" Bellowed Tiberius, as he slammed his hands onto the ground, immediately afterwards the earth heaved upwards in front of him, the massive pile of earth then slowly travelled towards Artillian.

The crowd gasped at this incredible sight, in response, Artillian knelt on the ground with one knee, his right hand faced upward, forming a claw like shape, he placed it in front of his face, his left arm extended behind him, away from his body. Then he gently summoned his spirit: "Pathless Origin."

A small, blue, energy orb formed on his hand, it constantly revolved, releasing random sparks of purple electricity.

Its energy looked fire like, its colour was enchanting, its radiance was incredible, the orb had something mystical about it, something that just gathered your attention.

"World... Origin!" Artillian exclaimed, as he smashed the orb, an explosion spread outward, raising dust with it. The battlefield became hard to observe, people thought that the dust would settle, but it didn't.

On the battleground, a huge dust cloud had obstructed the entirety of Tiberius' vision, he had no idea whether or not his attack had done any damage.

Suddenly the dust cleared, that's when Tiberius first viewed Artillian, sprinting toward him. Due to his unmatchable speed, within three seconds he was in front of Tiberius! On Artillian's hand was what seemed to be a small constellation of star-like lights, this constellation was slammed into Tiberius' body by Artillian.

Tiberius expected the shiny display to do some, damage, so he had braced himself, yet nothing happened.

Artillian jumped back, continuously, until he was at least 50 meters away from Tiberius' body.

Tiberius realised that he was unharmed and started laughing madly. His spirit was not only a nature spirit, but also an enhancement spirit, it could increase his defense and make his skin as hard as rock!

"Haha, is that the best you can do? You pathetic shrimp!"

That's when Tiberius realized, they were no longer in the stadium, there was nothing around them. It's like they were suddenly teleported to a random plain. There was only grass as far as the eye could see and it looked like it would g on indefinetely beyond the horizon.

"This! What is this?" Tiberius was stunned: he had no idea what had just happened. He started panicking, looking around cluelessly. Artillian, on the other hand, was enjoying seeing the foolish brute freaking out and panicking.

A fire, in the shape of a woman, suddenly appeared next to Artillian.

"Artillian, why did you activate 'World Origin'? What are you planning on doing?" asked the womanly-shaped flame. She was a being only Artillian could see and hear. She was Hestia.

"Relax Hestia, I'm just teaching this retard lesson. Something tells me that if I don't teach him some manners, he will cause me problems in the future! If you're removing weeds from your garden, it's also best to remove the roots!" As Artillian said this, a golden spear appeared in his right hand: it was adorned with images of war and death, from the shaft, all the way to the tip!

"You couldn't possibly be planning to…'World Origin' can't withstand this! It will collapse! You will kill everyone in the stadium!"

Artillian ignored her plea, he started running forward. "I Shall Destroy All That Stands In My Way!" Artillian chanted as he ran.

Tiberius observed Artillian's run, due to his panicked state he was on full alert. He expected Artillian to throw the spear at him, only to be surprised once more. After his short run, Artillian threw the spear to the sky, he threw it with such ferocity that a sonic boom was released.

The spear disappeared almost exactly after it was released, it was almost as if the spear had sunk into a pond in mid air, the ripples spread out, across the sky.

Tiberius had to cover his ears and he closed his eyes, due to the oncoming shockwave. After the shockwave had subsided, nothing happened, Tiberius looked around, only to find, nothing. Artillian on the other hand had moved away, he was at least a hundred meters away, Tiberius thought that Artillian must be using a powerful skill, because, the more words a chant contained, the more powerful the skill it would produce!

"What did you do?" Tiberius felt humiliated, ever since this battle had begun, nothing had happened that he could understand. Artillian ignored him and kept walking backwards.

"If you won't talk, then I will smash the truth out of you! 'Mountain Break'!" A huge rock, the size of a house, suddenly appeared above Tiberius. "Talk, you piece of trash! I can't control this skill, so I can't guarantee you will live!" He roared.

"Funnily enough I was about to to say the same." Artillian retorted, he made a gun like gesture with his hand, aimed at Tiberius. "Look up buddy!" Artillian then closed his eyes and chanted with a low tone, "Bane of the Gods - First Tome: Orion's Fall."

Suddenly, the earth started shaking, an ominous feeling appeared within Tiberius' heart: he looked up toward the sky, and witnessed the most unforgettable scene in all his life.

Massive ripples were travelling across the sky, as though the sky had liquefied, from out of the ripples came a humongous spear tip. Just the spear head itself was as large as a mountain, it was exactly like the one that Artillian had thrown up. It was bearing down on Tiberius, moving slowly, giving the illusion that there was time to run away.

"The spear is headed for you, you piece of trash! No matter where you run, it will follow!"

Impossible! Impossible!

Tiberius refused to believe Artillian's claims, for something like this to be possible, he must have been marked at some point! That's when Tiberius remembered...

The small constellation!

Artillian had struck him with small constellation like object, he had just viewed it as a weak attack, then be realized that it wasn't.

It was a marker!

The marker had been placed on him, there was nowhere he could run, nowhere he could hide. With Artillian's mobility, there was no way Tiberius could catch up to him. Tiberius fell down to his knees, he was afraid, so afraid that he started urinating himself. Logically speaking Artillian couldn't kill him, if he did he would be kicked out of the academy.

This logic couldn't come to mind, all he could see was the imminent spear and his untimely death. The spear was not only large, it exuded an aura of death and destruction, it enveloped Tiberius, suffocating him. The pressure forced Tiberius to kneel hopelessly on the ground.

At one point it no longer looked like a spear, but a large golden serpent, one with massive fangs, that had tasted the blood of many a mortal... And perhaps even a god's!

At some point turbulent winds had started forming around the spear, wrecking the surrounding environment. Tiberius himself had become the eye of the storm. All that he could see now where the winds, the debris and the harbinger of his doom falling down on him with the pressure of a mountain.

Tiberius closed his eyes, hoping for a quick death. After a short while, the wind stopped, the debris fell. I, it became deathly quiet. Tiberius opened his eyes and he was back to the stadium. Artillian was standing next to him, looking down on him.

Artillian reached out with one hand grabbed Tiberius' throat, he lifted him slowly, until he was at eye level. Tiberius was scared, scared to the point that he could barely speak. The reason was simple, Artillian's body was radiating killing intent. Tiberius was merely a spoilt noble, he had never been on a real battlefield before, whereas Artillian had seen far too many.

"Listen, you spoilt peace of crap, I don't have time to deal with all your nonsense. I am a man who is stingy with kindness, but I am very generous with giving out punishment. My marker is still on you, it will be with you for the rest of your pathetic life. If you ever piss me off again, I won't even be as considerate as to leave a corpse for your family to bury. Let alone what I will do if you ever tell anyone what just happened!

"If you do, I assure you, you will beg for a quick death. Be it the new gods, or the old, nothing will save you from my wrath. Understood?" Growled Artillian, with a devious grin. Tiberius nodded his head, like a hen picking corn.

Artillian let go and walked toward the viewing gallery, where Alice and her associates were seated.

From their point of view the battleground was covered with a dust cloud for about ten minutes or so. Just when Alice was about to interfere, she saw a quivering Tiberius, who was being held by the throat, Artillian whispered something to Tiberius, to which he nodded vigorously. Artillian then dropped him to the ground and walked towards them.

He stopped right in front of Alice and said defiantly "I hope you enjoyed our little demonstration. I look forward to getting some pointers from you on this battlefield in the future, now if you may excuse me, I need a nap."

Without even waiting for her reply, he turned around and walked away. Alice opened her mouth but no words came out. Woodzy whistled, he was very impressed. Yvette laughed at his actions.

"Oh my, looks like we have potential this year. Now I have a new toy to play with!" Yvette giggled, as she licked her lips seductively.

"Letisha, I want you to get all the background you can on this boy. I want to know where he came from, what he can do and what his objectives are. Also make time in my timetable, I want to have a private meeting with him." Alice ordered authoritatively. She didn't even bother trying to him back. She was smart enough to know that he didn't care about whatever she said. That only made him more interesting.

"Alice he has such good potential, the Continental Academy Meet is this year, we need talented students like him, please don't make him an enemy." Pleaded Letisha, oddly enough still with an emotionless expression.

Alice smiled and replied, "I don't want to make him an enemy, I want him to join me. That boy is hiding something, and i will find out what it is. If not then my name is not Alice Marcier!"

Artillian was out of the stadium, he was walking on a pavement, when the womanly-shaped fire appeared next to him.

"You were too careless, you could have gotten yourself and the other students killed! Why did you even join an academy? I can teach you everything, , and much, much more." She reprimanded.

"There is something this place can teach me, something very important, something I have have lacked ever since coming to this world, and my performance today made me realize this even more." Claimed Artillian mysteriously.

"Oh really? What's that?" Questioned Hestia.

Artillian looked toward her, confidence brimming from his countenance: "Common sense!"

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