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   Chapter 7 No.7

Beyond Episode I: Chelsea's Choice / Brotherhood By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4412

Updated: 2018-03-13 12:01

Stephanny is a 36 year old beautiful woman, with a long and curly black hair. But, she's got John's nose.


(With her hands on her hips)

I just can't believe this… I can't turn my back on you guys, you fight about the same issue, again, and again... W-What can I do to finish with this rage among us??


I just wanted to stop the fight…


I was just trying to defend myself from John…

John gives a fist to the table and gets up.


Sit… the fuck down!!!

John ignores his mother and walks to the kitchen's exit.


Don't you dare walking away from me… Young boy!!!

Mario and his father are nervous about the situation.


John!! Put your ass on that chair right now…!!!


Don't you understand me, "Mom"?? I'm living in a fucking hell since my dad killed himself! Because, I have to live with the two people who caused his suicide… and I have to call one of them: "brother"…

John looks at his brother.


My brother is the outcome of your treason with that man, mother.

John points to Christopher.


I honor the memory of my dead friend!!


Yeah…! Sure, you honor the memory of my dad by fucking his woman.


John!! Shut the fuck up!! Don't be disrespectful with

ront her. Vanessa blushes.


You can't leave me… please… I don't know how to live without you… please… I'm sorry… I… I'M SORRY… I will change…


No! John… you can't change… you will never be able to change… and I won't be the typical woman who wants to change a guy… I'm so young for that…


Please baby… I love you too. I can change!


No, you won't! now, please… stand up and leave! You're embarrassing me…

Vanessa enters to the building and leaves John on his knees.


I know what is going on here… You always believed that you're smarter than me… uh?

Vanessa stops but she doesn't turn her head to John.


Am I right?

Vanessa shakes her head saying no and walks away from him. John huddles on the floor. Everyone look at him.

Suddenly a male voice scared him; "Hey! Loser you're clogging my way!"

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