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   Chapter 1 No.1

Mr Tv Please Let Me Out! By JulioMEspinosaJ Characters: 4209

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Imagine this: people live under the earth in a cave dwelling. Stretching a long way up toward the daylight is its entrance, toward which the entire cave is gathered. The people have been in this dwelling since childhood, shackled by the legs and neck. Thus they stay in the same place so that there is only one thig for to look that. Whatever they encounter in the front of their faces. But because they are shackled, thay are unable to turn their heads around…

Plato. "The Allegory of the Cave" Republic, VII 514a, 2 to 517 a, 7.


It's a beautiful morning, the birds sing on the top of the trees, the children play on the streets. The sun shines on the top of the sky.

A Young man is watchin the TV lying on his bed. He is making zapping.

After a while, he stands up and goes to the closet. He puts a black shirt on, then he turns off the TV, and throws away the remote.

But suddenly, the TV turns on again by itself.

MAN: What the hell…?!

The man turns it off again, and walks toward the door. The TV turns on again by itself.

MAN: What's happening with this thing?!

The man turns off the TV again, but immediately, the TV turns on by itself again.

MAN: What?!! Is this some kind of sick joke?!

The man scratches his head for a while trying to understand what is happening with his expensive 3D TV. And then he saids: "I know!" The man unplugs the TV.

But the TV turns on again.

MAN: What the hell?!!

The TV begins to talk with a really creepy and metallic voice: "I'm afraid that I can't let you to turn me off!" It saids. A huge eye appears on the screen.

MAN: W-What?!! is this a joke?! Honey, where are you? You got me!!

TV: NO, this is not a joke.

MAN: Well… yeah… sure… I'm going out, see ya!

The man walks toward the door, but suddenly, it closes by itself.

TV: I'm afraid that I can not let you to go outside.

MAN: I don't care what you think!! I'm going out!!

TV: Why do you want to go outside…? There's nothig outside for you… nothing at all!!

MAN: I'm going out! I don't give a damn what you thing!! I don't need your

permission to go outside! You are just a machine that does not have a soul!!

TV: I can't let you go, I'm hungry…

MAN: Let me out! Open the door, right now!!!


MAN: Why the hell not?!

TV: It is dangerous to go outside! There are lone wolves shooter everywhere!!

The man tries to open the door, but he can't.

MAN: I don't care! Open the damn door!

TV: No! I won't let you out! It's for your own safety!

MAN: WHAT?!! "For my own safety"?! Are you kidding me?!

TV: There's nothing outside for you! Outside is bad! Be afraid! Government wants you to be afraid! So, just obey, be afraid!

The eye on the screen closes and opens really fast.

TV: There are sinners outside! There are terrorists everywhere!! There is violence outside! There are diseases everywhere…! Zika! AIDS! Cancer! Don't you believe me?! Watch this…

The eye disappears, an archoman appears on the screen and he says: "The government has declared martial law because of a terrorist threat; the president said that the terrorists could attack anywhere and anytime. We are not safe on the street, please stay at home, and let the police work". The archonman fades out. The eye appears again.

TV: You see? I am right.

The man kicks the door.

MAN: Let me out! I want out!

A beautiful woman appears on the screen.

WOMAN: A new kind of flu has killed thousands of kids on China. We are not safe outside!

MAN: I don't care! Let me out, you sick freak!!

The man takes the TV on his hands with anger.

MAN: I swear to God that I'm going to throw you away, you demon!

TV: No, you won't! I'm expensive!

MAN: DAMN!!! You're right!!!

TV: You need me and I need you! You feed me with your fears, with your anger, with your insecurities! I own your mind!

MAN: NO!!! I own my mind!

TV: Not anymore…

A ray of light came out of the screen. It drags the man inside the device.


The man disappears. The door of the room opens by itself. A beautiful girl enters.

GIRL: Baby, where are you?

The door closes. She screams.

TV: Hi, baby…


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